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Clover Sinclair

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Clover Sinclair Empty Clover Sinclair

Post by Rhapsody July 25th 2022, 10:19 pm

Clover Sinclair

"I have seen every possible future, and you are in none of them!"

The Bio

Real Name: Clover Sinclair
Hero Name: Mystic
Title: Seeker of knowledge
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Clover is an elegant looking young woman, with pale skin, jet black hair, and shimmering emerald eyes. Clover is a very lean girl and is physically fit, which is something you wouldn’t expect from such a young lady and entrepreneur. Clover trains body, mind, and soul, vigorously daily to ensure she is ready to face whatever challenges may come.  


The Personality

Clover is surprisingly a very happy-go-lucky individual despite the tragedy that she has had to put up with over the years. Clover maintains that being mad or angry all the time is not productive and only serves to hinder one’s life rather than better it. Despite the visions she had seen and the thing she is striving to become, Clover knows that she will get nowhere by treating others like dirt, so instead she does her best to treat all individuals she comes across with the utmost respect and kindness. Even though Clover treats everyone kindly, and is at her core a very kind and caring soul, she has little respect of regard for criminals and villains.

Clover is also very outgoing, she enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them, and if given the opportunity, she will take the time to get to know all about an individual. Clover is everything the ancient Sinclair’s weren’t, while they lusted after power and sought to exploit those around them, Clover aims to use her powers to help those in need, that said rather than an insatiable appetite for power, Clover hungers for knowledge. She seeks the strength and knowledge required to face anything the universe might throw at her. She has undertaken the self imposed task of protecting the world and all she holds dear.  

Clover is a very cunning and intelligent young lady who is seemingly always prepared for anything life might throw at her. She is constantly thinking and scheming in some way. She vary rarely lets anything catch her off guard and if something manages to do so, Clover quickly adapts to meet it. Because of this competitive nature of hers, she was able to overcome the insane scenario of being trapped in stasis in another universe. Her overzealous pursuit to always be in control has lead her always have a back up plan of some kind. she openly welcomes challenges and strives to overcome any obstacles she may face.

The Story


Upon returning home from her trip, Clover’s grandfather could see the confidence in her eyes. She would tell him all about her trip, but would not once speak of what she had seen. It was her sole responsibility as the only one who had seen those visions to bear the burden of those truths. Knowing she’d need more than just her powers and arcane skills to achieve her goal, Clover asked her grandfather if she could start working at their family business. To her surprise her grandfather one upped her request by turning control of the company over to her. Though she never told him about what she had seen, he could tell that she had returned with a great purpose in her heart and he’d do what he could to foster that desire. Clover assumed full control of the company and all of its assets. The young girl knew if she was going to make her vision a reality, she was going to have to pool every resource she had. Clover began to train night and day, not only to learn to control her powers, but also to build herself up physically and mentally and it didn’t stop there either. Clover diligently focused on bettering herself and the world through various means, such as using her company to research and develop several plants around the world that would help clean the oceans, provide power for neighboring coastal cities, and provide a state of the art research facility for marine biology.

It was through one of these facilities that Clover got her first taste of the strides she’d have to make in order to make her peaceful world a reality. While giving a private tour of one of the facilities, Clover was attacked by a mad Atlantean king. With the aid of Bliss, the Bliss force, and Madeline (An ancient goddess of war), the Atlantean king was defeated and a new addition was made to Clover’s family in the form of the kings disowned daughter.

Despite the strides Clover had made to improve she’d suffer her first true loss in combat. The loss left a mark on her and though she tried to hide it, the defeat had shaken her resolve. How could she achieve her goal if she couldn’t win every fight she was thrust into. After suffering a traumatic loss at the hands of an armored assailant, Clover vowed to never let such a thing happen to her again. The realization that she was far from ready to protect the world struck hard with Clover and forced her to attempt to cut corners. This led her to develop a serum that could unlock her true potential and allow her to harness her true power for a short time. The serum worked but came at a devastating price for the young girl. After using it just once during a spar with her adopted sister Lorelei, Clover was driven mad and nearly killed the poor Atlantean. This drove a rift between the two girls who had grown to be nearly inseparable.

