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Kubi Tsuru (Renegade)

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Kubi Tsuru (Renegade) Empty Kubi Tsuru (Renegade)

Post by Kubi Tsuru June 11th 2016, 1:23 am

Emotions are a necessity; a smile is a choice.

Basic Biography

Real Name: Kubi Tsuru
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Grizzly
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Long, shaggy, and brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 7’4
Weight: 2500 lbs.
Blood type: 0-

The Looks

Kubi is an attractive man. That really goes without saying. And not the "Oh look, I'm oh so wonderful with my long flowing locks" type of attractive either.He's rugged, and rough, and dirty; a definite rogue like character. Of course, there are several aspects of his character that show that he isn't your typical metahuman. First and foremost, standing at 7'4, he is far far above the average for a male, and stands heads and shoulders, quite literally, over the vast majority of humans.

Of course, Kubi's muscle mass is great. Topping at 350 pounds, every pound pure muscle, he is a veritable tank among his far squishier counterparts. Kubi has, to quote a certain movie, "biceps to spare." No fat exists on his body, every inch of him hard and thick (innuendo intended.) His leg muscles are the size of most people's biceps, for christs sakes, and that's only a slight exaggeration.

And Kubi is proud of his physique. He trains, constantly, to maintain it, after all. It's something that's been drilled into him since a young age; if you don't maintain your strength on the street, you die. That's not saying Kubis some kind of dandy; he is almost constantly nursing a wound or covered in filth of some kind or another. His skin tone is relatively unique among the whitewashed walls of Northern Japan. A darker color, as if originating from the Middle East, is the base tone. An eternal tan darkens this even further, creating a unique mocha color that glistens as if always covered in a sheen of sweat.

And of course, scars cover his body. These scars are a matter of pride to him; on many a night he can be heard bragging about them in a bar. They range from monster claws to straight blades to even claw-shaped marks that look suspiciously like brands. While he isn't as scarred as some heroes or villains, he still has a rather unique set. His face is wholly unmarked, save for a single pale scar across the bridge of his nose.

His clothing is simple, but functional. While he does have 'formal' outfits, he prefers something comfortable and easy to manage. A button tee of different colors, preferably unbuttoned, and blue jeans are his preferred clothes, while being shod in different kinds of boots. He actually owns several pairs. He is never much concerned about armor, as his speed and brute strength are more than enough to protect.

As for the face region ... Well, the immediate reaction is one of charming stupidity. A constant grin is on his face, showcasing surprisingly white teeth. Chocolate brown eyes are framed by shaggy locks of a darker color. The face is set ruggedly, though not unattractively. Upon closer inspection, however, people see the light of intelligence burning behind the deceptively deep orbs.

The Legacy

Personality: [Kubi is a hard guy to unravel. At first impressions, he seems like a typical, arrogant alpha male type. And ... Well, that's true, to an extent. He loves woman, and alcohol, and laughing too loud, and god knows he loved to fight, fuck, and flirt, as he says. He loves pissing people off and, even more so, seeing them that way. They're sexy, apparently. He is uncouth, rude, brash, and barbaric. All in all, unfit for civilized company.

But there is so much more to Kubi than that. He has layers, quite a few of them. Layers that go so deep so as to ache. He is so much more than 'just' a fighter. He's a lover, a friend, a mourner, a husband, perhaps a future father. Hes a dreamer and a lier, a scanner and a giver. He is, in short, complicated. But there's a stigma in the world about men being anything than what he is; he hides into him himself until the tears become rocks that drip like the rain.

His deepest desire, and fear, and goal and obstacle is to love again. He wants a dynamic love, the kind of romance that threatens to burn away your existence to nothing but her, the kind where you claw, hiss, fight, yell and, most importantly, make up. He wants, in short, to relieve the kind of love he had with Masaki. Its this desire that drives him to go on though depression and anger threaten to consume him and swallow him up.

Though it is not only a desire for love that moves him; just as prevalent in his soul is vengeance, the burning, a hung desire to take his revenge on the world, to destroy it and watch as the world burns. The vengeance in his heart eternally overshadows the desire for love, perverting it into something it should not be. Only once the flame of vengeance goes out can the one of love be rekindled. Kubi still mourns for his dead wife. He carries with him a lock of her hair, preserved in a glass vial. He loved her dearly.

Kubi is surprisingly hard to anger. Very few things set him off, namely harming of women and children. That's pretty much though. In general, Kubi is a pretty laid back kind of guy, rolling with the punches as it were. He doesn't get frustrated easy, and tries to calm people down who do. "Shit happens" appears to be his favorite saying.

Kubi loves "the hunt", as he says, which is what he refers to as courting woman. To him, the hunt is everything. Honestly, he prefers to love than to fight. Given the option - between a lovely woman and a good fight - he'd choose the woman ninety percent of the time.

But don't misunderstand him; while out in the field, he's like a force of nature, ripping everything to shreds, a complete monster. But at home, surrounded by good woman and food, why should he pick a fight when he can instead pick up a lover? However, should someone start something he is all too happy to finish it for them.

