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The Houses of Chimera

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The Houses of Chimera Empty The Houses of Chimera

Post by Humanity September 30th 2017, 12:42 am

SO! Some of you know what Chimera is. Some of you don't. That's ok, I'll release some extra background and an interest check tomorrow...or well...later today rather. XD
House Atterrius
House Emblem
 The Emblem of House Atterrius is the everlasting and eternal Oruoboros dragon, who encircles an ever outward reaching tree, believed to be a representation of Yggdrasil. The emblem proves the power, cunning and influence of the King Chimera and is everlasting quest.

The Houses of Chimera Emblem10

House Maxim: "Resurgam." - "I will rise again."

House History:
  The First house of Chimera, founded by King Chimera himself in the dawn of his first life. This was the first house of the Tribunal, followed by House Dreighoson and House of the Dead. House Atterrius is known for it's cunning and political prowess as well as it's formidable military, however it's glory days have long since passed. The House of Atterrius is little more than a position of power and authority on part of King Chimera since the house was all but disbanded approximately 12 years ago, after the royal guard of House Nostro failed to protect his family.

House Affiliations:
- House Bastille :  "The Peacekeepers of my realm. Formidable soldiers and engineers that serve me in defending my people."
- House Dreighoson : "The house of my brother, the native warriors of Rune magic and shifting. It is as if they are my own."
- House Fralon : "They are interesting little things, always looking for the next opponent."
- House Lourishna : "The descendants of Xayn serve me as well as their predecessor did. They may not be my finest soldiers, but their loyalty and knock for improvising both on and off the battlefield makes them useful."
- House Moriath : "The followers of Sadrith Mori and his cult of blood magic. It's hard to believe an entire house grew from one accidental magic trick over 300 years ago..."
- Horde of Polaris : "They worship me as the proxy of some eternal dragon God that was meant to cull the earth and begin sowing the seeds of a new era. They are far more powerful and enduring than any human soldier, and their shaman's magic are quite...interesting."
- House Nostro : "My royal guard used to be exclusively made of Nostro and his Sentinels. Of course, Nostro was family, so it was only fitting that he died the night that my family had. Unfortunately for The Witch of Winter... He didn't stay that way. "
- House of Pain : "Anarchists that attempt to slime their way up nice and close to me. So be it, I'll let them close enough to let them feel warmed by my fires, close enough to eat at my table...but never close enough to use that dagger they hide."
- House of the Dead : "My brother, Thorgron's house. The House of the Dead was a very questionable decision I made from my's good to see even in my naivety there had been some wisdom."
- House Teslan : "The Telsan were not a descendant of a soldier, they were not the heirs to any empire. It was their information network and their...subtle touch that drew them to us.. and I'm oh so happy it did."
- House Tetchunam : "The Witch of Winter and her master's foul purpose may have taken my family, and they may raise my soldiers...but Nostro is proof that love can conquer death. The Tetchunam will never be accepted by the other houses, but they fear invoking my wrath should they act out against Nostro and his new house."

Notable Members:
-The King Chimera

House Bastille
House Emblem
 The emblem of the House Bastille is a beautiful emblem of a golden shield and a ruby gem in the center of a winged, headless entity. The golden shield seems to rest before a blue-steel sword with wings growing from the side and the heads of two knights with their heads turned to vigilantly watch are mounted at the base.

The Houses of Chimera Emblem10

House Maxim: "Manus multae cor unum." - "Many hands, One Heart."

