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Feisty Foxes

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Feisty Foxes  - Page 2 Empty Re: Feisty Foxes

Post by The Nekromonga on May 29th 2020, 10:48 pm

Once Penny valiantly charged into the living room, she would behold a beautiful creature in a sheer white dress possessing a supernatural beguiling aura. She seemed a woman of raven hair and pale of complexion, with deep blue eyes that seem to just draw you in. “Oh, I didn’t know we had guests!” she spoke in a mesmerizing voice, almost supernatural, as to affect even women. She stood with poise, and moved with fluid dexterity.

Alejandra followed Penny’s charge, but as the swordswomens’ blades went for cuts and thrusts, it seemed as though either Yuan was too quick, or the heroes were fighting underwater. The agile fox weaved and bobbed with their strokes, even spinning around then behind Penny then pushing her with a butt rush.

“I’m sorry I know I have some effect on women, but I don’t…. ‘swing’ that way!” Alejandra held her sword in a half-sword grip, in an attempt to close the gap and skewer Yuan… only to have her attack redirected, and Alejandra being tossed and landing on her back.

Alejandra groaned from the impact against the wooden floor boards. She rolled away to regain her footing. Yuan simply giggled irritatingly, teasing the heroes.

The Nekromonga
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Feisty Foxes  - Page 2 Empty Re: Feisty Foxes

Post by Shadowoof on July 29th 2020, 9:54 am

Her shoulder charge was for nought, and Penny fought to right herself as she stared up at a woman so beautiful the young woman almost forgot what they were. "I..." She looked forwards, dazed for but a moment as the nun rushed past her, the holy ladies own weapon out and about, swinging for the beautiful woman, and yet failing to even make a inch. It irritated Penny with how good this nun could move with a weapon. Not that some of that annoyance wasn't fueled by the utterly beautiful woman making such a swords woman look like a fool.

"Stop staring and move." The sword roared into her ear, but by the time she had the sense to listen too it before being pushed forwards from behind by the foxy woman. When did she? Penny twisted around to face the woman, shaking her head to clear her thoughts as she raised her sword in the woman's direction, watching as the nun tried and failed to pierce the woman completely. "Attack now." The voice continued, and Penny felt her feet moving before her thoughts, running at the woman similar to the nun, only so much more obvious and slower.

The fox easily evaded the girl as Penny found her sword slamming into a wall, continuing forwards from her momentum until her should connected, quickly followed by her head smacking into the wall with a loud thud. The girl fell back and onto the ground, groaning in pain with eyes closed as she tried to figure out what just happened. " Oww... Did I get her?" She asked groggily, opening her eyes to find that she had in fact, not done anything. "Damn it."

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Feisty Foxes  - Page 2 Empty Re: Feisty Foxes

Post by The Nekromonga on July 29th 2020, 10:08 am

Yuan defeated the direct attack, and the groaning of the swordswomen and her own laughter drowned out the silent approach of a third player. She barely noticed the figure in the hallway, and had no time to avoid a vial shattering above her, spraying a stinking liquid all over her. It seemed in an instant the fog that had mired their minds lifted, and the creature's supernatural beauty was quickly negated by...

"AAARGGHHH! DOG P... AAAAGH!" Her magical defenses gone, a loud barking canine barged into the apartment. Yuan now only had her agility to fall back on. The ferocious hound ripped part of her dress, and she hurried to the window, almost ungracefully tripping on Alejandra, before disappearing into the night.

The dog stood at the window, barking after his prey. A strong looking old man walking with a cane came into the room, with a look of disappointment on his weathered face. "... My, my, what capable monster hunters you two are." He said with a 'seen it all' sarcasm.

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