Kubis loves children above most things in three worlds. One wouldn't think so from seeing him, of course. He looks like he would eat them. But he was a father; or, well, was going to be a father. Before Masaki died. Before his world ended. She was pregnant, you see, and children remind him of the love and happiness that he could have had.

History: He was born early in the morning,and even from the moment of his birth he had an exceptional life. He was not born in a hospital, but on the cold wood floor of a hut in one of the worst regions of Japan, nor did he have the sterile, calm hands of a doctor to ease his transition into this world, but rather the stained, calloused hands of his father, smearing his then-white skin with dirt. It was a shock to come into this world in such a brutal mother and he cried, his voice piercing the air and the nerves of his parents alike. With a fearful glance at her husband, his mother fed him with what little milk her body was able to provide.

During his childhood, they were homeless more often than that, and his parents went hungry just so he could eat. Living as he did, he quickly learned the most important lesson of life on the street: never go into the dark. It was in the dark that the monsters roamed, where the slime of humanity crept, waiting for innocents to pierce with their black claws. So at night he hid in his parents, their bodies protecting him from the horrors. And daytime wasn't much better; begging and groveling for every scrap of food.

It’s here where I would stop and say ‘At least he was happy, at least they had each other’, but the truth was, his life was hell. From day one his father resented him as a the thing keeping him from achieving riches, and his mother, so in love with his father that she suffered his drinking and abuse, paid him only the barest amount of attention. To pay for her husband's worsening addictions, she began to do whatever was necessary for her husband to be happy, often leaving for hours at a time.

It was on one of these forays that his mother was killed. Stabbed through the heart with her pants around her ankles. It was a blow to his father, but the emotionally stunted youth took it in stride. She was hardly present, and even when she was home she was with him (He had taken to calling his father such in the privacy of his own mind) and so never had time for him anyway. The problem was that, now, he had no one. His father, consumed with her loss, the himself into the drink and the occult, often staying up late, perusing dusty tomes lent from mysterious friends. As the months slipped into years and Kubi started to exhibit a growth spurt that was surprising outside of giraffe, his father began clandestine meetings with hooded and cloaked figures, discussing things better left unspoken and bringing to light things best left in shadow. He wasn't allowed in the house during this time, and spent such times wandering the various alleyways and backstreets, smoking, drinking, and basically being a delinquent.

The eve of his thirteenth birthday dawned bright and cold, thick snow on the ground and the familiar cold resting in the thin walls of the house. But something felt off, and as he stood he realized what it was; his father, cloaked in black silhouetted against the setting sun. In a flash he set upon his son, knife flashing and irons clanging until he was barred naked, trapped face down on his bed. The changing began, and the carving of flesh was accompanied by his screams. Hours passed, or it might have been minutes, before it stopped. And as it stopped he felt his back burn, and the screams of the cloaked men were drowned by the pounding in his ears as new strength entered his limbs and tore free. The blood and gore was overshadowed by the horned figure standing over him, blade drenched in crimson. He ran, barely noticing as he reduced the door to splinters. He ran and ran and ran until even his legs gave out and, finally, he collapsed under a tree.

The next few years passed in a blur. His strength grew with him, and with it he ascended the ranks of the criminal world, eventually leading one of the more powerful gangs; Akai Mizu. Under his guidance, the territories under his control enjoyed incredibly prosperous lives, their women and children protected and educated and their men given jobs. Unlike most gangs in the area, Akai Mizu was made entirely of men and women wanting to protect their homes. Thugs weren't allowed, and were brutally put down. It was during his ten year rule that he mastered his powers, his strength and endurance unlimited compared to the normal person. He fought his first sorcerer and discovered his Spirit Armor and, in all, gained a reputation for both brutality and kindness.

But even this got boring eventually and Kubi retired, turning his eye towards professional fighting instead. His size and strength easily led him to seven consecutive World Championships, and through boxing Kubi met the love of his life; Masaki Hideyashi, 5’7 of pure, unadulterated badass. Professional trainer, martial arts master, deep sea diver, and overall foxy lady. At the ripe age of 35 they married, their combined money allowing for an easy, adventurous lifestyle. And for a while, he was happy. The next two years were spent in bliss, in love, and away from his home. And in that time, they conceived a child. It was going to be a girl.

But tragedy struck. In a brief moment of their separation, Masaki was killed. No evidence, no remains, just the ashes of her and their unborn child. Inside, Kubi broke and drowned himself in drink. For many months he lost himself to the bottle, drowning his sorrows. Then a dream - or a memory, or a hallucination - came to him. In it was Masaki and a newborn in her arms. With it came a clarity that he'd been missing, and he threw himself into finding her killer. That search led him to the States.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

”Kodai Chikara” -- Roughly translating to Ancient Power, Kodai Chikara encompasses the full spectrum of Kubi’s powers and the abilities he manipulates. Roughly translating to ”Life Energy”, Kodai Chikara is Kubi’s ability to manipulate the energy inside his body. Some call it Chi, some call it Ki, and others call it Chakra. To Kubi, it’s all and the same. It’s an amalgamation of physical and spiritual energies that courses through everyone; Kubi just possesses the unique ability to harness it. Kodai Chikara is the sole source of Kubi’s ability. Unlike most humans, however, he has a prodigious amount a result of his metagene being activated at an extremely young age, approximately three times the amount of an “equivalent” human.

