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California Dreaming (Woof)

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California Dreaming (Woof) Empty California Dreaming (Woof)

Post by Andrew May 31st 2017, 12:08 am

Ido leaned back in her chair and put her headphones in. Wind swept her hair around, and the smell of a the coffee shop behind her filled her. As she took a deep breath in the familiar drum pattern of "Be My Baby" began to hit in. It was from the Ronettes live show back in 1965, The Big T.N.T.
For whatever reason 1960s music was her favorite to relax to. Seemed like everything was so much simpler back then.
The sky was a bright orange as the Los Angeles sun was beginning to get ready for bed.
"What a busy week." she thought looking at her bank account upping by the millions.
The chorus of her song kicked in. She mouthed the words along with almost a half smirk. "You know I will adore you until eternity."

Tonight she had a new contract. Way lower profile which struck her as odd. In fact, she was almost positive it was a set up. However if anyone had any info on her they had to be dealt with before the faceless assassin of LA made her departure.
"Maybe Chicago next, that place is full of scum bags, and my leg is completely healed up from my fight with that bastard with the lasers."

A few hours passed, the orange faded to a starless black.
She was all geared up and ready for her mission. It was a home invasion mission, the man was a collector of old magical artifacts and used them to further his career as a judge. "Ironic a criminal passing judgement on a guy like him. Then again, I guess we're all guilty of some crime." she sipped the last bit of her coffee and made sure her quiver was tightly attached.
Pulling up her mask, she vanished and let herself into the home via the doggy door. Smoke would fill the kitchen. She reformed and quickly threw a steak knife on the counter into the smoke detector.

The home was quiet. She knew this was the man's family home. He lived there with his teen aged son and wife. A light flicked on and she quickly spun around stringing an arrow in the process ready to let it fly.
The light was motion censored. A goofy looking pug stared at her.
What happened next was truly a gift from hell. "Whats the matter boy?" She heard a younger guy speak. She had no time.
"I can't actually kill this kid. That breaks my own code. Think Kah-Lin. Think."
As she rolled up against the fridge, the dog barked. The boy walked right past her before she kicked the back of his knee making it buckle and quickly followed it up with a sweeping kick to his temple so he would just pass out. No need for screaming. However the kid was heavy. He made a loud thud.
"Michael are you in there?" her target spoke.
"Keith Herrington." she spoke.
She heard the cocking of a shotgun.
"Who's asking?"

She created a cloud of smoke and the room filled, she manipulated it down the hallway towards where her target would be and appeared right behind him. Bow to the back of his head.
"You're want-"
She looked up to see his wife holding a new born.
"Where do you keep the artifacts Keith?"
"If you're lying to me..."
"I just don't want to die looking at my daughter."
"Your artifacts are going to be ceased. You are leaving the country and I will make sure your family is funded. As far as anyone is concerned you died tonight. My only other choice is to actually kill you."
"I Understand."

Security came busting through windows.
"You son of a bitch."
"Don't bribe a judge. This isn't even my family you fool. That's a prostitute and junkie kid I hired."
"Note to self Ido. Being Heartless doesn't get you into shit."
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California Dreaming (Woof) Empty Re: California Dreaming (Woof)

Post by Shadowoof May 31st 2017, 12:44 am

Ashford was tired, really tired. he hadn't really expected to stay up so late, for more then a day a least but... He just couldn't rest, everywhere was filled with a possible danger. This worlds beings with magical powers were off the scale, if he fell asleep at the wrong place, the wrong time. However, he had managed to travel quite some distance, even  taking a ride in those... cars of this world, strange metallic machines that were surprisingly effective. But creature comforts made one soft and he preferred only taking short rests in them rather then using them as the main mode of movement.

He was in a new city before he knew it but also at what seemed the dead of night. He did not caring to know the city's name this time. Just what he could learn. A way to find someone important this time, something. Maybe even a place to sleep. But the sudden noise of yelling, glass smashing. Well, it took him away from any thoughts of sleep as he looked to it, actually he felt himself get excited. He hadn't been excited for a fight in a while. Running towards it, he saw one of those houses, small, easy to enter. Getting closer he could see shadows of figures, people, they held strange metal devices in there hands, weapons of some sort.

At the window, Ashford didn't give himself time to think, maybe a byproduct of being tired, or being excited. He used his metal hand to lunge over the window, landing behind one of the security. Grabbing onto the back of there suit, Ash would throw them back against the wall under the broken window, before punching them in the face with his bandaged hand and turning back to the scene in front of him. Realizing maybe he should have taken the time to take things in. "I.. Realize that I... May be intruding."

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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