It was a terrible wake up call for the would be savior of the world, Clover could no longer trust herself with her own powers, let alone the responsibility she had placed upon herself. She desperately needed to take a step back and reevaluate her life and the decisions that had led her to this point. On top of trying to run her company, Clover had been so focused on becoming stronger and making her vision a reality, that she had nearly lost sight of what it meant to be herself. Clover eventually chose to take a break from everything and journeyed back to the monastery she had visited. Clover was greeted by the monks as though they knew she’d come back, and were as caring and mysterious as ever. This time around instead of participating in the same ritual that had sent her down this path in the first place, the monks offered Clover something more valuable. The elderly monks taught the young girl the mysteries of her ancient magic tomes and the true power they held. While Clover had only discovered how the pages worked, she never really understood why the books only showed her small bits at a time. The monks soon explained that she had been so focused on her previous goal that the books were reluctant to show her what she truly wanted.

The monks helped Clover free her mind of all her troubles and worries. While staying with the monks she began to uncover the secrets hidden within the books little by little. Clover began to practice the spells within the ancient tomes deep in the confines of the monastery under the tutelage of the monks, whom seemed to have an affinity for magic. One fateful day while perusing through the pages of her tomes, she found herself transported to an unfamiliar room. She was surrounded by tech that she didn’t quite understand but felt oddly familiar with. Before she could piece two and two together she was placed into a stasis like sleep by an unseen figure.

Clover would later learn, that what she had experienced was her swapping placed with an alternate universe version of herself. through the use of her years of tedious studies she had mastered the art of astral projection, and while her body might have been useless she had managed to find a way to grant herself a means to investigate her prison while in slumber. Upon investigating the facility she found herself in, she had made a terrible discovery. She was finally to see the face of the one who had beaten her and caused her life to spiral out of control. It was herself. For whatever reason this alter of herself have been studying the multiverse as well as the nature of their existence. It was here among the alters notes that Clover discovered that she was known as a focal point of all the universes mystical energies. Several of these focal points existed throughout the universes and she was but one from her own universe.

Clover was now placed in a unique position. While the desire to overcome and humiliate this alter of hers, she had learned from past mistakes. She would not cut corners here. She would study this world as much as she could and would learn as much as she could about her other self all in the attempt to overcome and defeat them when the time was right. With the alters library of magical tomes at her disposal and no clear way of freeing herself at the present, Clover would begin doing what she did best, learn. She read tome after tome amassing and absorbing as much of their knowledge as possible. She also took the time to familiarize herself with the alters tech and eventually found the means by which she was imprisoned.

She still hadn’t quite understood or discovered why this alter wanted to swap places with her so badly, but that would be something she could learn later. The first order of business was freeing herself once she understood the combination of tech and magic that was keeping her in stasis. Using what she had learned, Clover freed herself and forged a way home. It would be quite the shock to the system when Clover would discover upon her return that many years had passed. Because she had been locked in stasis her physical form had not aged, but it seemed like the world she had been ripped away from had continued on in her absence.

Much to her relief she was met with a familiar face upon her return home. The Elder had been patiently awaiting her return since the day she had been stolen away. A mystery for another day to solve was how these monks always seemed to be expecting her. Regardless of that, she was home and there was work to be done.  

The Powers

Power 1: The Grimhold Being- Clover’s Very body is known as a source of pure magic potential. She acts as a seemingly endless fount of mythical energy and one of many focal points for said energy in the universe. With a better understanding of who and what she is, as well as with her unlocked potential Clover is able to tap into the vast well of magical energy within her body and bend it to her will to perform various feats of magic. This also explains why she has such a natural affinity for magic in the first place and why she is able to learn so quickly.

Power 2:Strength Of The Arcane-Using the knowledge that lined the books, Clover used her existing power in conjunction to enhance and enchant her body beyond that of a normal being. Using the forbidden knowledge Clover inscribed runes into her mind and soul buffing her physical capabilities to superhuman levels, granting her super human strength, durability, and healing.

