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Lightyear Empty Lightyear

Post by Zonkes July 13th 2018, 4:46 pm


"Ladies and gentlemen, no need to fear; Lightyear is here!"

The Bio

Real Name: Kenneth M. Bishop
Hero Name: Lightyear
Title: The Enlightened
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Light blonde (yellow light)
Eyes: Light blue (yellow light)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 0.01lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks



The Personality

Ken is an incredibly self obsessed person. If he thinks something will damage his image, his odds of doing something decrease. He is used to a life of luxury, and is obsessed with getting back some of the fame he lost. However, on the inside Ken is a good person with a good heart and will always do whatever is right.

Ken has become a bit of a thrillseeker in recent years, and will do anything that he thinks will impress people.

The Story

“Ken Maxwell Bishop, born to Katy and Thomas Bishop in New Orleans, Louisiana was caught in a particle accelerator accident today.” The reporter said on the scene. “While no body has yet been found, rescue operations are less than optimistic.” The man walked over near the rubble. “Ken Bishop is probably best known for his role on the teen meta drama “Human”, where he played one of the main characters, Kenneth Maximoff. A speedster with a villainous past. And while in recent years, Ken has let his fading fame get to him with a series of escalating stunts; his fans over the world hope for his safe return. Ken is survived by his sister Ally Bishop,and his mother and father.”

Ken felt every part of his body screaming in agony as he was violently ripped apart and put back together as a new being. He could hear the reporters words but he couldn’t speak to him. He could feel his body, but he couldn’t interact with it. What was this?

The reporter saw a gigantic flash of light, and the cameras went dead for a second before opening up on a smoking figure of a man. “My god…” The reporter stated. “Get him some clothes! He’s back!” And the cameras rushed forward.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

”Time to Light It Up!” - Kenneth can become a being of light, and as such gains a number of abilities with it. (Ken starts a thread with 100% light power. Each use of an ability takes 3% of his light power away per post its used. At 0%, Ken falls down exhausted, possibly asleep or severely weakened.)

“Let’s go lightspeed” - Ken can move at incredible speeds in any direction due to his ability to transform into living light. Ken has the ability to move at the speed of light, though in order to keep his mind and body together can usually only go at the upper limit of mach 15 before things become messy.

“Laser beam” - Ken can fire a large amount of energy in the form of blasting of lights. These beams are incredibly hot, and get hotter the longer they are on a surface/person. This can create burns, incinerate flesh, and turn some matter into gas depending on how long it is on an object.

Heated Body - Ken’s body is heated to extreme temperatures - though it does not spread further than 3 inches off his form - and flying through you could lead to major burns.
Intangibility - For the most part, Ken is intangible. He is able to go through nearly any object that can transmit light, and even some that can’t.

Light Manipulation - Ken is able to manipulate all forms of visible and invisible light. Allowing him these abilities.
Color Manipulation - Ken can change the colors of nearly any material within his line of sight.
Electromagnetic Vision - Ken can see in any frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Short-Range Lightspeed Burst - This ability allows Ken to move at light speed for a split second, effectively allowing for short range teleportation. Ken can move in any direction, though the place he targets must be within his line of sight and be unobstructed.

Prism split - If Ken flies into or interacts with a prism, he splits into copies of himself each utilizing a color of visible light. Ken can have up to 14 copies of himself at a time. These clones each have abilities that Ken does not. Though they lose access to everything but his speed, light beam, and heated body unless that light color corresponds to a power Ken already has. The powers for each light clone are as follows, and take

Light Clones:

The Weaknesses

Children and Innocents - Ken’s transformation into Lightyear is incredibly hot and volatile. If Ken transforms even 5 feet from a child or innocent, they will likely be burnt or killed barring some kind of metahuman ability. Ken refuses to do that on moral grounds. Chain Ken to an innocent or just take him somewhere he can’t transform? Ken is as good as done for.

Children and Innocents p2 - Ken is also very careful when it comes to using his abilities and can only let loose if he is as far away from a populous as possible, as such; he uses only a fraction of his overall power to fight in a situation involving innocents.

Diffusion - When Ken moves through an object, it needs to be mostly transparent. The less transparent an object is, the more it diffuses his form making him weaker and dimmer. If it’s completely opaque, Ken has to use more average ways of getting in; or burning his way through.

Weightless - In his light form, Ken is unable to move objects or people in any meaningful way.

Burn Out - Although Ken has a light form, his main form is still very much human. The longer he stays in the light form, the more energy he uses. The more energy he uses, the more food is needed to keep him going. As such, if you keep him contained to light long enough; he’ll eventually become so starved, switching to human form is dangerous. Staying even longer can cause him to burn up. In addition, the longer he’s in that form; the weaker he becomes.

Energy - The more energy Ken uses up while fighting; the more chance that he will lose his light from.

Energy P2 - The more energy Ken uses up while fighting, the less damage his attack’s will do.

“I swear something just moved.” - Using color manipulation to change the color of his surroundings, himself, or his opponent may seem incredibly useful, but Ken has to constantly reapply the color of the background if the opponent is moving, causing a shimmering in the air. This is easily exploitable by an observant opponent as if the watch, they’ll catch him. In addition, Ken loses his ability to do other things while focusing on reapplying.

Light speed burst energy use - While most of Ken’s abilities only utilize 3% of his overall power, Light-Speed Burst requires at least 45% to use, and will use all of that power in one go.

Prism Problems p1 - A few things are possible with Kens prism. The most notable of which being that his clones can only utilize around 7% of his overall power, and when they run out that 7%; they are collapsed into his original form, leaving Ken without that vital 7%.

Prism Problems p2 - As the clones are an extension of Ken, they retain his weaknesses and their effects are worsened by 3.

Prism Problems p3 - The clones - while extensions of Ken - have their own thoughts and emotional states. The clones are based on the spectrum of light and emotion, leaving them more vulnerable to feeling one way or another at most times.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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Lightyear Empty Re: Lightyear

Post by Dubloon July 15th 2018, 2:31 am

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The Characters
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