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At the Mountains

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At the Mountains Empty At the Mountains

Post by Nate6595 April 1st 2021, 4:25 am

The job had first been offered to Victor at his doorstep by way of a letter. It was a simple, ordinary type of letter. One that any person could've delivered by mail, which was certainly an odd way to get a job, at least for someone in Victor's line of work. It was also strange that it arrived at his personal address where he and his family resided. All jobs usually went through Menace's secret lair and were discussed amongst himself and the other villains who found employment there. He supposed it was for that reason that he even decided to take on such a job. The strangeness of it and to get answers as to what exactly it would entail.

The letter had come from an individual known as the Overseer and he informed Victor of a facility where there would surely be something interesting to Menace. The details of exactly what it was were left vague. The facility itself was located in a mountain area of Antarctica and was being used to create new and power robotics meant for war. A rare new material that would surely act as a feasible energy source for the base or perhaps some new invention that he or his peers could use. The facility was recently built by another criminal organization known Chimera and had been heavily guarded by a small number of genetically enhanced humans and a large collection of robotic protectors. This Overseer person also provided the means to take control of said robotic protectors and turn the facility into his own, should he choose.

The most interesting part of it all, though, came at the end. The Overseer, whoever this mystery person was, also had informed a few heroes around the world, all of the varying powers that one: this base in fact did exist and was controlled by a criminal organization. And that two: another villain would be making an attempt to claim this facility and its power source, one who would be much more of a menace to society. This incredibly amusing to Victor and part of the reason he did his job. It was exciting and interesting. Not only would he be able to take down another criminal organization a notch or two, but he'd have the chance to beat in some random heroes from around the world. Surely, this was a job to relish in.  Even beyond that, there was something to be gained, not just reputation but profit. Either a new facility (which honestly wouldn't be all that grand since heroes now knew of it) or a power source which he did already have a few ideas on how to utilize.

So, after a quick costume change, an alert to Menace about what he was going to be doing, and kissing his wife and son on the cheek he set off! The journey would be long, but he would soon be there, ready to take another step into the field of villainy.

The Overseer, whoever he was, had indeed sent letters all around the world and to people of extraordinary power. Most, however, would overlook such a call to action due to the strange nature in which it was delivered. Hero jobs rarely presented themselves as nicely typed letters and mainly were left uncomfortable by the fact that someone out there had known how to reach them in ways of the personal addresses or by just knowing where they would be. Some letters were left at the scenes of crimes they had cleaned up, conveniently placed so that they would find them.

One who did not overlook such a letter, however, was one Samuel Grayson. Of course, more people knew him (mind you not that many) as the hero Odd, sidekick to the much more famous Rabbit Punch. The letter in itself was strange for Sam, seemed legit, it included pictures of the base and if it was the den of villainy it was his job as a hero to act upon such things. The letter also included tickets for a ship ride to Antarctica. It'd be long, but it was free and it came with a return trip. Usually, he would talk to Rabbit Punch about going on something like this, but she was away on vacation and there was no one else to consult.

So! After long internal debate and the buying of some heavier duty winter clothes, Sam made his way to the transport and began his journey to Antarctica, where, he would hope that this wasn't just a ruse. Something in his gut told him it wasn't though, there was something about the whole situation that didn't sit well with him and he couldn't help not going to investigate. So, for the long trip over, he would spend pondering about what he would come to find in this cold wasteland and training for what was to come.
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At the Mountains Empty Re: At the Mountains

Post by Pyrrha April 5th 2021, 4:31 am

The morning started as usual, the apartment was filled with the sound of food being cooked, more specifically the sizzling of bacon and the scraping of a spatula against an iron pan as it scrambled eggs. Most of all these sounds, the sound of snoring also filled the small living room adjoined to the kitchen. Pyrrha’s mismatched eyes slowly began to open, her sense of smell picking up on the food, but her mind shifted to her left arm that was hanging off the sofa. There was an odd tickle, and all it took was a glance for Pyrrha to see a fluffy black cat licking at her hand.

