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Elena Marie

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Elena Marie  Empty Elena Marie

Post by Alpha December 4th 2012, 9:00 pm

Real Name: Elena Marie Thiels
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: None
Title: The Crimson Witch
Alignment: Lawful evil
Age: 41
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian {Militian}
Eyes: Green
Weight: 130
Blood type: 0 -

Character Image/Character Costume Image (Or Description):

Personality:Elena is an overall kind person, with a motherly tendency to her attitude. She loves children, especially her own child. She is a person that will choose to talk before fighting. Though she will fight if she must, that is not something she would willingly do. Not without compassion, she will offer someone a chance to give up instead of killing them. Though she will kill someone if she see's absolutely no other way around it.. She has a love for sweet things, as well as soft things, especially puppies, and kittens.  While outwardly good, Elena can be considered somewhat of a psychopath. She considers herself the only one that is capable of fixing a world that humanity has managed to destroy.

History:Born the child of a religious family. She grew up as the average girl. Though she was born with hair like fire. So her father bothered her mother about it. Since neither had red hair in their history. Though it came from an obscure Celtic heritage. Which may also explain her immense power. At the age of ten her friend introduced her to the world of magic. Rituals and spell craft. Which she took to like a moth to light. Taking all the knowledge she could of it. No scroll was safe from her mind. It was sort of an obsession for her. Which lasted for five years. Till her parents found out.

Enraged they disowned Elena. Causing her great grief, in turn she killed her family in a rage. Running away ashamed of what she had done. Leaving on a long journey to New York. Which was ways away from Louisiana. Though how long the trip lasted, she was not prepared for.

After two years of wandering she made it to New York City, now a fully matured woman of eighteen years. Since her birthday had passed the day before she entered the city. She wanted to make her mark on the world. Which didn't seem to work. Due the lack of employment. Till she found a job at an antique shop. Which lasted for about a year. Till she made a mistake and was fired.

Work became harder to find, which ended up in her finally working in a mall. Where she met the love of her life. They dated on, and off for about a year. Till they finally chose to marry, having a child not long after that. Whom she loved with all her heart, spoiling him more than should be humanly allowed. Her husband was the son of a well known company. Which was known across the country. They had a happy life until one day.

On july 20th, 2026 she was murdered in a petty robbery. Shot between the eyes like some kind of dog. As she drifted down into the void of death. Relaxing till she was pulled back. Bemused to see a foolish necromancer had seeked to control her. She killed him and took off. Seeking to find her beloved son. Not knowing till a week afterwards that two years had passed.

Though her body did not allow her to use the arcane powers she had grown accustomed to. So with the help of the alien known as Nightkill, she created herself a new body.

Though this new life was short lived as during an attempted ritaul that was slated during an assualt on New York,the radiant magical energies managed to overcome her body and kill her. Though this was sadly not the end, as a sinister family known as The Caster didn't see it as her time to die yet. In fact they found it right to resurrect her but not as an average golem. Mostly because they knew it would greatly restrict her magical potential,though in the process her memory was greatly damaged. Erasing anything that happened within the time she was resurrected and when she died again.

After the even happened,she was slated to be transported to Los Angeles but before it could happen the vehicle transporting her managed to crash and she was lost. Later resurfacing in New York city, about five hundred miles from where the accident took place.


Light Magic
[10 ability]
Elena has knowledge of one of the most powerful arts of magic accessible to her,which is the art of light magic. This involves drawing in the light of the sun or any radiant light source near her and mixing it with her own radiant power to make it applicable for spells. Though she can produce the light magic on her own,it is much easier when a light source is near her and far less tiring. She can use the light magic to produce constructs of light, as well as small weapons, shields and blasts. When her magic is in use,her eyes gain a small ring of gold around the irises,though when using its full potential,her body is bathed in a yellow aura. The more power she draws upon,the brighter the light produced by the aura is. Her magic is at it's greatest when she is in  direct sunlight but that doesn't mean she is any less deadly at night.

Illusion Magic
[6 Ability]

This magic is a mixture of light magic and several varieties. Elena is able to bend the light and contort it to appear as she wants, basically creating an image as well as she has managed to alter the space she is contorting to the point that even the sound is altered to how she wants it. This allows her to create what would seem like clones of herself, change her appearance and many other things. Even altering the appearance of the area around her as long as it’s not radical; meaning she cannot turn the urban environment into a desert but can make it look ruined,ect. These illusions can take place with a thought and nothing more, though they are not spontaneous and by no means a substitution method.  The illusions can even affect other people and make them look different. (with permission of course except on civilians)

Durability: 1
Ability: 10
Ability: 6
Fighting Skills: 1
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Wealth: 5

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Elena Marie  Empty Re: Elena Marie

Post by Forceaus December 5th 2012, 10:48 pm


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Elena Marie  Empty Re: Elena Marie

Post by Alpha December 12th 2012, 8:46 pm

Unapproved for edits

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Quote : I was built with no purpose beyond just to satisfy , the tireless thoughts of these curious minds

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Elena Marie  Empty Re: Elena Marie

Post by Chellizard December 12th 2012, 11:35 pm

Approved and moved! Be sure to remember the cool down rates of your spells! Kitty Face But I like them. Wink

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Elena Marie  Empty Re: Elena Marie

Post by Sponsored content

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