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The Night Walker

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The Night Walker Empty The Night Walker

Post by Night Walker on June 9th 2017, 4:21 pm

"You know what they say about “He Who Hunts Monsters”, right? I’m a shining example."

The Bio

Real Name: Seth Greening
hero Name: The Night Walker
Title: He Who Hunts Monsters
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’2
Weight: 193 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Seth is a muscular man with many scars over his body. His blue eyes are darkened by a past that he

The Personality

The Story So Far

Our story begins in Los Angeles, California. A young woman is surrounded by men in white lab coats wearing surgical masks and bandanas on their heads. Doctors. "Push Ms. Greening, you can do it!" With a yell, the young woman pushed, and cries filled the room. This was the beginning of Seth Greenings life.

10 years forward - the more exciting part of his life starts. Walking through the forest with his mother's boyfriend. Hiking had become a huge hobby between the two of them. "Alright, Seth. I'm gonna quick go over here and check something out." The older man said. Seth nodded and waited until Seth heard someone fall a little ways off the path. It sounded rough. So Seth quickly ran down to see if maybe he could help. There, he found a man. But he looked extremely pale. He was going to go get his companion, but then he saw a book on the ground. Something with scribbled writing on its cover. "The Monster Hunters Survival Guide." He looked around and shoved the book in his bag before calling for Dave.

Dave busted his way through the trees and found Seth trying to check the body. Finding small punctures in its neck. That day, Seth and his mother moved to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. The Crawfish Capital of the World. Oh, this was an interesting point in young Seth's life. As this would be his first introduction to supernatural forces.

Breaux Bridge middle school was a breeze for young Seth, he excelled in most courses and had a couple friends. He had some issues in math, and he wasn't necessarily popular. But he wasn't unliked. As Seth walked through the halls on his 2nd year at the school. It was strange, he could've sworn that there were more kids at school in the last year. Going from a class of 60 to around 55. Perhaps they had moved away. His school year otherwise remained normal. Remaining quiet. However, the same trend had increased over the next couple of years. His 3rd year, 10 people went missing; presumably moving away overnight, and upon his freshman year in High School; he had noticed that around 15 of his former classmates had gone missing. At this point, he had become incredibly suspicious. So he stole one of his friends' crossbows and loaded them with arrows. His friend had modified it to fire multiple arrows over a short period.

What he found during the night, was utterly horrifying. A group of pale people was escorting a friend of his and his parents out of their house and ushering them into a van where he saw other people inside the van. Remembering something, he reached into his backpack and pulled out the old diary that he had found in the woods. He found the passage he was looking for and read silently as possible.

"Vampirus Aldencia. - These vampires are your standard horror movie types. Weak to sunlight, able to turn into bats, drink blood, and hypnotize prey. Don't get too close. Optimal hunting requires a crossbow and a perfect shot through the heart. Keep your distance."

He looked at the illustration and then through the scope on his crossbow. The example matched perfectly. Fucking hell… He didn't know how, but these were real vampires. He couldn't handle this alone, but when they closed the doors; he heard the people screaming for help. The vampires must've put the whole town to sleep so they could harvest their prey in secret. He quickly ran back home, where he saw a disturbing sight. His mother was still awake… But why was she still awake? That is when he saw another van arrive. That's when he knew what he had to do. It looked just like the one his friend had been taken in, and he knew that he was downwind. Thank god for his mother's Ex-Boyfriend teaching him how to hunt with a crossbow.

He looked through the scope, waited for a perfect shot… and watched the arrow sail cleanly through the vampire's chest. The feminine vampire exploded into ash. He didn't take any time to reconsider and quickly tried to line up another shot. Unfortunately, these things were much faster than he had thought and he had ended up shooting the side of the house. Fuck. He had missed his shot.

He ripped an arrow out just as the other vampire ran down the road at him. He quickly slipped in his earbuds and met the creature head-on. Ducking between her legs; he barely managed to slam the arrow in-between her ribs before she could grab at him.  She exploded into dust as well.