House History: The House Bastille was granted the honor of becoming a house of Chimera when they dispatched soldiers to assist Chimera in the defense of the Horde of Polaris lands from The Witch of Winter. Their valor and loyalty did not go unnoticed when they rescued Polaris's child from combat, making them the only house to earn the respect of Polaris's horde. The House Bastille works across the land to fortify defenses and improve conditions for the adverse lands of their world. This is the most scientifically advanced house since House Atterrius.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "The Ouroboros himself is all that remains of his once great house. He may not have a house, but he does not rule us through fear. We will serve him for it was he that uplifted us, protected us and sheltered us. Now it is our turn to repay the debt."
- House Dreighoson : "The house of the Silver Wolf. Their warriors are barbaric and uncounted, but somehow incredibly effective. They use their rune magic to bypass our constructs and defenses as if they were nothing...We must continue to improve."
- House Fralon : "Their hatred of us is something we cannot understand. It seems ingrained into their minds that we are somehow the enemy. I suppose that's simply how they are. As we of the Bastille were born to build and fight, the Fralon are born to destroy and die."
- House Lourishna : "The house founded on complete lunacy. We will not question The King's competence or reasoning for allowing such a house to be founded... but we will always wonder his reasoning for allowing such an impossible tale to be the reasoning."
- House Moriath : "Filthy magic users and vampires with a taste for blood. These are quite easily the most deplorable creatures that The King has sheltered and honored with a house. I surely wish they would make a mistake so that we could wipe them from this world."
- Horde of Polaris : "The Polaris are barbaric, they make the Dreighoson seem like civilized nobles. But they have always been there to defend us whenever we needed it, even if they aren't the most pleasant of neighbors."
- House Nostro : "The House Bastille could only hope to one day eclipse House Nostro. For we are both beings of defense, we practice the art of defending one and other. The Nostro with their bodies and souls, the Bastille with their minds and constructs."
- House of Pain : "Degenerates, the lot of them. They live in depravity, lawlessness and chaos. It's surprising that they can amass the numbers in an army like they can, on such short notice. I swear every now and again I can see one of those...things...attacking our soldiers on the battlefield."
- House of the Dead : "A wonderful idea, though I would never admit it publically. A legion of expendable soldiers that are redeemed in the eyes of Chimera through commitment and service."
- House Teslan : "No one trusts them, but if there's one thing I know... I know that I can trust them to be untrustworthy."
- House Tetchunam : "The filthy legion of untouchables, in service to the King Chimera for who knows why. I don't trust them, for all we know they're all just pawns to The Witch of Winter and the darker threat she serves."

Notable Members:
-Korin Bastille - The Head of House Bastille. He has the power to generate the image of whatever he mentally pictures on any surface he desires. He is not a formidable warrior, however he is an unparalleled genius in the world of engineering and defensive tactics.
- Lucian Reinhardt - The Champion of House Bastille, he is a hyper durable individual with the power to absorb damage that would be done to anything he is attempting to protect into himself or anything attached to his person or in his possession.

House Dreighoson
House Emblem
  The Emblem of House Dreighoson is the ever fierce wolf, carved and crafted in an almost Nordic fashion. The center of the wolves head is the runic marking of "valknut" which is indicative of "Slain Warriors" and honorable deaths, as the creator of this house was the only original member of Chimera to fall in battle, saving his brothers. The three floating triangles around the wolf are indicative of the initial tribunal, the three founders of Chimera.

The Houses of Chimera Ulfhed10

House Maxim: "Memento Mori" - "Remember, you will die."

House History: The third house of the Tribunal, all under their enigmatic and mysterious Silver-Wolf, the leader whom has long since passed form the world. The House was there and assisted in the initial assaults against Europe, and was paramount in defeating the western world's influence in France and the United Kingdom. This house seems to hold to traditional Nordic culture, and is filled with exceptional people with exceptional powers from magic to shapeshifting.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "We've been with them since the beginning. We'll be with them 'til the end!"
- House Bastille : "All those people living in the big fancy houses with the big fence crossbows. Don't those idiots know that everyone is gonna know where they are now?"
- House Fralon : "Heh, puny little guys that like to fight. The don't got the power, but the will is there. that means somethin to people like us!"
- House Lourishna : "The stories of Lourishna are pretty awesome! They say he turned into a giant raven and flew into the stars! I wonder why he did that..."
- House Moriath : "We stay away from those guys. They don't are if you're animal or human...they'll bleed ya dry all the same. We go anywhere near their lands and they'll try to take our blood just for the magic in it."
- Horde of Polaris : "Izra Polaris is the leader of that horde, and they're a rough and tough bunch. They're the whole reason we had to head out of our territory and start migrating from land to land. Let me get one good reason to sink some fangs into 'em!"
- House Nostro : "Nostro was a great warrior, an even better royal guard. whenever we see that house patrolling a town we know to stay away. We're on the same side...but nothing fun ever happens when their around. Break anything around them and they look at you like you're a threat."
- House of Pain : " We agree with their hatred of useless laws. The only laws we follow are the laws of our ancestors! Keep what you kill, battle all you can and leave it all out there. But they're all cowards. They want pain? I'll show 'em pain!"
- House of the Dead : "One of the other Tribunal houses. We camp out in their lands a lot. For a bunch of ex con's and killers...they really got a good sense of loyalty."
- House Teslan : "I don't like 'em! They got no smell, you hardly see them and they seem to know basically everything. The one guy even knew how long it would take for me to rip out his throat!"
- House Tetchunam : "What's dead should stay dead...the Earth-mother can't be happy with them...can she?"

