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Mongrel Empty Mongrel

Post by Super Cutie September 25th 2018, 2:30 am


King of the Concrete Jungle

The Bio

Real Name: Alexander Krier
Villain Name: Mongrel
Alignment: Bad Guy
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 280 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Alexander has the kind personality you would expect from someone who's spent most of their years as a criminal, and some of their years behind bars.  At his worst he is cruel, thick headed and needlessly confrontational, and his fuse can be rather short. At his best he can be driven and disciplined, with a commanding presence and a downright laconic sense of humor.

He's ultimately a self serving person, as all criminals are, but he's also very loyal as long as he feels he's getting his fair share of things. He tends to let those with more brains, or at least more ambition, do the planning while he takes care of the execution. This has lead to him spending most of his career as a henchman of sorts, but whoever said crime doesn't pay was probably just doing it wrong.

He may come across as a simpleton, but underestimating his intelligence can be a fatal mistake as he has shown time and time again just how cunning he can be when it comes to both crime and combat.

The Story

Little is known about Alexander's life before becoming the man monster known as Mongrel. His brain has been damaged and regenerated so many times, it's doubtful he remembers much of his past life himself.

What is known is that he spent his earliest years in Big Pine Trailer Park. Though he was the oldest of five, his siblings and parents are very difficult to track down, and those that can be found have very little to say that you wouldn't have already guessed. Things were bad for all of them back then, and Alexander didn't make them any easier. A cruel and headstrong child, Alexander found that the easiest way to find the path of least resistance between him and what he wanted was to create one by steamrolling any resistance in his way. It seemed nobody was safe from this behavior, not even family, and eventually at age 16 he ended up far from the trailer park and alone on the streets of Chicago.

It was in Chicago that he got his first taste of real crime. He found himself in the company of a small time street gang that found his size and vicious demeanor useful in a number of ways. In the time he spent running with this crew, they grew in a number of ways. They became bolder, more violent, and began to commit crimes on much larger scale. Alexander changed with them, and he embraced it every step of the way. Despite the enormous amount of trust and pull held in the organization, he never really moved up beyond grunt work. That was because he never wanted to. Breaking legs and robbery came as naturally to him as breathing, so he kept himself on the front lines. Eventually, this would catch up with him, though.

Alexander lead an attempted robbery on an armored car. He ended up killing the driver before the plan was ultimately thwarted by an aspiring superhero. He'd served a few shorter sentences here and there, but now the law finally had him. It looked like he would be spending the rest of his years behind bars but fate had different plans for him. A few years into his sentence he was approached by a representative for something calling itself Project Perfection. The woman told him his medical records indicated that he had a latent metagene, and if he would agree to participate in a series of experiments which would allow them to test it's reaction to outside stimulus in an attempt to not only trigger the gene, but to influence the way it presented itself, the Project would pull some strings and get his sentences greatly reduced. How could he refuse? If he would have known what accepting would lead to, maybe he would have. It was months and months of painful tests, and even more painful bodily changes as his muscles tore and regrew and fangs and claws grew to replace his teeth and fingernails. Not to mention the tests upon tests conducted on the limits of the regenerative abilities they'd implanted in him.

Mercifully, the project was abruptly shut down without warning. He might have been relieved but the woman running the show was not. Out of spite she decided to free Mongrel and the other incredibly dangerous people her and her team created. They could shut her down and take her research, but they would never get her subjects, and with each one of them being back on the streets, they'd regret making an enemy out of her. The last thing she told Alexander was that she'd call him for a favor someday, to repay her for all she'd done for him. He told her to go to hell, but with much worse words. He knows that call will come someday, though, and he's not sure how he'll respond when the time comes.

Now a free man again and referring to himself as 'Mongrel' the somewhat affectionate name the scientists at the project had given him. Mongrel found the world to be quite different from the world Alexander left. He never even thought about going back to his old gang. He was part of something much bigger than them now. With his new status, and new identity he was so much more than his human self ever could have been, to go back to them would be selling himself short. The project was supposed to bring him a step closer to perfection wasn't it? It certainly made him more capable of perfecting the things he did best. He was the apex predator in more ways than one now, and there were sure to be in this new world he lived in, the world of superhumans, that needed problems broken or erased entirely, and money brought in.

He was right. In the decade since his transformation, Super Crime has not gone away. There's always been someone in need of someone else willing to get their hands dirty, and Mongrel is always willing, even if it means throwing down with guys that throw trucks. And maybe, just maybe, by brawling with them, he might catch up with the superhero that sent him to prison. He'd like to thank them for setting him up for this new life, and then break their neck.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Enhanced Physiology: The metagenetic experimentation preformed on Alexander during his time in prison combined his DNA with that of several unknown beasts. This has given him capabilities far beyond that of a normal human which include:
- Enhanced Senses: All of his senses have increased greatly. He can see further than most, and is unhindered by darkness. He is capable of hearing sounds that would be imperceptible to human ears. His sense of smell is incredibly keen, able to detect and discern specific things over great distances, even days later. These have also increased his reflexes.
- Enhanced Strength: His strength has been heavily enhanced. The upper limits appear to be somewhere around a ton.
- Enhanced Durability: Between the toughness of his skin and his muscles, Mongrel is surprisingly hard to damage. He is capable of withstanding blows from even the strongest of normal humans.  He can still be stabbed, cut, etc. but the average person will have to put a lot of effort into it. His stamina is also far greater than that of a humans. He can exert himself for over 24 hours before he even begins to tire.
-Regeneration: Alexander heals at at an incredibly fast rate. Major wounds disappear in days.

The Weaknesses

Sensory Overload: His enhanced senses can be taken advantage of. He's honed them so they're not a hindrance in his daily life, but being more sensitive than most people's, they can be overloaded to disable him.

Bad Temper: Mongrel has a tendency to go into blind rages where he looks before he leaps, although it would really suck to be caught by him during one of these. He is much more easily out smarted during these periods and posses even poorer judgement than usual which can easily be used against him.

Silver: Nobody quite knows why, perhaps its an allergy, or perhaps it was werewolf dna that made him what he is, but contact with silver can greatly reduce (but not completely negate) his healing abilities until contact is removed.

All or Nothing: Mongrel is a bully. As such he really has two opposing methods of dealing with problems. If his anger is roused (See the weakness above) or he's positive he can win, Mongrel will stupidly not back down from a challenge. He'll fight tenaciously to the death. If he's able to keep cooler headed, he is can a bit of a fraidy cat and will likely take off if he believes he is outmatched.

Bought Loyalty: As stated, he's very loyal as long as he feels he's getting what he wants out of something. If he can be convinced he is not, or a bigger, better deal comes a long, he very well might switch sides. Evil is a business, after all.

The Items

The Minions

He often commands groups of mooks.

The Fluff

Good Fighter: He's certainly a wild brawler, and while not formally trained, his vast experience will put him on par with just about anyone.

Escape Artist: Since gaining his powers, Mongrel has either evaded or escaped capture every single time he's thwarted. It just seems to line up perfectly every time. He doesn't question it.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Mongrel Empty Re: Mongrel

Post by Dubloon October 14th 2018, 3:47 am

Approved until stated otherwise. o/

The Characters
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