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Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi)

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Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi) Empty Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi)

Post by Andrew January 28th 2021, 10:15 pm

This particular pier in New York often had pan handlers and junkies looking for a fix. Pier 195. Right near the harbor, right out of sight. Typically the perfect place for those chasing to get a high or a quick bag of cash. This night was different. Those cult members had been growing and Deity wasn't helping the cause. For a guy who claimed he was bringing the end of times, he sure took a while to make a move.
Though Andrew Pettiglio half expected him to stay quiet for a bit. Let some chaos reign. Make his first real move when the times were more opportune.

The time was nearing midnight and per their social media presence The Saved were going live. A stupid name if you asked Patriot. The saved? They were his pawns in a game. They were more screwed than protected. Gathering a response team had been on the hero's agenda. Recently an online sensation had caught his eye. Lightyear. The guy was well liked, and kids seemed to love em'. In times of terror a friendly personality could certainly help keep people at peace knowing he was fighting for them. Plus the guy was pretty damn tough. Absolutely the kind of guy Patriot would love to have around.

The Saved were taking these warehouses full of medication and supplies meant to go to local hospitals. With the violent crimes rising and the hospitals becoming over crowded, this couldn't be let go.
Andrew was prepared to shutdown this livestream and was hoping a live streaming hero in his own right would show up. Nonetheless, this needed to be stopped.

As the hero approached the yelling and screaming of the rowdy group, cheering for the crime and madness, he ducked between warehouses. He was in his typical red white and blue costume, dawning a black hooded robe over it. Trying to stay out of site for now. He would be swarmed and have to fight a horde of maniacs. Not against the idea of punching someone taking medication from a child, and supplies from nurses and doctors. He took a breath and just waited. A guy walked around the corner. He was taking a leak behind the warehouse. "Hey buddy you lost, we're about to-"

Before the man could finish his sentence The Patriot buried both fists in the ground and slammed his foot into the chin of the bastard. The guy passed out right away. Andrew grabbed the man before he hit the floor and pulled him back around the corner, tossing him into the grass. He put ice around his arms
mouth and legs. When he woke up he'd have a sore mouth and be a bit confused. He'd be one less problem though. The thugs were riled up. "Well damn I better start making a plan of action now." he heard some movement behind him before he turned back.
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Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi) Empty Re: Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi)

Post by Kubi Tsuru February 8th 2021, 12:42 am

New York motherfuckin’ City.

God, the city that never sleeps could really use a fuckin’ nap. It was destroyed, what, half a dozen times in the last coupla decades, constantly attacked by wannabe criminals, and, despite the unnecessary amount of superheroes living in the area, had one hell of a crime problem. Honestly, even someone like him - big, bad, tattooed sonofabitch - was at danger of being robbed by someone who thought they were the next Vexus or fucking Dr. Nekrodium. And without fail, every single time they were as fucking surprised as a racist being called out on his shit.

This time, it was fucking cults. Oh, man, Kubi hated cults. Any kind of extremism was ridiculous to the aged hero, but especially religious extremes. Like, don’t fuckin’ preach that your god is the best when people have been sayin’ that shit for thousands of years. It makes no sense. ‘Specially since he don’t look like the worshippin’ type, the giant fuckin’ pentagram on his back and the look of “fuck with me at your peril” stamped on his face was enough to say that. And yet, these fucks just insisted on preachin’ their ear-rotting bullshit to him. How anyone could take a man preaching on the street corner with a megaphone seriously was beyond him.

But still, that was what first alerted to some funky fuckin’ business in The Big Apple; some rotten worm in the core of the city, eating it out from the inside. Now, normally Kubi doesn’t normally object to that kind of thing (that being eating out), but doing it to a city is not only incredibly fuckin’ ambitious, but also done without consent. And that just wasn’t cool. That’s how he found himself here, on the edge of the Chelsea Piers in New York. Well, he says the edge. It was more like atop a giant skyscraper overlooking the pier, the Spirit Bear wrapped around his body, and his body crouched like he was about to jump.

Because that’s just what he was going to do.

Through various means, most of which involved excessive violence, Kubi discovered some sort of recruitment drive … or villainous base, or something of that sort, he wasn’t listening half the time. He really hated scum like this, only really paid attention when they screamed in pain. Seriously, what kind of hackneyed villains met up at night, at the piers, in New York City, and then were loud as shit? That’s just being bad villains. And Kubi knew a thing or two about villainy, considering his past. If he were leading this group, they’d act like any self-respecting bad guy group would and hide in the goddamned shadows, with dignity!

Anyway, crunch time.

The loud, echoing sounds of rock, concrete, and steel shattering resounding through the night, and then a loud whistling through the air, like the movie version of an incoming missile. Quickly, though, the sound disappeared, however, to be replaced by a very familiar beat. At first, it was impossible to make out over the sound of the waves and the partying of the Saved, just a soft noise on the edge of hearing. But, as it got closer, a very familiar beat of an old rock song became apparent, the type of rock song that everyone would know.


What could only be described as an entrance theme sounded louder and louder; at first, impossible to pinpoint where exactly it was coming from. And then, when it was too late to do anything about it, like running away, it’s source became clear; it was coming from the bear-shrouded giant coming from the sky! Specifically, from the specially-designed smart watch on his wrist; he had it made when he realized that most fights just weren’t interesting enough for him, so he could play background music during them and try to derive some enjoyment to what amounted to chores.