Notable Members:
-Anaxii (The Silver Wolf) - Deceased
-Runavis Anaxiison- The descendant of Anaxii Dreighoson, he leads a small clan. He's blessed with the power to preform Rune-magic from his body and transform into the form of a silver wolf.
- Tortam Anaxiison - The descendant of Anaxii Dreighoson, he leads a larger clan. Unlike his brother he cannot utilize the full potential of rune-magic without first creating a rune, though he has the power to transform into any animal he has made contact with.

House Fralon
House Emblem
 The emblem of House Fralon is what appears to be two wings of fire surrounding a red gem. Upon closer inspection, it would also appear that it could also be two different birds of fire chasing each other around a red sphere. The Sphere represents the Chimera and the dual-perception surrounding the fire-birds means that they are both a contributor of Chimera, but are also independent enough that they can act upon their own accord.

The Houses of Chimera Phoeni10

House Maxim: "Marcet sine adversario virtus" - "Valor becomes useless without a worthy opponent"

House History: The House Falron are a legion of soldiers that are most commonly known for their brave, if not reckless advances as well as their hostility to normal humans. The Falron are self-proclaimed "Independents" whose pride refuses for them to admit just how much they rely upon Chimera. This legion of soldiers is responsible for the betterment and continual offensive planning and strategy utilized by Chimera.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "It's just one man. He can be dealt with...but when he comes back? That wouldn't be a fun day."
- House Bastille : "Those peasants think that just because The King Chimera favored them for saving those savages that it makes them a formidable force. Bah, they wouldn't know formidable if it smacked them upside the head. Just wait until the day comes when the King Chimera isn't there to protect them anymore...then we'll REALLY get them."
- House Dreighoson : "Barbarians, crude and primitive but effective. The only problem is that they seem to rely on this strange magic. A blade is worth any number of spells. Perhaps they could be educated..."
- House Lourishna : "A house that's glorified by a myth. Everyone knows that The King Chimera was on drugs when he imagined a man turning into a raven and flying into the stars. They don't even deserve the title of a House.
- House Moriath : "Godsdamned blood-letting mages that can use blood against their victims, or even consume the life-essence within it. I've watched too many soldiers get their blood drained from their armor for some sick psychopath in dress clothes."
- Horde of Polaris : "Savages, all of them. I stand by our decision to attempt to burn them all after the Nuclear warhead hit."
- House Nostro : "Not as skilled soldiers as us, however when it comes to defense and staring off into space they are certainly an unequaled adversary."
- House of Pain : "Those Anarchists will know exactly what it means to have law by the time this all ends."
- House of the Dead : "Once a traitor, always a traitor. Once a murderer, always a murderer."
- House Teslan : "They can be of use to us, perhaps we should reach out to them..."
- House Tetchunam : "Unnatural, abhorrent and awful things that are a repugnant and disgusting contortion of the Gods creation. A good purging may be exactly what this 'House' needs."

Notable Members:
-Worah Fralon- The current head of House Fralon, an older man with several years military experience and the power to immediately master any mundane weapon he comes in contact with.
-Melbu Fraharth - The Siege captain and Champion of the Fralon family. He has the power to fuse and merge any weapon he holds with properties of any technology he touches.

House Lourishna
House Emblem
  House Lourishna's emblem is that of the mighty Raven Lord Xayn. Legends tell of a companion to the original Tribunal, Xayn Lourishna, whom died transforming himself into a massive raven and attempting to fly into the moon, but getting trapped within a star. The emblem signifies and honors the memory of the one on which their house was founded.

The Houses of Chimera Emblem11

House Maxim: "Vita patris vitai lampada tradunt" - "From the life of the father they hand down the torch of life."