Following this, Pyrrha attempted to move her legs but could not. Turning her gaze to the end of the couch, her mismatched eyes took note of the stout young woman blocking her movement. Olive sat at the edge munching down on breakfast while watching the news, something that Pyrrha had just noticed. The young woman turned to Pyrrha and flashed a smile, her cheeks all puffed up no doubt with food, much like a chipmunk. “Morning Pyrrha!” She said cheerfully before glancing at the aliens back. “I know you’ve been with us for a while now, but I still can’t get over how many scars you have.” Her voice dropped in tone, sorrowful at the site before her.

“Well I’ll be, the mighty Warrior of Light has finally be roused from her sleep!” exclaimed another voice from the kitchen. It was always such an odd sight to Pyrrha to see how differently Olive and Johanna’s personalities differed and yet they both seemed nearly like opposites behind closed doors.

“Ok, ok I get it, I sleep in a lot.” Pyrrha said with a yawn, as Olive stood up so Pyrrha could sit up right. No sooner did she sit up completely, Sharook bolted off into the hallway and then bolted back before leaping up onto the arm chair in the corner where he curled into a ball and fixed his gaze on the tv. Typical cat stuff. “It wasn’t really a jab at you. I mean if I did half the shit you’ve done in your lifetime, I’d be tired all the time to.” Johanna said with a chuckled before turning the pilot off on the stove and filling two plates with food. One for her and one for Pyrrha.

Johanna would hand a plate off to Pyrrha before shooing Sharook out of the armchair and taking his place. Reluctant to give up his spot, the cat would instantly leap onto the girls lap and curl up into a ball. “Smug little shit” Johanna would mumble before turning her attention to her food. She would be abruptly interrupted however as her phone began to vibrate. She’d give the phone an odd glance as she noticed the text message she had received. *Who the fuck?* She thought to herself reading over the message. It was perhaps one of the strangest she had ever received and she felt like ignoring it, if the context didn’t slightly peak her interest.

She’d quickly shake her head. “Nope. Not falling for it. Promised myself I’d take a break.” She quickly rolled her eyes, knowing both Olive and Pyrrha were giving her a confused stare. “It’s nothing. Just spam or something like that!” She tried to turn her attention back to eating but still couldn’t shake the stares she was getting. “Oh for the love of! Here!” Johanna would reluctantly toss her phone to Pyrrha. Both she and Olive would crowd together to read the strange message. “See, like I said, its a scam”

There was a moment of silence before Johanna shouted out “OH no! Don’t you dare!”

Olive would quickly lean back to get a full view of Pyrrha and echo Johanna’s words. “She’s right. Don’t you go getting any ideas.”

“To late I’m afraid. I’m totally going.”

“For all you know it could be a trap. This is stupid. I can’t believe you’d fall for that!”

“But what if it isnt? What if someone else got this message and walks into this ‘trap’? Someone’s gotta check this out.”

“Oh for the love of god! If someone is dumb enough to fall for that, then they deserve to be captured.” Johanna would furiously retort, while stuffing food into her mouth.

“That’s just one part of it though. If this message is authentic, then think of what could happen if a baddie got a hold of something like this.”

“Pyrrha, this isn’t where you’re from. There are tons of heroes here to take care of that sort of thing. Can’t you just let it slide?” Olive would try to plead with the dragon girl, but Pyrrha’s mind was already set. Both Johanna and Olive would let out simultaneous sighs as Pyrrha rose from the couch. “You gonna go fight crime in your PJs? Go on and get cleaned up. I’ll pack some stuff for you.” she’d say reluctantly.

“Thanks.” After getting herself ready and saying her goodbyes, Pyrrha now found herself Antarctica bound. She slightly couldn’t believe how easy it was to secure passage to such a remote place, especially for so cheap. It was so odd to her that, the money she had brought from home held such value in this world. A trip that easily could have taken a decent gash to her savings, simply took one coin here. Perhaps it had something to do with the metal it was made of, but that was something Pyrrha didn’t feel like pondering at the moment.

Instead she took her place on board a private plane, thanks to Johanna’s connections and she set about her next adventure. Hopefully Olive and Johanna’s suspicious would be true and this was all some big prank, but if it wasn’t, then Pyrrha needed to be ready for anything.

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