Thinking he'd won, he realized that his mothers' lights just went off and her car was gone. He had only recently gotten his learners permit, so hopefully, no one would stop him on the road. Seth thought as he got into the vampire van and drove until he found a van similar to the one he was driving. He had to find out where they were all going, and following them was probably the best way to do that. Seth followed the black van by a couple blocks away; thinking that if he was lucky; he wouldn't be seen. Luck seemed to be on his side, as he followed them out into the country. Where Seth saw many black vans and his mother's car already parked. He waited until the last van was unloaded and began walking towards the building with his crossbow ready. Seth took note of the guard, he looked vampiric; so he shot him through the heart. The arrow did its work, and the man was ash before he could raise the alarm. Unfortunately, Seth had managed to skip the passage where it explained that vampires could hear your blood rushing through your veins. And he saw that there were plenty of hungry vampires wanting a snack, but what really disturbed him was the fact that they were all the mothers of his classmates that had gone missing years and months before. Oh god. What the hell was happening?

He ran back to his van and peeled out; being pursued by an army of bloodthirsty soccer moms. Doing the only thing he could think of; he drove the van into the town tanning salon. A recent addition. He quickly flipped on the lights and opened all the tanning beds. He hoped this worked.

The soccer moms rushed in, and one by one fell to the ground in front of the ultraviolet rays. Completely unable to move as Seth ripped a piece of wood from the walls and staked them. He didn't know what else to do for them.

He felt helpless now. His only chance was to leave town. Maybe he should just go get help you know? This wasn't something he was prepared to handle. He just… Seth needed help. But Seth couldn't rely on Meta-Human assistance. He had to do this himself. Seth had to learn how to get rid of this infection in his town. Then he could return… goddammit, why couldn't he just save everyone?

He jumped into the van which was only slightly damaged. The storefront was mostly glass before he left, he returned home. He grabbed his mothers wallet and any money/valuables they had stashed around the house. He flipped on the porch light on the off chance his mother would come home and found something on the front porch. It was a blade, a sword that seemed to pull light into it. He threw it into the van, and he left Breaux Bridge. Knowing that when he left, he had already sealed his mother's fate to become one of the beasts.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Seth has no innate abilities outside of his training.

The Weaknesses

Reeses Pieces screw me up - Seth is very allergic to peanuts. If in contact with peanuts; Seth will begin to swell up and his airways will close. Without an epinephrine pen or medical help; Seth will pass out.

Human - Seth is just a human, he has no immunities or special abilities. He can die just like any other human. He's also young, and therefore inexperienced.

Hyperopia - Seth is very far-sighted and has trouble seeing things close up. He requires glasses to avoid hurting himself.

Photosensitive Epilepsy - Seth is sensitive to bright flashes of light and will sometimes go into a seizure when exposed to them.

The Items

Monster Hunting Gear:

Repeating Crossbow:
A crossbow with a built in mechanism allowing for multiple shots to be let off at one time.
The crossbow is made of a weak material and can be broken easily.
The crossbow has a tendency to lock up and might only fire one arrow instead of the intended two or three.

Trick arrows:
Stake bolts:

A wooden crossbow bolt that is thinner in the back of the arrow, but grows much thicker towards the head.
The Stake arrow is highly unbalanced due to its thicker head. Therefore, it has a higher chance of falling out of the air at long distances
Silver tipped bolt:

A bolt with a silver head.
Silver is very soft in comparison to traditional iron or stone bolts. This means it's easier to deform.
Net Bolt:
A bolt with an air compressed net in the head; released by pressing a button on the side of the head while loading. The net will release from inside the head and enveloping whatever's unlucky enough to be caught in its webbing.
The net is easily tangled and may not release correctly.
The net is made of rope inlayed with silver and is easily broken with enough strength.
Explosive Bolt:
This bolt contains semtex with acetone peroxide as a blasting cap. This is capable of destroying a small outhouse. The head is made of crystal and the amount used is minimal
The explosive is highly volatile and will detonate with small impacts. It may go off with small amounts of jostling.
Incendiary bolts:
Contained within crystal, these bolts have thermite packed inside of the head.
When exposed to heat; these bolts burn anything it comes in contact with.
Grappling Hook Bolt:
A bolt with a grappling hook held onto the bolt that releases when shot. The arrow is connected to the crossbow with a diamond filament tether.
The head is weighted down with extra weight, and thus has a higher chance of being missed.
The wire comes disconnected from the crossbow fairly regularly.

UV Grenade:
A long rubber stick covered in UV lights. A battery inside allows it to light up releasing UV rays.
The device is only useful against creatures/people with an extreme weakness to sunlight
The device is highly fragile. Pulling a single wire will completely deactivate the device.

The Monster Hunters survival guide.:
A diary found in the woods that holds information about more common North American monsters and their weaknesses. The diary itself isn’t always accurate, and there are passages that aren't finished. Seth has taken up writing his personal experiences inside of the book.
The book is made of paper and leather. Enough heat will almost certainly destroy it.

A long UV light with a rubber handle resembling a sword. The blade is about 4 feet long and emits the amount of light you’d expect from a tanning bed light. The light is purple in color and emits a small amount of heat the longer it is on.
The blade is made of glass, and is very easily breakable. Swinging with the weapon will almost assuredly destroy it.
The blade is battery powered, and doesn’t last very long in combat.

The Blade of Night:
A rapier he pulled off of a vampire. It has no special abilities, though it seems to draw light into it for a small area around it.
The blade is extremely sensitive to cold enough temperatures, it will become brittle and break far more easily.

Fire Retardent Clothing:
Most of Seth’s clothes are fire retardant and harder to cut due to the material used.
Seth’s clothes are more constricting than other clothes, putting a bit of a hitch in his range of movement.

A compound crossbow made of black hard plastic with a simple plastic string.
The Crossbow is made of plastic, and as easily broken as any weapon made of similar material.

Throwing Knives:
A set of 10 iron throwing knives that he keeps on his hip.
As a new addition to his arsenal, he isn’t able to make every shot count as well; and will miss quite a few shots before getting a solid hit on anything.
In addition, he only has ten on him at any given time. Ten knives, ten shots to get it right.

The Night Van:
A 2017 RAM ProMaster Cargo Van in black. The van has a workbench in the back and a cabinet filled with everything he needs. The van is extremely spacious, and can carry two people at one time plus all his gear and working materials.
The Mask of Yuudai Yamamoto:
This mask is created from the face of a real Oni. This wooden looking mask actually grants the night walker a few abilities he wouldn’t have otherwise.
Anger Empowerment - When Seth gets pissed off while wearing the mask, he gains the following abilities.
Super-Strength - The mask grants its user super strength. They can lift incredible amounts of weight, the true limit of which has not yet been reached.
Durability - The mask also grants the user durability that allows them to withstand anti-tank rifle fire.
In order to keep his strength up while wearing this mask; Seth requires a constant supply of both anger and alcohol. If he is not able to get any sort of alcohol into his system within 3 posts, Seth will lose the abilities the mask grants him until he is able to replenish his alcohol supply.
As the mask is created from, and has the abilities of an Oni, it is weak to beans. If a bean comes into contact with the mask, it will fall off; leaving Seth unconscious with a bean shaped burn where it touched.

The Minions

The Fluff

Immunity to Curses:
Seth has an immunity to diseases such as vampirism, zombism, and lycanthropy. He also has a heavy resistance to curses in general.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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The Night Walker Empty Re: The Night Walker

Post by Chellizard on June 13th 2017, 11:14 am

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Post by Dubloon on May 6th 2018, 7:16 pm


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The Night Walker Empty Re: The Night Walker

Post by Arcana on May 8th 2019, 12:13 am

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