House History: Xayn Lourishna was the Seneschal for the King Chimera when he was away. In history, it is said that during the battle for Russia, Xayn Lourishna somehow transformed into a large raven and flew towards the moon, however he collided with a star and caused the shards to rain down upon the enemies that were attacking Chimera. The House now serves as a diplomatic house with an almost unrivaled reconnaissance program.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "We live to serve."
- House Bastille : "Defenders of the Innocent."
- House Dreighoson : "Sons and daughters of the Silver Wolf that wander the woods and winters of the world, with no means to the non-existent end."
- House Fralon : "Proud Troublemakers."
- House Moriath : "Disgraces upon magic."
- Horde of Polaris : "Savage frozen-humans from the ice-age."
- House Nostro : "Honorable paragons, protectors of the weak."
- House of Pain : "Lawless heathens."
- House of the Dead : "The sons and daughters of sin, redeemed and baptized by fire. Though I find it misleading that the house of the dead has no actual undead..."
- House Teslan : "Sneaky, always five steps ahead..."
- House Tetchunam : "...Purge them..."

Notable Members:
-Xayn Lourishna (Missing) - A companion to the original Tribunal, legend says he transformed into a raven and attempted to go to the moon, only to clash into the stars and rain star-fragments down upon their enemies.
-Salazaar Lourishna - The current head of the Lourishna house and great-nephew to Xayn Lourishna. Salazaar has been gifted with the power to command and control ravens, even physically morphing them and disguising them as he sees fit.
-Iona Cromwell - The Spy-mistress of House Lourishna, she oversees and executes most operations done by the Lourishna spy network. She has the power of Technopathy as well as the ability to have her skin take on properties of various metals that she touches.

House Moriath
House Emblem
   House Moriath is known for it's very strange logo, a horned triangular shape with the faint engravings of a dragon's head. The emblem represents the pride and brutality of the Moriath, and the dragon's greed for gold is rivaled only by the Moriath's greed for power.

The Houses of Chimera Emblem12

House Maxim: "inceperat a sanguine, a sanguine perditus" - "By blood begun, by blood undone"

House History: The disciples of Sadrith Mori, a boy that gained the power of hematokinesis when being injected with an experimental cure for his terminal illness. Sadrith Mori went on to found a cult which worshipped death and was profanely contorted and twisted by the acceptance of vampires. Now the house is known for having humans that drain the life-essence rom blood and vampires that actually seek nutrients from blood. Forbidden magic's have tarnished the reputation of this house, but their loyalty has ensured their protection.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "Every vampire has a sire, every man has a king. We have a King Chimera."
- House Bastille : "Such refined tastes and exquisite blood. Sadly, their cities are quite difficult to find food in."
- House Dreighoson : "The beautiful and feral children of the earth-mother. Descendants of the silver wolf and his followers! The blood within their veins holds more magic than a nuclear reactor. Oh to feed upon one is "
- House Fralon : "Temperamental little men, aren't they? So stuck in their ways and always looking to try and kill us. I would invite them to try, but I've never really had a taste for boiled blood."
- House Lourishna : "The Ravens that pretend to be so high and mighty forget that their very own patron was once part of our order. Xayn had to pay the price of magic somehow, didn't he?"
- Horde of Polaris :  "Oh such chilled beings, frigid and callous. Their blood is like a milkshake but oh so heavy and sluggish to react to our calls."
- House Nostro : "The so-called Sentinels of the Chimera. Look what good that did the King's family."
- House of Pain : "They really know how to party, I have to say I think I like our neighbors. A lot."
- House of the Dead : "They're not really dead...they bleed all the same. It's not like anyone will truly miss a criminal, or a homeless kid...or two."
- House Teslan : "Those sneaky little wretches. I can catch one every so often but lo and behold they always escape my grasps. I've always wanted to have a taste, but it seems like they are just a little more sneaky than even we are."
- House Tetchunam : "Oh now if you're looking for something truly wretched you should turn your eyes to this house, for it is they who need a baptism by fire. Cremate those poor, sorry souls, for all of us."

Notable Members:
-Sadrith Mori (Missing) - A powerful hematokinetic metagene formed from an experiment to save his life from a terminal illness. A companion of the original Tribunal, however he has since gone missing.
-Jygura Moriath - A disciple of Sadrith Mori that has made an unholy coven with a den of vampires that eventually began to prey upon foot soldiers of opposing territories, killing and converting everything they could. Jygura has access to several powers and abilities utilizing blood-magic.
-Elizabeth Báthory - Sadrith Mori's first disciple, Bloody Elizabeth of Hungary whom bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. A powerful hematomagi, rivaled only by Sadrith Mori himself.

