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Stolen Goods (Kubi)

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INV ONLY Stolen Goods (Kubi)

Post by Yang S. April 17th 2020, 9:58 am

It was relatively early in the morning as Yang sat in her office and looked over several reports. A few were from her father about some new tech he thought he could make. A few came from multiple governments all vying for the opportunity to pen a contract with her company. Yang usually disregarded these and threw them in the trash, but they were still interesting reads. It was always nice to look over the offers. After getting through the first of these offers, which came from France, Yang would place the report down and take a sip of tea.

She never liked coming into work this early in the morning. Especially when the night before was spent partying. The young Aeteran would massage the bridge of her nose as she tried to mentally scold herself. “Stupid Yang. You said you wouldn’t do this kind of shit anymore.” she’d mumble allowed just before picking up one of the reports from her father. “What’ve you got in store for me today old man.” Yang’s crystal blue eyes would scan the pages. She couldn’t help but crack a smile.

Her father was always so excited and energetic whenever he came up with a new idea. Anytime he was certain he’d thought of something brilliant he’d go into meticulous detail about every aspect of the project. He’d go to such lengths that each report was usually split into multiple parts, an introduction to the project, the pros of the project, the cons, and finally a summary. This was no exception. As Yang was busy finishing up the last few paragraphs of the pros portion of the reports, the door to her office slowly opened up.

A well dress young man quietly entered the room, closing the door behind him. As he turned around to face Yang’s desk, he nearly leapt out of his skin, dropping the stack of papers he had with him in the process. “I…I’m terrible sorry Ms. Sharpe. I had no idea you were in today…I…I would have pinged you.”

Yang would let out a small chuckle “It’s quite alright Hiro. I didn’t bother notifying anyone that I was in office today anyway. Come, what have you got for me?”

With a slight nod of his head, Hiro would gather up the papers he had dropped and ruched over to Yang’s desk. “There’s a few more ‘proposed contracts’ and something a bit more pressing.”

Yang would arch a brow to Hiro’s last words. “What is it?”
“Um well….Another one of our shipments has gone missing….Or rather it never showed up to its destination.”
The room would fall silent for a moment, Hiro could swear he could hear his boss’ blood pressure rising.
“Do we have any leads?”
Hiro would simply nod his head. Truth was, the jobs were as clean as they could possibly be. Whoever was stealing the company’s stuff was experienced.
Yang would let out an audible sigh as she placed her fathers report down on the table. “I’ll be heading out for the rest of the day. Just handle my calls and stuff like you usually do. Thanks.”

And with that Yang would leave the office. She had but one goal in mind, find out who was responsible for stealing her stuff. This would lead her on a quest of finding any and all known or suspected thugs and gang members and interviewing them…..aggressive. She’d find out who hit the trucks and she’d make sure they didn’t do it again. While her company didn’t delve too deeply into weapons making, there were still products that if placed in the wrong hands, could spell trouble. Yang would not allow that to happen. She couldn’t allow that to happen.

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