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The shadows grow(Elena marie)

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The shadows grow(Elena marie) Empty The shadows grow(Elena marie)

Post by Forceaus on Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:24 pm

It was in the city of Newark, New Jersey where Doctor Ignatius Van Crauss was located at the moment.Well former doctor if you take in his being stripped of his degrees for his supposed immoral experiments into check.Though technicalities said otherwise he still considered himself worthy of the title.Even more so he now went by a new name as part of his restart.Doctor Xelek.A name he rather liked.Starting anew after everything that he had lost had not been easy but he been managing to do well.His genius helped there.But he was now falling on hard times.He was struggling to get anywhere with his work.That and the money he had acquired through years of work was being burn't through.This simply would not work for him.He needed a change of plans.With no way to regain his old job or anything like it and not being very skilled at anything else he would need a way to continue living or everything he had worked for would be all for naught.Luckily one seemed to have come.

A letter had come for him with the promise of opportunity.The infamous Elena Marie was interested in him for reasons he wasn't quite sure of but didn't have much desire to question.Surely this was to valuable an opportunity to pass up.She said she would come to meet him so he prepared for just such an arrival.He cleaned his apartment as best he could.Doctor Xelek was keen on making a good impression.He didn't want this chance to go to waste.To try and further ensure his chances of success he actually dressed up for the meeting.An old suit but one that was still clean.Now all he could was wait for her arrival.Hoping she would indeed come.

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