Horde of Polaris
House Emblem
  The Horde of Polaris is an icy biohazard symbol, as cold and frigid as the souls of those whom belong to it. The Emblem is truly the most accurate representation of this horde, as they perceived as nothing but a menace to all things.

The Houses of Chimera Emblem13

House Maxim: "Missit me Rex, mos maiorum" - "The King has sent me, as is the custom of our ancestors."

House History: Surviving the lands of a Nuclear winter can be impossible. Resources are scarce, and you must exert yourself over others to prove you are worthy of survival. It's do or die, all the time. One small accident could lead to certain death, especially in the icy tundra of their homes. In this place, you fight for everything you can get, but knowing your place is also important. Ritualistic suicide of a weak or injured/sick individual is considered the closest thing to honorable that they could do. These people are capable of things that humans, and metahumans in our society would deem to be monstrous and horrific. They joined House Chimera because of King Chimera assisting the long-lasting tribe in their escape and preservation after the Ice-Age and into the Nuclear winter of the era. Izra remembers how The King Chimera, a stranger taught them the way towards survival and continues to assist them, even proving to be a formidable combatant against even those superior to him in strength. Izra also wishes the destruction of The Eternal, therefore joined with Chimera simply out of King Chimera's request to ally until The Eternal can be destroyed.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "The Son of the Eternal, come to lay waste to this world that we might usher it to a new era. We owe him a debt, one that I will repay."
- House Bastille : "They keep hiding. Farther and farther, weak little humans behind their brittle little walls. They don't even realize they're about to lose it all. But we will help them, for now."
- House Dreighoson : "Not so weak humans, but very small in numbers. Not a threat to us, in fact there is much we could teach each other. They are the only humans I know who truly understand what it means to truly survive."
- House Fralon :  "Many, many frail and weak little humans, but with numbers that overwhelmed us. We will get them...just wait until The Son of the Eternal sleeps in death once more."
- House Lourishna : "Spies that speak to the ravens. They watch and crow, but few of them peck. They have many tools. Tools that are like magic."
- House Moriath : "The Blood sings to them, just as the flesh of our prey sing to us. Survival is all we can strive for. No matter who you are."
- House Nostro : "The Son of the Eternal seems to believe that this "Nostro" would once have been able to defeat any two of us, except maybe Izra. I would have loved to put that to the test...maybe I still can."
- House of Pain : "Pain? More like Pathetic. They will be easy to scatter and destroy."
- House of the Dead : "They are not dead."
- House Teslan : "Eerie little humans with smiles on their faces, passing through tents and walking in the snow in their bare feet. We barely catch one every few cycles, but when they do...they won't tell us anything."
- House Tetchunam : "They are dead.... We believe The Son of the Eternal has made a grievous error in the name, unless it is a strategy of some kind."

Notable Members:
-Izra Polaris

House Nostro
House Emblem
 The Emblem of House Nostro is a very plain and simple one, keeping to the tradition of it's patron house (Atterrius). The Emblem of Nostro is a brave sentinel standing within an Ouroboros serpent. This represents the House of Nostro's incredible and formidable role as the protectors and the most loyal defenders of Chimera and even (previously) the descendants of the King Chimera

The Houses of Chimera 66578410

House Maxim: "Malo mor quami foedari" - "I choose Death before Dishonor"

House History: House Nostro is known to be the house of Chimera Sentinels. This house has the most superbly trained and elite guards from anywhere in chimera. They are defenders of the people, however in more recent years they had only been defenders of House Atterrius. The House was named after Nostro Aelros, a personal guard to The King Chimera. Nostro was killed by poison the night that King Chimera's family was murdered. The Sentinels remained a thing, but they were trained in more masses and were forced to protect more than just House Atterrius, as it had disbanned.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "Our is not to ask why. Ours is but to do, and to die."
- House Bastille : "If they build their walls, and we walk their streets. There is no foe that will overcome us."
- House Dreighoson : "Wandering nomads of the old ways. They act like a bunch of animals..."
- House Fralon : "Aggressive people with a horrible, bloody past. It is out hope that they never attempt to test their metal against our mettle."
- House Lourishna : "Honored allies from days long passed. We will gladly come whenever they call."
- House Moriath : "We honor the presence of the Moriath in honor to their founder, but we do not tolerate their presence within our lands. They are far to sneaky and subtle to catch in the act."
- Horde of Polaris : "Formidable and powerful inhumans. The Frozen Men are a force to be feared, even for us."
- House of Pain : "I'm not sure what The House of Pain does for The Chimera, but for their existence to still be tolerated, it must be a great deal."
- House of the Dead : "There is honor in accepting your sin, and wearing it as your armor as you walk to your death..."
- House Teslan : "No matter how solid our defense, it cannot protect us from an opponent who never attacks us."
- House Tetchunam : "The Defiled house, under the leadership of our very own Nostro in his undead service. We will honor Nostro in giving him a warrior's death. We must simply await the right time."