    Super Strength- Once Clover chose to pick up the calling of protecting other realms and planets, she knew she’d need to not just increase her magical prowess, but also her natural strength as well. To that end Clover took to studying the endless amounts of magical tomes she was supplied with while in the endless realm. She discovered a way to enhance and enchant her body by using the energy that already existed within her. Clover is granted super strength that allows her to lift and exert a force of roughly 15 tons. This can be bolstered further as needed and because she can use the magical energy in her body to reinforce the magic that grants her this strength there is no known limit to how high she can push this.

    Durability- Clover’s very bones are brought to a nearly indestructible level of durability, while her skin gains a slight degree of toughness as well, letting her weather both extreme ends of the temperature spectrum thanks to her arcane knowledge and the embedding of runes on her very soul. This allows the young girl, to withstand a large variety of harmful attacks. Her body acts with two layers of defense. Her skin allows her to withstand explosions and extreme temperatures, while her bones are able to withstand other harmful attacks such as bullets, blades, and attacks from super powered individuals.

    Accelerated Healing- Much like the ability to effect the magic that grants Clover her incredible strength, that same magic and method can be used to amplify her healing potential, allowing Clover to heal from many serious injuries in very little time. Cuts, bruises, and puncture’s heal in a matter of seconds. Damaged organs heal in minutes to hours and even missing limbs can grow back.  

Power 3: Master Of The Arcane Arts- Clover has spent her entire life attempting to improve herself and become stronger. She spent day and night training her mind, body, and soul only to end up making no progress at all. After losing a battle and attempting to cut corners, Clover took the time to reevaluate her life. Not only did the monks help Clover unlock the true secrets of her tomes, Clover stumbled upon a bed of knowledge that no one had seen perhaps ever in the hideout of an alternate universe version of herself. The hideout provided Clover with an endless supply of ancient arcane texts from another world. Each one containing spells and knowledge that no human should rightly know.

    - Images of Imon- Use of this spell allows Clover to summon five translucent illusions of herself in an area of ten meters. Upon the casting of this spell, the five illusions will each fire a single blast of magical energy at the closest enemy. The images will then remain in their summoned locations and fire of another blast once every other post for a total of three blasts before disappearing.

    - Mists of Megus- With the snap of a finger, Clover enacts a spell that magically charges the air particles within a three foot radius. This magically charged air is much heavier and thicker than normal air and thus when it is inhaled it essentially chokes those who took a breath of the deadly mist.

    - Marauding Murder of Maltheus- By casting this spell, Clover summons forth a murder of ethereal crows. This wave of crows fires out in a clone from Clover’s palm and homes in on the nearest foe. The Ethereal crows will then begin to flock around the target and peck and scratch them relentlessly for a short time before vanishing. These crows don’t actually inflict damage and instead are a very powerful illusion meant to distract a foe and trick them into thinking they are actually being torn apart. Tricking their mind into experience a pain they weren't actually subjected to. (PC Permission Required)

    - The World Asunder- A rather unorthodox and brutal spell. Clover seeks to enervate her foes with a singular strike. If she managed to land the blow the target is effected in quite a unique way. The target will essentially have their strength, speed, durability, all aspects of themselves cut in half. The have that is taken from them is then used to spawn a clone of the original target with the other half of the targets stats. They are essentially cut in half, for lack of a better term as the strike reduces all aspects of the target by half, by splitting their very being for a short time (ten posts). (PC permission based)(PC owner is left to control the clone and how it acts.)

    White Magic- A type of magic usually associated with life, Clover’s knowledge of white magic allows her to perform extraordinary feats of defensive magic. Clover can infuse her existing magical energies with the properties of light. When this happens the barriers and shields she forms become nearly impenetrable. While infused with light, Clover can use her magic to heal others of illnesses and injuries almost instantly. Clover is able to hurl bolts of light, create illusions, generate intense gusts of wind, and summon lightning storms from other dimensions or worlds.