Before the chorus could even finish, Kubi came crashing down, all ten thousand pounds of him crashing like a kinetic projectile from the heavens themselves. The resulting shockwave was enough to absolutely destroy the warehouse and the surrounding street and pier, leaving only Kubi amid the ruined wreckage, crouched from the cannonball he had just done, like a child into a pool. As the Saved unfortunate enough to be close to the blast radius succumbed to unconsciousness at best, and those that weren’t were flung through several dozen feet of walls - where the lucky ones fell into the water - Kubi slowly straightened, cracking his stiff neck. Despite his dramatic landing, he seemed completely unfazed, only a slight smear of dust on his forehead to suggest he was even remotely affected.


Two of the Saved, perhaps more ambitious than most, charged from their relatively safe position behind stone pillars, the only thing that prevented them from being blown away with their brethren. They had clubs! How cute. This would almost be too easy to deal with. The first one, slightly ahead of his friend - or, fellow brainwashed bastard? Whatever you wanted to call them - was the first to be targeted. Kubi thrust out his hand, a pillar of bronze flame erupted from where he was standing. One single, strangled flame was all he had time for before he fell victim to the scorching hot flames. The second was snagged like a child might grab an unfortunate family pet. For just a second, he was raised eye level to the giant, who relished the look of fear and distress in his eyes. Then bronze tentacles, diving in and out of his skin and soul, appeared, connecting to his own arm. In a fraction of a second, the Saved went from being moderately young to positively ancient. Kubi threw the husk of the man away, his feeble body collapsing on the floor.

He fucking hated cultists.

”Well that was fuckin’ disappointingly easy.” With a quick jab of his thumb, he turned the music off, the silence deafening in the interim. Well, he came here to do a job, may as well get it done. He began to shift through the wreckage, carelessly tossing aside the bodies of the wounded, looking for any sign of their activities. If he could find something damning, then he would be able to prevent the Saved from operating in New York and, eventually, anywhere.

If any were still alive, that is.[/color]

Kubi Tsuru aka Titan
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Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi) Empty Re: Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi)

Post by Zonkes February 9th 2021, 3:00 am

Lightyear pulled into the driveway of the warehouse that he was meant to be rescuing. His sports cars trunk was filled with camera equipment. He couldn’t just let this event go without recording, and if he transformed to run here; even his own specially designed camera equipment would probably be destroyed by the time he got here. He quickly scanned the area using the heat vision goggles he had recently purchased and nodded. He moved around 20 feet away, and from inside the warehouse the heroes and the cult would’ve seen a massive flash of light, like a nuclear explosion had gone off in the few meters between them.

Lightyear zipped over and setup the camera equipment. He pulled out his phone and connected the feeds up to his live stream, and gave a thumbsup to the camera.

Herostalker26: Oh shit, we’re starting today already transformed. Must be big.
NotAB0t: Free Lightco!ns c1ck h3re for more
LargeNCharge: Let’s be real. It’s all fake.

Lightyear watched the chat start for a bit, then started to run into the building. He scanned the scene, and nodded. He heard the chat operated drone start to fly into the building. He had safeguards to prevent trolls from just crashing the drone into something.

Several men were just staring in shock at the large muscular man in the center of the room. So Lightyear made the most logical conclusion he could.

”Hey, Gengis! China is at least 40 miles that way!” He said pointing to the east with one hand, and setting a strobe to disable the obvious villain with the other.
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Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi) Empty Re: Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi)

Post by Andrew February 15th 2021, 2:05 am

Another man turned the corner, armed with an AR-15. "Hey the boss is looking for us all, we bout to start cleaning this place of all the meds and torchin' the supplies." Teeth gritting across the face of The Patriot facing the other way.
"You think I'm one of you? Breaking. Looting. Killing. For what? Some lunatic who calls himself god said it's ok! Well let me tell you something..."

Before he could finish his sentence seven feet and an inch came crashing out of the sky, music in tow. "You've got to be kidding me." Andrew thought as the man fell closer. It was Kubi. A thunderous boom was let out when he hit the ground. Quickly bracing and slamming his legs down, he covered his face to not be hit by the blasting force and anything hurdling at him behind the thud. The man he was reprimanding had a leg literally split in half.

"Damnit. Stop screaming."
He iced over the stump leg to stop the bleeding.
"They'll take care of you before you go to jail ok? Enough hanging with The Saved. It cost you a leg and a migraine."
"My head doesn't hurt!" the man spit towards Andrew before taking a knee to the forhead.
"It will when you wake up."

The Patriot's black cloak was torn up a bit and he walked out into the plane view.
"Jesus Christ. People are relying on the medicine here!" He shouted at the goliath, tossing off his black cloak and revealing his red white and blue costume.

"I was..."

Lightyear showed up. One good thing came out of this mess.
"Lightyear...I know he just dented this place but I've seen videos of this guy. He's not one of them. I'm The Patriot, previously The Phoenix. I'm a good guy. He's not trying to fight us."
He also nodded to Kubi as if to to introduce himself as well.

"Anyways lots more of those goons are about to show up here in some heavier gear. The medicine and medical equipment being stored in these warehouses are paramount with the rise in need. So let's be mindful that sick people and medical staff can't use it, if we cannonball into it."

More trucks in the distance started rumbling as well as speed boats in the water.
"If we can keep the killing to zero what do you say we help the local police department send a message to a bunch of wack jobs?"

A few men of The Saved looking around in confusion and pain, the hero fired a bb gun sized pellet at one of their heads pointing a finger at them, once the ice connected he fell to his knees and passed out.

Andrew awaited the two men's answers. Regardless of their decisions he needed to make sure the cargo was safe.
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Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi) Empty Re: Because The Internet: Rise of Halo (Lightyear/Kubi)

Post by Sponsored content

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