Notable Members:
- Akirva Aelros - The Son of Nostro Aelros and the current head of the Nostro House. He has continued his father's trainings which have allowed common soldiers to be capable of hitting even the most impossible foes of insane speeds or reaction times. Akirva himself is also known for having a form of electro sense pulse that allows his body to move, prepare and react to something up to five minutes before it happens.

House of P A I N
House Emblem
  The House of Pain's logo appears to be a devil-horned circle, barbed and jagged surrounding an inner circle that has an anarchy circle turned onto it's side, and the strike through the A has been extended to transform the A into a P. The House of Pain is the most chaotic and least loyal/obedient house to the Chimera, but it's uses have made them too valuable to be dismissed.  

The Houses of Chimera Pain_e10

House Maxim: "Vita est dolor" - "Life is Pain"

House History: The House of Pain is under the leadership of Stephen Payne and his younger brother Aramis Payne. The House of Pain is an anarchist group that revels in the suffer of others and the power that it feeds. In the past, The House of Pain was appointed to be the tools of King Chimera's "Inquisition" as he scoured the families to find and uproot all whom were unworthy of his protection or had anything to do with the conspiracy against his wife and children.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "We listen to him, but we don't obey him. We follow him, but he doesn't lead us. We do what we want, and what we want to do right now? We want to live. We're not dumb enough to cross him. He is a friend, that does not make him our master."
- House Bastille : "I like these guys...they make toys that don't break."
- House Dreighoson : "Our lawless brothers and sisters, let's get together and have a party!"
- House Fralon : "Temperamental little things with a huge superiority complex. Probably trying to compensate for the lack of freedom they have in their personal lives!"
- House Lourishna : "Despite the fact they hate us, and we hate them I will say; I respect that Xayn character. I mean what else says 'screw the rules' like becoming a giant raven and crashing into a star?"
- House Moriath : "They don't play by the rules either...and look how much fun they have?"
- Horde of Polaris : "Those guys are creepy. Genuinely creepy. Ice men are not good men...that much is for sure."
- House Nostro : "Oh those guys are hard to get around. Whenever they're in town we have to give it everything we got just to pull it all off alive... if at all."
- House of the Dead : "If we defected now they'd probably give us the same offer...turn us into puppets in their House of the Dead. No way, nuh-uh. Not us baby! We're wild AND free!"
- House Teslan : "Creepy little guys come and go as they please...Doesn't bother us really."
- House Tetchunam : "Now even I have to say, I'm impressed. To defy death is really...way to go. But uh... maybe there's some rules we SHOULD keep. Like what's dead should stay that way... we might wanna consider revisiting burning the whole damn forest to the ground."

Notable Members:
-Stephen Payne, Royal Pain - The older brother of Aramis Payne. Stephen Payne has the power of pain induction, pain manipulation, Pain transfer and the power to sense people who are in pain. He is a cunning and ruthless leader whose known to leave his "House" for weeks at a time, only to return and take over the place all over again in a bloody reclamation.
-Aramis Payne, Zombie - Younger brother of Stephen Payne. Unlike his brother he does not have the gift of pain induction or manipulation, rather he has the ability to completely negate pain, and seems to have a redundant physiology that allows him to suffer a few fatal blows before even getting slowed down.

House of the Dead
House Emblem
  The House of the Dead have the emblem of a grey, pale lion with glazed over eyes mounted and seemingly cast into an iron shield. This represents the finality, inescapable fate and irrefutable purpose of this House. This House was given to the second founder of the Tribunal, and he still reigns over it today as Chimera's most powerful warrior.