      - Seven Swords of the Seven Sisters- Using this spell causes a summoning circle to appear high up in the sky. From this portal seven extremely large swords rain down out of the sky and crash down on the area that Clover is fighting. These massive swords form a sort of arena. Clover is able to draw on the energies of these swords. When this happens one of the massive swords will shrink down to fit in her hand. While in Clover’s hands she experiences a brief moment of super speed. The sword will disappear soon after. Clover can do this until all seven swords are gone.

      - Whirlwinds of Whorm- A spell that when used will expel a very powerful gust of wind that fires outward from Clover’s body in all directions. Allies caught in the path of this refreshing breeze will find their energy and strength partially restored.

      - Aiding Aura of Adonus- Channeling the might of a long forgotten king of a dying realm, Clover calls upon Adonus’ strength to unleash an omnidirectional blast that extends out in a five foot radius. This blast of intense light not only has the power to burn away wickedness(blow people back) but also infuses Clover with some of king Adonus’ godly wrath. While buffed Clover’s physical attacks cause a small burst of energy to erupt from the point of impact.

    Black Magic- A type of magic associated with death and in Clover’s case, control. Clover is able to infuse her own mystical energy with pure darkness which allows her to enact curses and perform extraordinary feats of power. While imbued with darkness, Clover is able to sap the life from living objects, bind opponents, blind, mind control(PC permission required), hurl bolts of darkness, and summon forth the dead. Black magic also grants Clover’s blasts the ability to rabidly decay anything they touch(PC permission required).

      - Haunting Visions of Hael- Clover summons forth a mighty cloud of unyielding darkness that blankets a fifteen foot radius. While trapped inside this whirling cloud of gloom, Clover’s foes feel an increased sense of dread and depression.(PC permission required.)

      - Black Box of Bougon- By casting this spell, a summoning sigil will appear below Clover’s enemy. From this circle a black box will raise up from the seal in an attempt to trap the person inside. If the box succeeds the person will be trapped within the box for four posts. While trapped inside the person is unable to attack or be attacked. (PC Permission Required).

      - Madeline’s Maddening Mark of Masochism- A double edged sword of a spell. Clover can choose to target herself or anyone around her and brand them with a mark. A person branded with this mark will draw all attention and attacks to themselves. When taking damage while marked, the target will experience an great increase in strength. (Mark lasts for 7 posts and requires PC permission for all involved in the thread.)

    Cosmic Magic- This form of magic allows Clover to draw power form the cosmos making her magical abilities generate intense heat capable of easily piercing and melting reinforced titanium. While imbued with cosmic powers, Clover commands the very heavens. These abilities include her blasts being able to actually bend space and teleport the objects they hit to a random location within a three mile radius of Clover (this also works against projectiles. PC permission required.) and Clover’s blasts have the ability to seek out targets. Clover is also capable of summoning and casting mini pulsars.

      - Shooting Star of Seveena- Clover fires a glowing golden ball of energy upward into the air. After reaching the apex of its flight, the ball with burst into many smaller orbs of energy that will rain down on the area each causing an explosion equal to a frag grenade when ever they collide with the ground or another object.

      - Seven Suns of Solae- Clover draws power on the very stars themselves with this spell. Thrusting both of her hands out in front of herself Clover fires out an intense wave of cosmic energy in a large cone. Anything caught in the blinding light of these stars experiences a high degree of burns and is blown away from Clover.

      - Gravitating Hold of Galina- Clover fires an immensely heavy orb of magical energy from her hands that after traveling several feet will burst open, turning into a mini black hole. Anything caught with in a five foot radius of this orb will be pulled towards its center. After a short duration the small black hole with explode, firing everything it has pulled towards its center, outward.

    miscellaneous Spells- Though Clover has devoted herself to learning specific types of magic, there are still spells that she has learned that do not fall under any one category. These spells tend to be eldritch in nature and pack quite a punch.

