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Jager Empty Jager

Post by ProwlerKnight May 15th 2024, 5:35 am


"From a place you cannot see, comes a sound will you never hear."

The Bio

Real Name: Sgt. Raven Klein  
Hero Name: Jager  
Title: The arrow in the night
Alignment: Hero
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 120lbs

The Looks


The Personality

Raven is headstrong, and will achieve whatever goal she sets her mind too, regardless of how hard it is.  

She doesn’t give up, and never let’s other tell her she can’t.  

But those who know her, know she has a heart of gold, and will fight to protect those who can’t.  

The Story

Raven grew up in a male dominated home with five brothers, and her Ex-Marine father.  

Her father never treated her any less than her brothers, when he would get the boys up for their morning exercises, she was right there with them. When he signed them up for Karate, she was signed up with them. He wanted his daughter to be able to fend for herself, and not rely on anybody to help her.  

Her Sensei, however, didn’t feel the same way, and would try and push her to quit the classes, often putting her up against more experienced fighters, who were much bigger and stronger.  

But Raven wasn’t a quitter, she took the blows, and kept getting up, learning from each “lesson”. Eventually, she was able to best any opponent they sent her way.  

Eventually she would expand her training, learning other forms of martial arts, and every time, her Senseis would try and push her out.  

When she wasn’t in the dojo, she was at the range with her family, learning to shoot, using both guns and bows. She would go hunting with her family every season, learning how to track her prey, and how to field dress. She proved to be a natural marksman, able to hit a kill shot while the target was running.  

When she turned 18, she enlisted in the Marines, just like her brothers. It was the first time she was treated like an equal by her trainers.  

Eventually, she would make her way into the Marines sniper training, becoming an ace sniper.  

After multiple tours, Raven made the rank Sergeant, and was enlisted in a joint task force, called the Bloodhounds, where she would meet Michael and John. She was given the callsign Jager, an inside joke on the team, given her skills, and German heritage.  

During the teams free time, Raven and another member of the team would end up together, sneaking away to be together. Eventually, they would tie the knot, getting married in Germany.  

During one mission, the team would be ambushed by enemy Russian forces, and John, providing a diversion, would be killed as the team escaped.  

Back at base, the team was arrested, falsely accused of being traitors, Ravens husband would be taken away for questioning first.  

Eventually, the team realized something was up, when her husband never returned. They ended up sneaking off the base, tracking their friend to a location a few klicks away in a safe house in one of the nearby cities.  

They would find Ravens husband, bloody and weak, clearly having been tortured. Their CO, General Hayes, would meet them at the location.  

Before anybody could react, Hayes would put a bullet in her husbands head, revealing himself as the traitor, as Russian soldier held the rest of the team at gun point.  

Raven, being the team sniper, was positioned in a building across from the safe house, seeing the kill through her scope. She immediately fired on Hayes, a Russian soldier stepping into the shot, taking the bullet for him.  

Hayes would end up slipping away from her sights, but Michael was in close pursuit, as the team managed to overpower their captors.  

After their names were cleared, Raven retired from the team, taking her husbands ashes and travel the world, visiting places they planned to see together.  

Eventually, she decided to head back home to New York, where she reunite with Michael, and would figure out he was working as the Warden.  

She decided she would join his cause, becoming Jager once more, using her skills, and a bow with trick arrows, to help clean up the streets.  

The Powers

Raven has no special powers.

The Weaknesses

Raven is human

The Items

Bow: Raven uses a special bow, with a 250lbs draw.  

Arrows: Raven often carries a suite of different arrows, some with special capabilities.  

Razor tip: The common arrow, tipped with steel broadheads, these arrows can penetrate most basic body armor, and other materials.  

Explosive Arrows: Rigged with a small plastic explosive, these arrows can blow open reinforced doors, knock down stronger enemies, or send normal enemies flying.  

Shock Arrows: These arrows come with pronged barbed heads, which deliver a strong electrical shock when they stick, disabling enemies, and some electronics.  

Limit: The shock is no stronger than a taser, and only gives a few second burst.  

Smoke Arrows: These arrows hold a small canister of aerosol smoke, which can cover a small area, limiting visibility.  

Limit: The smoke will disperse in strong enough winds, and will also limit ally visibility.

Gas Arrows: Much like the Smoke arrows, these arrows release an aerosol knockout gas.  

Limit: The gas is an aerosol, anybody wearing a gas mask or rebreather will be protected. How long it lasts depends on the person, but the longest record is a hour.

Flash Arrows: These arrows are equipped with canisters of a magnesium-based pyrotechnic chemical, which explodes upon impact, releasing a blinding white light, which impairs vision.  

Blunt Arrows: Rounded off at the tip, these arrows are designed not to penetrate, but rather hit with enough blunt force to render an opponent unconscious, or disable body parts.  

High-Density Foam Arrows: These arrows release a quick drying high-density foam, which can encase a person, rendering them immobile.  

Limit: The foam will eventually become brittle after two hours, and Acetone can break it down.

Rope Arrow: This arrow has an anchor head, and connects to a rope that Raven can use to swing from, or connect to another anchor point and zip line from.  

Throwing Knives: When knocking an arrow isn’t an option, Raven has pouches of throwing knives, which she can throw with accuracy.  

The suit: Made out of a protective nanoweave, Ravens uniform is stab and fire proof.  

Limit: It will not protect against bullets.  

The Fluff
Peak Physical: Raven is in peak physical shape, and can handle her own against most opponents.

Hunter: Raven was taught how to track, she can hunt down a target in almost any environment.

Martial Arts: Trained since she was a little girl, Raven is a master martial artist, having learned several styles.  

Crackshot: Raven is an ace sniper, and can hit targets with extreme accuracy, even while moving at high speeds. She rarely ever misses, and holds the record for longest kill shot in history (2.5 miles).  

Limits: Raven is still a normal human, and can only hit targets moving slow enough to be perceived, and her projectiles still need time to travel. Anybody that can move fast enough can avoid her shots, so long as they can see or sense them coming.

Stealth: Years as a sniper, Raven has learned how to hide, move unseen and unheard, and reach a target before they are aware she is there. During a demonstration, Raven was able to sneak right beside the people trying to find her, and hit all the targets without being caught.  

The RP Sample

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Jager Empty Re: Jager

Post by Nate6595 May 15th 2024, 3:17 pm

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