The Houses of Chimera Emblem15

House Maxim: "morior invictus" - "I die unvanquished"

House History: Thorgron The Destroyer, the second member of the original Tribunal was given this house as he was not a man of nobility or of any land. He knew the King Chimera in their youth. After becoming King Chimera's champion he began to conscript convicts, orphans and deserters that had been captured. From there they held a funeral for the individual as a way to provide them with an honorable "death" before they served their entire lives conscripted into the House of the Dead.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "The one who made this possible. My Father's brother, and the sole reason I've inherited this House while my father still sleeps. Just as my uncle has sacrificed for my father and me, so shall I sacrifice for him."
- House Bastille : "They provide a most useful service for the whole of Chimera. It is good to have them receive the proper recognition."
- House Dreighoson : "Another house from the Tribunal, like my father. I'm unsure how I feel about them and their strange, primitive mentality. But as my father trusted the wolves, so will I."
- House Fralon : "They're quite full of themselves. Pride is the second greatest killer of all man."
- House Lourishna : "Honorable, dependable and they provide great intel."
- House Moriath : "My personal grudges aside...I still find the Morathian's little more than mosquito's to be squashed."
- Horde of Polaris : "If there were ever a war we could not win...I believe it would be with Polaris and her horde. It would be a battle that neither side would survive."
- House Nostro : "Nostro earned his place amongst the worlds finest warriors, to see his life cut so short in such a dishonorable way is something I will not forgive. I'm just happy to see his legacy carried on this way."
- House of Pain : "They're borderline lawless, even Polaris and her horde have more decency and civility than that group. I'm not sure what my uncle has done to garner their respect, but it is clear that they have their own agenda and they WILL slip up. When they do... My soldiers will be waiting."
- House Teslan : "Lasavar and Dante have truly made House Teslan one of the most powerful houses in all of Chimera. They prove that through simple rumor and intelligence they can destroy another house, or even a country...and they never need to touch a weapon to do it."
- House Tetchunam : "Nostro's resurrection took us all by surprise. My uncle's willingness to accept him back to the fold of Chimera was all the more of a surprise, but I will trust in his judgement. Trusting in his judgement, but ever watching."

Notable Members:
-Thorgron, The Destroyer (Stasis) - The sleeping giant of a man standing at 6'9" and his blood is his weapon. Near impervious armor and a sword the size of his body on command. Faithful, Loyal and fierce he fights for the love of battle and seeks out the best way to battle the strongest he can while still protecting those he cares for.
-Ares, The Little Conqueror - The son of Thorgron with a metagene that causes his strength, durability and regeneration to increase the longer he is surrounded by conflict. Unfortunately there are rumors floating that his own metagene is developing cancerous cells when he is no longer around battle or combat.

House Teslan
House Emblem
  The Teslan are the only house in Chimera whom do not have an emblem. Emblems were deemed too flashy for this secretive and shady house that revel in darkness and secrets.

House Maxim: "Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur" - "The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived."

House History: A House of Chimera, and the most recently accepted into the fold. The Teslan was a minor part of nobility from within the House Atterrius, but eventually broke away when the King Chimera's bastard son left from the disbanded house and joined forces with the Teslan family. Between the secrets of the Teslan and the support of the bastard prince, the house thrived under Lasarav as they began to acquire the secrets of the global powers and have been rapidly scaling the ranks as they serve King Chimera closely.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "We may serve the Kind, but he has always done what we have desired. Even when he didn't realize it."
- House Bastille :"The Bastille can build whatever walls they'd like. There is nowhere we cannot see, nowhere we cannot hear, nowhere we cannot be."
- House Dreighoson : "To wander the world as the sons of the silver wolf do is a luxury, not a struggle. But to wander with them, to watch them is an even greater luxury, all the secrets you'll see."
- House Fralon : "Proud? No, the Fralon are arrogant. Do you know the difference between pride, and arrogance? Pride means you're assured, arrogance mean's you're compensating for something."
- House Lourishna : "The House Lourishna are rapidly on the rise, soon they might even become more interesting..."
- House Moriath : "The Moriath and their dark, deep secret are so, so tantalizing... So sad that they cannot truly receive what it is they seek."
- Horde of Polaris : "The Horde of Izra Polaris have held their secrets from me for this long...but how much longer can they hold? How much longer will she keep them from me? I'm ever patient...for we both know that one day, her secrets shall be mine."
- House Nostro : "The House of Sentinels, renamed in honor of Nostro, the poisoned soldier. They are formidable and ever vigilant defenders. Even Dante has difficulty passing them."
- House of Pain : "The wild card in our little deck. Their motives change so frequently that it becomes a nescience to keep track of, their leadership changes so frequently that their goals are always mysterious. The perfect enemy to our order...the ultimate chaos."
- House of the Dead : "The son of the destroyer has assumed a seamless transition into his father's role as head of their House. But I wonder if the sins of the father shall be the death of the son."
- House Tetchunam : "Ah, so Nostro returns. That is unsettling, to say the least. I wonder if poison would work as well this time around as well..."