      Gaze of the Godlike Great Ones- Using her energy as a catalyst, Clover can cause a rift in space. This rift gives way to a host of sinister looking eyes that appear all around her in a five-foot radial dome. After a two post delay, the eyes fire tracking beams of concentrated mystical energy at Clover’s target. 

      Auspex of Ambillious- By forming a horrifying looking sigil in her palm Clover calls forth a host of grotesque looking tendrils. The tendrils lash out in a single direction, usually which ever direction Clover thrusts her arm in. The tendrils summoned belong to a great ancient being known as Ambillious, and are capable of punching through reinforced titanium or materials of a similar durability.

      Fathomless Reach of the Formless One- Using herself as a catalyst and a beacon for magical energy, Clover tears apart the fabric of reality and calls forth the aid of a great and terrible being. By lifting her hand to the sky, a rift will open up Above her that will unleash a small star shower that will bathe everyone in a 30 yard radius in the warm and golden embrace of a formless entity. While covered in this ominous glow all damage taken by everyone who was in the radius when the spell was cast, will be stored. After 4 posts all parties effect will receive a healing and invigorating effect based on the amount of damage stored. Like wise this damage stored will then be inflicted to the person who inflicted that damage.

    The Weaknesses

    Weakness 1: Well this is Going to be Quite Taxing- Because Clover’s body is essentially formed out of mystical energy, anyone with the ability to absorb energy can severely weaken her if they were to get their hands on the young woman. While they wouldn’t be able to absorb her per say, they would cause her cells and by definition her very being to spasm and go into a small state of shock.

    Weakness 2: The Limitations of Magic and the Grimhold- Because Clover’s strength is derived by the seemingly limitless fount of magic coursing through her and the runes she etched into her soul, her strength is constrained to the norm for the universe in which she resides. Because of this, Clover is only able to maintain her base strength at all times and is unable to increase her power unless her opponent is stronger than herself. This being said, there is also a ceiling to which Clover’s strength caps out at. This limit cannot be broken not matter the circumstances, unless the threat she is fighting, is universal or a major threat to the universe itself to the point that their very presence weakens the fabric of that reality.

    Weakness 3: The Frailty of Many- The images Clover summons when using Images of Imon are extremely fragile and can easily be dispelled with a single hit from just about anything from a light punch to a shot fired from a gun or even having something as small as a pebble thrown at it.

    Weakness 4: Mental Fortitude- Because Marauding Murder of Maltheus is mostly illusion based, it has no effect on anyone who possesses a strong will, telepathy, or telekinesis.  

    Weakness 5: The light it burns!- Black Box of Bougon becomes extremely weakened in the presence of white magic. The box being a dark magic spell, any holy or white magic used on or within the box will cause it to shatter and break instantly regardless of how long a person has been trapped inside.

    Weakness 6: Squeaky Clean- Madeline’s Maddening Mark of Masochism is scrubbed clean whenever an individual has a healing spell or white magic spell directed at them. When the mark leaves the person all the gained strength is scrubbed away also.

    Weakness 7: Darkness to Cancel Out the Light- No matter how impressive Clover’s mastery of white magic may be, it still has its draw backs. One of these is dark magic. No matter how strong or sturdy Clover may be able to make her barriers when infused with white magic, any direct hit from a black magic spell will cause the barriers to shatter instantly.

    Weakness 8: What is Done Can Be Undone- Much like how black magic can expose the frailty of Clover’s nearly impervious white magic barriers, black magic has the ability to undo any healing or buffing that Clover does via the use of white magic.

    Weakness 9: Light to Drown Out the Darkness- Clover’s overall mastery of magic is impressive in its own right, but magic has rules, or at least limitations and that is made apparent by the trade offs that come with each magic she wields. All of the control Clover is able to lay down with her black magic spells are rendered null by white magic.

    Weakness 10: Sky’s the Limit- Shooting Star of Seveena cannot be used in doors. It also goes without saying that the star must reach it’s full height for its full effect to trigger. This means if the ball of energy collides with anything before that point it will just fizzle out.

