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Penny Jager: The sword hunter.

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Penny Jager: The sword hunter.  Empty Penny Jager: The sword hunter.

Post by Shadowoof on January 25th 2020, 10:26 am


"I'll slay what I must, for that is my fate."

The Bio

Real Name: Penny
Renegade Name: Vessel/Vile hunter/Jager.
Title: Penny Jager: The Demon hunter.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5'7
Weight: 116 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Holder until art. She has red hair, fair skin, golden eyes, slim but active.

The Personality
Penny has lived a long life of solitude. When her parents could not look after her, Penny could hardly look after herself, but she learned too. This has led her to being quiet among many, but loud by herself. She is more likely to think a situation over until she can't twist her arm any longer but tact enough to know that sometimes you just need to step forward and reach for something despite the costs. She wants to get to know people, but often worries that doing so will just waste her time if she loses contact with them or they were to abandon her.

The Story

A thief, Penny had to survive from a young age in the art of sleight of hands. Her parents having abandoned her, she thrived on the kind hearts of those willing to offer money to a beggar, or her own skills in relieving the more selfish from their wallets.

However, what was meant to be an easy grab, a change of hands from a table to her own. Maybe just enough money to buy herself dinner, her fate had been irreversibly changed. Such a simple job. An easy target, a bag that should never have been noticed being trifled with, but she hadn’t considered the bored eyes of a child, who called out to her, asking what it was she was doing. Fortune’s favor for the woman she was stealing from but a cruel twist of fate for Penny, a couple of police officers noticed, and soon Penny was on the run, perhaps a foolish choice, where she could have accepted at worse, a small fine, or at least, a slap on the wrists. She ran, having taken the woman’s whole purse then just a few notes in her panic. She hadn’t been caught in a very long time. A part of her feared to be caught now. The chase led on for a short while, until Penny decided to hide herself in the sewers. She kept inside the sewers for several hours traveling from the manhole she had crawled down into and past many more, never sure when to go back to the surface. Before long, Penny found herself in a collapsed part of New York, damaged from a meta human fight no doubt. Carefully. She decided that moving herself into the collapsed, but still navigable sewers was perhaps the final bit of safety she required before leaving the tunnels, Penny felt herself skilled enough to find an exit and make a plan for the purse she had stolen once she had taken to hiding in this collapsed part of the sewers. Perhaps one more hour, or two. It was never to be. A weakness in the floor cracked open after one divine step and she fell shortly into a craven, angled so that she slid deeper and deeper, skin scraping and bruising as she crashed against rock or wall, when the slope suddenly gave way to nothing and she found herself free falling into a pool of water. She counted herself lucky and unlucky, to have survived the fall, but now be trapped somewhere she did not know. A deep cave lit up by what seemed like the soft glow of blue light, the source strangely was runes written into the walls. With no other choice, she followed them, deeper into the cave.

At some point, she had thought to try and turn back, to perhaps find another way out, but the more she followed the runes, the more she found herself unable, nor willing to turn around.`As with all paths that lead somewhere, this one led to a shrine, on a soft velvet, if old and gruddy pillow, was a sword unlike anything she had seen before. A beautiful sword, engraved with faintly shining runes, much like the runes on the walls. Before she even knew what she was doing. Her hand grasped the hilt of the blade and hefted it from the torn pillow. Her mind enraptured with the blade. She wanted to keep it. To own it. To make it hers… To allow it to make her its...

She wanted to use it, be used by it. Not that she knew what it meant, her mind drifting away from her, almost lost to the girl who had found herself trapped down here.... However, her tale would soon be but cut short when a shadowy but bony spider like leg thrust through her chest, her mind, so taken over the blade, was returned to her with all the pain it brought, causing her to scream and thrash, unable to escape the mind bending pain that coursed all over her, until the appendage pulled itself from her chest, and she collapsed to the ground. Dead.

