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Kubi's Black Book

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Kubi's Black Book

Post by Kubi Tsuru on March 11th 2018, 4:41 pm

Kubi Tsuru

Experience Sheet

Experience Spent/Gained



5 EXP: Arcane Armor
10 EXP:
15 EXP:
20 EXP:
25 EXP:
30 EXP:
35 EXP:
40 EXP:  
45 EXP:

Experience Tracker

Beach Bodies and Ice Sculptures (June 10th - 19th, 2016; 5,961 words; 11 EXP gained; 461 words leftover)

The Wind Blows Darkly (March 7th - March 11th, 2018; 3,279 words + 461 words = 3,740 words; 7 EXP gained; 240 words leftover)

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League of Extraordinary Applicants {ECLIPSE COE} w/ Pinnacle, the Silver Scion; Lunetta Voglia, Il Fantasma; Cadmus Agaememnon, Mythos; Jayne Bas Chava, Medicine Woman; Sean Micheal Atterius, Arcana

Electric Vibes w/ Lunetta Voglia, Il Fantasma; DeAndre Johnson, Blaze

You Cannot Write a Thread about Threads! w/ Bliss Fukuyumi

Family and Friends

Ryan Lester {Snowman}
First Met: Las Angeles
Relationship: Boyfriend

"What can I say about Ryan? We met and it was like sparks. The damn Snowman took my heart and kept it when I left. Whatever, I can just hope I meet him again. He is seriously good in the sack.

Ryan and I are dating. Fuck, never though I'd say that 'bout no one. I can't fuckin' believe it, still jus' thinkin' 'bout gives me shivers.
He's my boyfriend and we're fuckin' great together.



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Kubi Tsuru

Quote : "Power isn't the ability to hurt people, but rather the ability to resist temptation."

Status :

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 50
Location : Everywhere, pretty much
Age : 37
Job : Fire Hunter
Humor : All kinds and constantly
Registration date : 2016-06-10

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