    Weakness 11: Where’d you go?- Because of the large delay in the time it takes for the eyes to lock onto a target and fire within their limited area, a person is easily able to walk out of their range. Not only does walking out of their range avoid being blasted by their cryptic gaze, but walking out of their range before the eyes have a chance to lock on will cause the spell to fizzle out.

    Weakness 12: We’ll worry about that latter- As a sort of running theme to most of Clover’s magic spells, Fathomless reach of the formless one is very much a double edged sword. Because the spell effects everyone within the radius it means if she were to dish out any punishment while the spell was active then when the time came to pay the bill she would be inflicted with damage. Because of this, Clover tends to be incredibly passive after casting this spell, which gives her opponents plenty of opportunities.

    Weakness 13: But now there is two of them- While Clover’s sundering spell can and often times will help level the playing field, it can also act as a double edged sword in the sense that she must now contend with not one opponent but two. And if the two halves of her opponent can coordinate efficiently its is possible for them to essentially negate the reduction in stats as well as overwhelm her.

    The Items

    Item 1: Cloak of the Unseen- An old and tattered green cloak with gold flourishing embroidered along its edges, teeming with life, that was discovered by Clover within the endless realm. While worn, this mysterious cloak grants it’s wearer the ability to teleport anywhere in a ten foot radius with a simple tug on the end. The cloak is also linked to the endless realm and as such, acts as a mini doorway that allows Clover to pull items out of the realm with just a thought by reaching into the cloak. The cloak is also tied to the endless realm so in the event that it is destroyed in combat, it will reappear there for Clover to retrieve at a later time.

      Weakness: Coming Undone- The cloak in its own strange way, is a living thing and its ability to teleport its wearer is tied to its own condition. That said, if a quarter of the cloak is damaged or destroyed in any way, it’s range is reduced from ten feet to five feet. At 50% damage or if the cloak is half destroyed, the range is further reduced, taking the range of the teleport down to a measly two and a half feet.

    Item 2: Restless Bindings of the Guardian- A little souvenir from her time in the home of her Alter, Clover stole this relic when her alter chose to leave it behind before traveling to our world. While worn as a simple scarf, these ribbons spring to life in defense of their wearer. The ribbons snap and react quick enough to deflect gun fire from an assault rifle and can even be used to grab or seize targets.

      Weakness: Ribbons Aren’t Meant for Battle- Despite the Restless Bindings’ incredible ability to react to incoming bullets and deflect them, the bands are prone to being severed and cut by bladed weapons, reducing their range and ultimately taking them out of a fight until Clover can return them to the endless realm.

    Item 3: Golden Sash of the Ruler- A rather luminous golden sash gifted to Clover by a so called god like being of another realm. This sash is said to house a portion of his power and when held in Clover’s hands forms into the shape of a ridged lightning bolt. While in Clover’s possession she can use the sash as a sword, or can tap the tip of it against objects or surfaces to channel the beings godly might through the sash resulting in an extremely powerful thunderbolt to rain down from the heavens and delivering a devastating amount of force.

      Weakness: Truly a Double Edged Sword- Even with all of Clover’s impressive defensive capabilities, the power contained within the Golden Sash, is far to great. Simply wielding the sash as a weapon causes continuous jolts of electricity to surge through Clover’s body, making it hard for her to move. When the sash is used in its bolt form to unleash the gods power, there is a massive blow back which inflicts a lot of damage upon Clover. The volatile nature of this sash makes it a last ditch effort.

    Item 4: Tome of the Ever Watchful Eye- A very fickle little book, the Tome of the Ever Watchful Eye only contains one spell within it, or rather only ever chooses to show only spell. Despite it’s vast amount of pages, it will only ever reveal one spell to Clover. This spell when used tears open a rift in the air just above it’s pages. When Clover interacts with this rift she is teleported anywhere a threat is present, each time the location is different, this includes other realms and planets. The book will refuse to show her a way back home until the threat has been dealt with.  

