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Once Upon a Time

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INV ONLY Re: Once Upon a Time

Post by Nate6595 April 2nd 2022, 12:02 pm

Now through the door, seemingly having indeed duped the monsters least for moment, Maggie let out a relieved sigh. That had been the only real sign that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't as calm and collected as she acted. As she looked around the room, she only held a cocky confidence in her gaze, as if nothing in the world could go wrong. She had to keep herself in that mindset, imagine things going well and then they would, don't stress out, and just think. She had learned those lessons ages ago and was going to keep to them as long as she could.

Before she could fully appraise the room and judge what to do next, she turned her gaze to Penny, giving her a coy smile and a smug shrug of the shoulders. "I'm not that calm, honestly. Just thinking things through is all. What could I solve if I panicked?" She shook her head, letting her shoulders fall from the shrug, "Not much, honestly." She tapped the side of her head, "Just breath and keep moving, and if anything goes wrong, you roll with it until you're out." She spoke as if these were all the simple truths of the world, repeating lessons that had been hard pressed into her.

The sudden bang and growl uttered a similar reaction from Quinn, although with her several feathers rose up around her and were poised to strike. As soon as she settled, though, the feathers returned to the wings at her back. Now, her eyes more deftly inspected the room, trying to find any sign of any further exit. She didn't like the idea of spending more time than she had to in the room where they kept all of their beasts...monsters too feral to enjoy drinks up above. In the same beat, she also didn't like the idea of keeping these guys caged up.

It was then, an idea sprang into mind, but she'd save that for later.

Her gaze was back on Penny, to which she gave another shrug. "No clue, I don't know anything about magic really. I know it exists, more or less, some of the things I have stolen before have been at least. I just steal 'em though, don't really study or do anything with them." She spoke, still seeming all very casual in that. As she spoke, a feather from her wing broke off and moved to the door they entered from, moving to the lock and beginning to fiddle around in it. After a few moments there would a SNAPing sound as something inside broke. "And they won't be able to get through that door easily now."

She patted Penny on the back and then started down the row of cages, keeping in the middle and making sure there was a distance between her and the beasts. "That said, I don't think we should shoot for the backdoor. I think we, if anything, should just stroll through the front door. At least, with a little help." She offered, now turning and walking backward so she could meet Penny's gaze.

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INV ONLY Re: Once Upon a Time

Post by Shadowoof May 22nd 2022, 2:19 pm

Not calm? Not Calm? Penny didn't believe her for one bloody second. "Just breathe. Keep moving. Breathe and move. Breathe and move." The young woman did however, take her advice. The two didn't however have to travel far to find the rest of their fellow companions.

Companions was perhaps too strong a word. Fellow imprisoned? Fellow trapped? Fellow fighters. Yes that... Worked. Several cages lined this more open hall, some were empty, but many had their prisoners of all shapes and sizes, much like the lot upstairs. But unlike them, who were drinking and taking merry from the ones down here, she could see the bloodied and the scarred, the frightened and the hatred. The rational and the feral. The feral certainly center stage as Penny followed the bird woman's footsteps to avoid a nasty gash as what appeared to be a werewolf attempted to claw out a chunk of her arm.

"What do you me- Oh. Oooooh." Penny looked to the werewolf, spittle and teeth, turned on her heel and was face to face with a small elvish boy, his youthful look betrayed by the cold eyes and scarred muscles. The centaur, the kobold, the... Huh. That was a goblin.

"Right. Loving this idea. Question. How many of these guys won't just tear each other apart? No offense big guy." Penny clapped her hands together, nodding in the general direction of the big bad wolf. She imagined some of these people would love to get out, but even then, half of them would probably prefer to run then fight. And those that did fight might not even give the two woman any chance to formulate any kind of plan.

Not that walking out the front door with a little help was much a plan... "But it is the only plan we have. Okay. Save the werewolf for last and run as fast as we can?"

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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INV ONLY Re: Once Upon a Time

Post by Nate6595 May 29th 2022, 3:54 pm

Maggie smirked to herself as she heard her companion psych herself up, taking some very good advice if she did say so herself. But beyond that advice, Maggie left her to her own devices, allowing her to try and get over whatever it was she was going through. She didn't feel as though she had to either, the woman had a bloody sword, she could probably handle anything that would be thrown at her.


That smile became all the more mischievous when the plan clicked in Penny's head and Maggie gave her a smug sort of nod. To the question, though, Maggie turned her back and continued to walk forward, giving a small shrug. "No clue, honestly. It's a gamble, but either way some will make their way out. Ever notice how an entire bar can erupt into chaos when just two people start brawling? Or at the very least, everyone's eyes are on the people brawling. Conflict always draws the eye. Honestly, just one or two of them being released in the bar would probably be enough."

She said, still going further and further down the long hall. She was searching for something...the lever or switch or whatever would open these cells. She wouldn't, not for one moment, consider trying to picklock each and every single door and release the creatures one at a time. Her gaze shifted back to Penny, smiling, "We can, but also don't worry. I can fly us up and let 'em do their thing as we stay safely above." She paused for a moment, and then quickly, quietly, just mumbling the words, "Probably safely..."

But she was moving right along. At the other end she could see another larger pair of double doors which probably led back to the bar, but still couldn't find the activation switch. With that, she turned her head to look towards Penny again, grinning, "Alright, I came up with the plan, now it's your turn. How we getting these good good monster boys out of their cells?" She asked, giving her companion a friendly, urging smile. "Whenever you think of it, do it and I will take you up in the air!"
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INV ONLY Re: Once Upon a Time

Post by Sponsored content

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