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Words that age with time.

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Words that age with time.  Empty Words that age with time.

Post by Shadowoof Tue May 08, 2018 1:51 pm

He hadn't meant to be here. Frankly, this place was simply.. A speck among all the memories he had now. Which saddened Jake a little. He had come here by accident once before. In fact, it was the most idiotic reason. Falling asleep in the truck you had hid in because a bunch of suspicious looking people had gathered, led to him doing things that led to what was perhaps the first time his life was truly ever in danger.

Underwater, stuck with a man he didn't know, a man that... Well, it was the first time Jake had seen someone die that day too. He had pulled the man... Redline. His name was Redline. Redline, out of a freezer. Well, the right word would be ripped the door off the entrance so that the man could escape and proceed to murder all the people shooting the boy. Yet not even that was as bad as the under water base he had been forced into, where he battled a undead being. A demon. His first encounter with them. Well, not a normal demon, Jake knew now. A strange one, but one none the less.

Yet those memories, the events that had happened, transpired so long ago, hadn't really touched the boy's mind in a long time. Not the demon that had seemingly died at the bottom of the ocean. Not the vigilante that had both rescued him from the collapsing base, the one that Jake had pulled out of the submarine and the man had let him stick around while his leg healed... Back when Jake was insisting on being a 'hero.' A good person that beat the bad guys up and saved people. Insisted on a name not his own... Red. Zap. Zaapiel...

Bouncing away from the light post he had once leaned on before, Jake walked down to the pier, striding with speed towards the very end, where a ship once stood, now it was clear, awaiting a vessel once more to take it's place beside the pier, but till then, Jake simply had the sea to stare at. A place that was home to a great deal many things. Fish, sea folk. The dead.  

But why was he even here... That. Was because he decided he needed a moment alone, a moment away from the noise of the city he was visiting because of Ann. A break from the demands of clothing he lost during fights, a break away from said fights. All he did was look for them these days. Of course, his criteria had changed from just the average meta or human that decided to take the chance they take in a city like this to vampires, werewolves. Supernaturals that decided to break away from the shadows to gather his attention. And thanks to his eyes, he'd find them soon enough, and show them why they should stay in the shadows. Of course he would pay attention to the average criminal... But they seemed so... Unimportant compared to other things in his life now. Demon lords. Queens. Supposed gods...

Pocketing his hands, Jake sighed as he continued to look onwards, shaking away those thoughts of supernatural, bad guys and all. This was a moment of peace for him now. A moment to decide what to do next. Of course, being here also reminded him of a place far off in the distance, one that belonged to a dragon. "Hmm... Wonder how Razeth and the whelps are doing..." The boy mumbled to himself, staring at the direction of their hidden gem of land off in the sea. Unable to see it because of the magic that hid the place from the eyes of any that looked for it. He wouldn't mind seeing them again... As long as they wore clothes the next time around.

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