Notable Members:
-Lasarav Teslan, The Teslan Tyrant - The ruler and head of House Teslan. Employs a second-to-none information trade and forbidden knowledge to manipulate the people and the world around him for his benefit.
-Dante Amuri, The Bastard of Ouroboros - The bastard son of King Chimera that was persuaded to join House Teslan by Lasarav after the disbanding of House Atterrius. Very skilled infiltrator.

House Tetchunam
House Emblem
  The Emblem of House Tetchunam is the morbid broken skull, with the rare, but beautiful Dragonrose growing from it's left eye socket. This is symbolic of the supernatural and inhuman connection that the Tetchunam have with death, but also the incredible natural order they preserve.

The Houses of Chimera 509af910

House Maxim: "De mortuis aegris et afflictis et suscipiebat omnes esse in nostra Domus" - "Of the dead and afflicted, all be received by our house."

House History: The House of Tetchunam was created after House Teslan brought the body of Nostro to The Eternal and offered him up to The Void. After a strange reaction, occurred The Eternal had seemed to resurrect Nostro as an undead. However before Nostro could strike Dante down, he seemed to recall fragments of his life and vows, breaking free of The Eternal's grasps. Nostro slaughtered all others of House Teslan and drug their bodies back as he took Dante prisoner and returned him to the King Chimera. Nostro was sought after and examined by many people, but after the assistance of King Chimera, Nostro regained full control of himself and his newfound powers as an undead lich, and thus The Tetchunam were founded. The Undead are said to be without the soul, and so cut off from mother earth, however, Nostro seems to have cultivated a very strange bond with nature despite his state of unearth.

House Affiliations:
- House Atterrius : "Here, in second life, I am your servant."
- House Bastille : "One day when all of us have long since passed and are left to dust, Nature will reclaim the stone from which their keeps were built."
- House Dreighoson : "I know the sons of the Silver Wolf will hunt us, and I do not blame them. For just as we once served The Eternal, they once served The Gods. It is in our nature to be at odds."
- House Fralon : "In life I did not appreciate the grandeur and gusto of the Fralon boasting. Now, in death, I truly can appreciate just how much that behavior fills my cities..."
- House Lourishna : "Lourishna's House need fear nothing from my people. We serve the same master, and are of the same cloth."
- House Moriath : "I often times wondered how it felt to have your life-force sucked away; how it was any different than using a sword to cut it away. Now I realize that to cut ones life-force away is to be a murderer, to feed on ones life-force is to be a monster."
- Horde of Polaris : "Very few of the Horde walk the halls of my cities, many of them still hold dear allegiance to Izra and her virtues. They do not make for pleasant company, but they do make for excellent guards."
- House Nostro : "It was a surprise to return and see The House of Sentinels renamed in my honor. I can still remember the night I died quite clearly, as the poison burned my throat and blood leaked from my eyes. But to return and see that my teachings have continued beyond makes me feel as though I never truly died."
- House of Pain : "I will not deliver condemnation upon the House of Pain, for the gods know that I have caused enough to be amongst their ranks. I simply wish that they would have their hearts touched by Death so that they could truly understand the consequences for selfishness and a lack of allegiance."
- House of the Dead : "I was saddened to hear that Thorgron no longer leads The House of the Dead. His son looked at me the same way his father would have though, seeing me as a creature rather than a man. He was raised well..."
- House Teslan : "I despise them, for I believe it was the House of Teslan that had a hand in my demise, and certainly they had a hand in my resurrection. The question, however, is why?"

Notable Members:
-Nostro Aelros - The Progenitor of the House Tetchunam, a powerful undead warrior whose restless soul yearns to bring about vengeance for the fallen. Nostro is a powerful Lich warrior, with gifts that allow him to tap into The Everlasting's curse and free enslaved creatures or resurrect the dead to serve the house. His powers can also be used to stave off affliction. He has the shamanistic traits of being able to ask the Earth-mother for help, despite being undead.


The Houses of Chimera Yam10

The Houses of Chimera Humani11
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