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Lightyear Livestream: The Battle of The Owl Men

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Lightyear Livestream: The Battle of The Owl Men

Post by Zonky Blong on July 19th 2018, 7:05 pm

Ken turned his phone onto YouTube and began a livestream. ”You tuned in just in time, guys!” He spun the focus onto the bank. A large red bricked building with large windows in the front. As the camera focused, the audience could catch a glimpse of the robbery going on inside. ”There’s a heist going on inside that bank; and I don’t appreciate it. Maybe I should teach these guys some manners.”

With that, Ken buried the selfie stick that was holding his phone in a pot outside. He didn’t figure it would take too long to handle this situation. His phone should be able to stick around. Besides, he had a livestream going, and anyone who would steal the phone would have to deal with his audience and his own resources.

When Ken ducked into the alley, his camera caught a bright light as he transformed. He moved too fast for the camera to catch at first, then went back to give a thumbs-up. Nearly blinding some audience members. He then walked through the window and began taking out robbers.

He was doing pretty well until… The glass ceiling broke and a new challenger arrived.

Zonky Blong
Zonky Blong

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Re: Lightyear Livestream: The Battle of The Owl Men

Post by Puglife43vr on July 19th 2018, 7:24 pm

From the broken glass ceiling, a beast with a large wingspan would begin gliding down... From the wings, numerous owl shaped boomerangs would fly into the hands of several armed gunmen, knocking their firearms to the ground. Other boomerangs would fly into several ceiling lamps in the building, knocking out the lights.. As he dives in, he lands with his foot on the face of a gunman, slamming his head into the ground.

He begins going hand to hand with several gunmen at once. With 5 gunmen around him, he would perform a backwards flip kick into the head of the man behind him. He grabs him by the back of the collar and sticks an owl shaped explosive on his shirt. The Owl lifts him into the air and throws him into two goons with the force to knock all 3 of them out.

The two other goons around him pull out knives, rushing Owl Man at once. One swings for his head and the knife is deflected by Owl Man's gauntlet and he would reply to the swing with a swift kick to the stomach. The other man would approach from behind and stab Owl Man in the side, bringing him to a knee. The man wraps a garrote around Owl Man's throat and starts strangling him. Owl Man presses a button on his gauntlet and the explosive device he had planted on the one man goes off, blinding the enemy behind him. He would do an elbow into the man's kneecap and take the garrote from around his own neck and wrap it around the goon's. He connects the garrote to a grappling hook and fires the hook into the ceiling, beginning to hang the goon. The goon is holding onto dear life and there are still 12 more goons robbing the joint...


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Re: Lightyear Livestream: The Battle of The Owl Men

Post by Nate6595 on July 20th 2018, 7:10 pm

Soren wasn't sure why he was here. He wasn't sure why Ke-Lightyear insisted upon dragging him to these stream things. It should've been obvious by now that Soren was probably the worst person for it, it was bad enough he was forced into being on a TV show, but being filmed live? That was just too much. Lightyear had been very persistent though, and, in the end, Soren agreed to come along so long as he would only have to help if things got out of hand for Lightyear. be perfectly honest, part of Soren really looked up to Lightyear and enjoyed watching him fight and be a hero. He was certainly a hero with a lot of confidence which could be overbearing at times, but it impressive, encouraging even! It was nice to have a frie-to know someone like that.

Soren had been watching the stream from the ledge of building that was a few doors down from the bank. There were certainly a lot of crooks in there and Soren was beginning to get worried about Lightyear and his ability to handle it all. Then...some weird looking hero came bursting in through the ceiling? Soren leaned in closer to the small phone screen, watching the new hero fight the robbers. This hero was certainly...aggressive, violent to the point where Soren could feel something churn in his stomach. It was not what a hero was supposed to do couldn't be? Did this new hero really just begin to hang one of the crooks right there?! No. Impossible. It couldn't be happening, but...but it was right there on the screen.

Soren stood up and ran his fingers through his hair, his mind racing. He really didn't want to go in there, but...but someone needed him now. Someone was in danger of being killed, yeah, they were a crook, but...heroes don't kill. Heroes save people, even if they were crooks. His hand lowered to his mouth, beginning to bite his nails as he looked down at the screen, considering the best course of action. If he rushed in there he could get hurt, do something wrong, get someone hurt, and just make everything worse, and everyone would be watching. They'd know he was the one who ruined everything. What could he do? What was there to do?

Swallowing hard, Soren spread his wings and took off into the sky, heading straight for the bank. He wasn't sure why he was moving, his body was just acting without thinking. He swooped in down through the top window and floated there in middle of the bank, looking down at the scene. The scene was really bad, so many people were getting hurt, but no one looked dead yet...hopefully. He then looked to the man who was hanging, his eyes shrinking back in fear. The wire looked too tight to cut with his talons and too deep in to pull out, but...that could work!

He quickly flew over to the hanging man, wrapped his arms around his waste and began to lift him up, lessening the tension on his neck, giving him room to breath. His eyes clenched shut, too scared to look at what was happening, Soren began to shout. "LIGHTYEAR! SHOOT THE WIRE!" He wasn't sure how loud he would be, he could barely hear anything over the sound of his heart beating. He just wanted this man to be saved, hopefully Lightyear would be able to cut the wire with anything.

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