    Item 5: Etoile Filante (Shooting Star)- A mystical broom with a mind of its own. The broom is extremely stubborn and has had few riders in its existence. Etoile Filante was discovered by Clover ironically in a broom closet within her Alters hideout. With a passenger this magical broom is capable of flying at a top speed of mach 4. Forming a close bond with Clover, for having rescued it from a life of misuse and neglect the living broom Etoile Filante will never drop the young sorceress. Clover is capable of riding the broom by straddling it, or she can ride on it as if it were a surf board which is her favorite way to ride. While standing atop the broom, Clover’s feet magnetize to the broom in some fashion which allows her to perform extreme acrobatic maneuvers without falling off.

      Weakness: Like a Bird Without its Feathers- Etoile Filante will lose its ability to fly at all, if any of its bristles become damaged.

    Item 6: Defender Armor- Borrowing on the schematics created by her alter, Clover has been made keenly aware of some of her shortcomings that can’t fully be covered by magic. Her alter sought to compensate for these shortcomings by combining science and magic by creating a suit of armor that takes advantage of the best of both worlds. Clover borrowing on this concept has created her own suit of armor using her companies fast resources and what she was able to learn from her alter.
    While her body is already incredibly tough the hardened outer shell of the suit adds just a minor but welcomed degree of safety. But this is not what the suit was designed for. Instead the suits primary function is to allow Clover a means to analyze and track opponents through the use of an AI and HUD built into the suits helmet. The helmets visor also comes with an array of sensors to scan and display a wide selection of vision modes such as night vision, inferred, ultra violate, ect. The suit is directly powered by the energy given off by Clover’s body and as such she can focus the energy through repulsers built into the suit.  

    The suit also serves to provide her with a means of travel and flight without the need or use of her cape and broom. As there comes times where Clover’s sympathy for her companions becomes to great that she’d rather leave them safely at home and risk her body instead. The suit is capable of flying at speeds up to mach 4 much like her broom. Because the thrusters are located on the back and can swivel and pivot, she can use them in combat for increased mobility.

      Weakness: Where to begin- While the suit has many advantages it can bestow upon Clover it also comes with a caveat of drawbacks. Being able to balance these aspects of the suit is something Clover continues to practise daily. The first drawback of the suit is that because its offensive systems are powered by the energy fed to it from Clover’s body, all attacks are magical. This means those resistant to magic or who have a means to deflect or absorb magic are pretty much immune to the offensive weapons of the suit.

      Another aspect of the of suit that even her Alter hasn’t figured out in all their years of using one is that the suit is fed via Clovers own energy. While she does sport an infinite amount of it, constantly having it drained by the suit can be quite taxing on Clovers mind and can interrupt her ability to focus in combat.

The Minions


The Fluff

- Immortal and Ageless: Being a Grimhold being, Clover is a focal point for mystical energy on earth. As such she herself is composed of this energy which has caused her to stop aging and will reform her body upon death, in the event that she dies.

- Skilled Hand to Hand Combat: Well before Clover went into the business of protecting universes, she trained her body and mind day and night for another seemingly impossible task. The many years of training that she has put herself through as made her a formidable opponent when it comes to hand to hand combat.

- Deal with the Devil: A long time ago, Clover sought to ensure that she’d never suffer the misfortune of death. She wanted to ensure that she was able to make her vision a reality and live long enough to hold onto that power. This of course was before she learned the truth about what she really is, and resulted in her striking a deal with Madeline, the demon queen of Arcadia. This deal still holds true and as such, Madeline holds the girls soul in the palm of her hands. If for some unforeseen reason Clover is prevented from reviving through her being a Grimhold being, the horrific dark energies of Arcadia will pool together to revive her.

- Fighting Around the World: While in combat, the Cloak of the Unseen is only able to teleport short distances, but outside of combat the cloak has the ability to transport Clover almost anywhere.

-Astral Projection: Completely pointless in battle, Clover only uses this ability when her body needs rest but she wishes to continue studying and perfecting her craft. This ability can also be used to allow Clover to sleuth and spy or be sneaky if needed. The draw back to this is that her body is left unable to defend itself and as such she must be careful and cautious when using this ability.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The Characters

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