And dead she would have stayed, but the sword was not willing to wait. It had a purpose, a purpose it had long been kept from. It wanted to remove the incarnation of disease and fire. The blight upon this world which it was sworn to protect. It wanted to kill all demons and foul creatures alike. And it needed a vessel to hold it. Sacrificing all the energy stored inside it, the blade poured it into the girl, until the blade was but a fragment of its power, but the vessel awoke. Fueled by the wrath of the sword, the girl turned towards her slayer, the spider creature, the warden that had kept the sword untouched for a thousand years, screeched and charged at the girl it had thought dead, until she stepped into it and thrust the blade into the creatures chest as it reared above her, her feet not her own, her hands not her own, but she had done it. The creature soon collapsed, melting into the shadows of which it was born, and the girl collapsed to the ground once more. The blade felt its grip on her falter, and innately, it sensed that it could not completely control her, nor was she truly a worthy vessel to hold it freely. But she was all it had. So with the final ounce of power that remained inside it, to make sure it escaped from this hell it had been contained too, it bound itself to her. Her destiny and it’s tied together. She would slay all the creatures of the realm it demanded. Or it would. One way or the other. It was not a perfect union. But it was the only one it had. And the only one she had now.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Danger sense: Penny has a natural knack for knowing when something is dangerous, and what it can do. This sense is empowered by her connection to the sword, allowing her to eye something and determine how dangerous it is to her, and why. The why is often not exact, she may only know something is super strong or durable, but not exactly how much so, or that it can use magic, but not what kind of magic. (Also based on PC permission how much she is able to gleam.)

Power 2:

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Danger sense: Weakness: This sense only works on something she has complete focus on, and one thing alone. It also doesn’t always work on beings not attuned to what her sword wishes to hunt. While she can sense a meta humans abilities, she might get a completely wrong reading or not sense anything at all. She could focus on a completely normal person and believe them the scariest thing in the world.

Weakness 2: The path shall not be derailed: Penny can not go off the beaten path, or more accurately, the sword demands she not derail from the path it has chosen for them. Willingly or not, disobeying the sword will lead to it attempting to reach in and control Penny. She can fight it off, but this takes a short moment and concentration, if she has neither of these two things, then the sword will take her over a short while, attempting to do what she can not, until the body is either too battered or Penny is able to wrestle control back.  

Weakness 3:

The Items

The devil slayer: The sword which grants Penny her powers is alone a mighty weapon, both magically enhanced and powerful in it's own right. The sword gave up most of it's power to revive Penny and bind itself too her. But with every worthy kill, the blade knows it will grow stronger... And it will slay all the foul creatures. (If no art is made, then the sword will look like the sword in the spoiler, but wider, and in the middle of the blade, three runes will glow on one side.)
The devil slayer:
Penny Jager: The sword hunter.  3dbb6f0ffd3813680135722d12b4075c

The devil slayer: Power: The blade has a magical aura that allows it to cut into higher levels of durable material and beings, but can still have trouble with even harder metals and people. It is also able to cut through beings that can turn incorporeal if that ability is magical by nature or a natural ability of a demonic, fey, angelic and cursed blooded entities. (Such as vampires, ghouls, werewolves or any being cursed by the above. This power is also permission based to be made clear before the thread starts.)

The devil slayer: Weakness: The blade as three runes on the flat of it’s side. If one of these runes is impacted with a thrust from a weapon or a punch, the rune deactivates and the swords abilities weaken, if all three runes are deactivated, then the sword loses it’s magical aura for a short while, until it can recharge the runes, leaving it an ordinary sword that can't do anything. (Penny's own abilities seemingly remain unaffected.)

The Fluff
Detection pulse. With every step, Penny emits a near invisible pulse of magic that expands over a city block of distance. If nothing the sword hunts is within this pulse, then she would continue to emit it until she finally gets pinged back. Once she has, she no longer emits these pulses, but knows the general direction of when she had received the ping. After an hour, she will start to emit these pulses again, unless she is still within the distance of one of these creatures, thus being pinged once more. The ping does not tell her the numbers, what or distance of these beings, only the initial direction of where they were when the ping first found them. Any area that actively blocks off magic will block this pulse, leaving her and the sword none the wiser. As a side note, any magical detection will be able to trace the origins of these pulses, as will anyone who can see magic be able to witness them.

Pocket realm. The sword is a being of it’s own sentiance, as long as it has a vessel, it has power, and while it’s power is diminished, it still has access to some features, such as a realm in which it can vanish into. It’s connection to Penny is current whenever it is in this realm, allowing the sword to appear in her hands when she ether calls it forward or it forces itself into her hands. It can also be sent into this realm by it’s own desires or Penny’s, but it can resist being pushed into it, like she can resist it forcibly appearing in her hand.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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Penny Jager: The sword hunter.  Empty Re: Penny Jager: The sword hunter.

Post by Silus on January 25th 2020, 2:55 pm

The Demonslaying blade's nullification of incoporeal abilities is to be case by case basis mutually agreed upon by you and the person with the incoporeal ability, since this is technically power/ability negation it needs to be consent based. If that's cool then this can be approved.

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Penny Jager: The sword hunter.  Empty Re: Penny Jager: The sword hunter.

Post by Silus on January 29th 2020, 8:39 am

Approved until stated otherwise!

Penny Jager: The sword hunter.  Lucife10
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