Kodai Chikara refers to Kubi’s specific energy. However, all humans possess some form of extranormal energy flowing through their bodies; their soul, magic, chakra, or chi or whatever it is. This Life Energy is different in type, color, and power for each individual, and this is where Kodai Chikara is unique; it is the ‘first’ energy, the raw primal power that was used to shape magic itself. It is, essentially, a blueprint for all other forms of Life Energy and possesses aspects of them all. Kodai Chikara, while able to take on many different colors, is typically a chocolate brown to black color. Unlike most forms of energy, Kodai Chikar exists in a partially metaphysical while retaining a physical and spiritual form as well, allowing for feats beyond what is typically capable of a person. Additionally, Kodai Chikara also breaks the norm in that it can change colors depending on what it is being used for. Kodai Chikara is not chi, though it is similar; it is an amalgamation of physical and metaphysical energies which culminate to power the spiritual concept of a soul.

As a note, metahumans, wizards, and other Enhanced individuals have heightened amounts of energy flowing through their bodies. Life Energy, as the name implies, is the combined metaphysical essences of the body. In short, it is quite literally, Life Energy. The amount you have determines the longevity of your life and the overall quality of your life in general. For most people, Life Energy is definite; they have a finite amount that does not regenerate. Additionally, Life Energy tends to be one color, what is commonly associated with being a person’s “aura”.

”Yasumu” -- Unlike most Meta’s with superhuman capabilities, Kubi is not always superhuman. If asked, he calls this unpowered state “Yasumu”, or Bear at Rest. Even without Kodai Chikaru enhancements, however, Kubi is not entirely defenseless. He has had this potent energy swirling through him his entire life and he has not remained unaffected. His dermal, epidermal, and muscle tissues are as hard and dense as steel, and his bones are significantly harder and stronger. His immune system is hyper-potent as well, enabling him immune to most communicable diseases.

“Unpowered” is a bit of misnomer while in the Yasumu state. Due to the increase in his muscle mass and density, Kubi is approximately ten times stronger than a normal man, able to deadlift approximately two and a half tons, or five thousand (5,000) pounds. His durable is on par with high-end steel, able to resist some larger caliber rounds, though armor-piercing rounds and sniper or other similar large caliber bullets will steel cause damage. Because of the power used to increase his lung capacity and muscular endurance, Kubi can run, move, and fight for several days before tiring while in the Yasumu state. He also doesn’t need to eat, drink, or sleep for up to a week before experiencing side effects as a result of his bodies hyper-efficiency. His speed, while technically enhanced as a result of his increased muscle mass and density, takes a significant hit due to his weight. He is only actively slightly below peak human speeds.

”Kuma Ikari” Roughly translating to “Fury of the Bear”, Kuma Ikari is the physical application of Kodai Chikari. This internalizes all of his Life Energy into his body, pulling it out of his spirit and applying it to a purely physical form. This energy significantly enhances all aspects of hisself. The amount it increases is dependant entirely on how much of his Kodai Chikari he actively uses. See, when Kuma Ikari is activated, all his Kodai Chikari is internalizes, but not all of it is used. Internalizing it has no effects on his health or life. Activating it uses a portion of his Kodai Chikari to enhance portions of his physique. This enhancement is only limited by the amount of Life Energy used.

Before losing any, Kubi has roughly three times the amount of energy a normal person. Mathematically speaking, already taking his life lived into account, that’s approximately 180 years worth of energy. Each year of life is worth a doubling of one of the four aspects, either his strength, durability, endurance, or speed. The amount of “Toshi” that can be used in any Aspect is typically unlimited, only restricted by the actual amount of Toshi he has available at any given time. Putting more than three Toshi on any one Aspect significantly increases the strain on the body, which could result in swelling, open wounds, or even rupture and death.

When activated, Kuma Ikari takes the form of a dark brown energy covering his body. Unlike Kuma Seiri, this energy is almost intangible. Additionally, it only covers the parts activating using Kodai Chikari; meaning if he’s running, it’ll be covering his legs, or if he’s punching, it’ll cover his shoulders, arms, and hands/fists. If he’s enhancing his durability, Kuma Ikari will only appear when he’s blocking something. If he is not actively utilizing Kodai Chikari, there is nothing to indicate anything abnormal. While using Kuma Ikari, Kubi cannot activate Kuma Seiri.

”Kuma Seiri” -- Roughly translating to “Spirit of the Bear”, Kuma Seiri is the metaphysical application of Kodai Chikara. This externalizes the Kodai Chikara in Kubi’s system. Unlike Kuma Ikari, Kuma Seiri can utilize only a portion of Kodai Chikara to protect only a portion of his body. Kuma Seiri has a set amount of Toshi that is used; for every square foot of protection, five Toshi must be used. Kuma Seiri allows Kubi to interact with things outside of solid matter. Using Kuma Seiri, Kubi can manipulate gases and plasmas such as fire. Aesthetically, it takes the form of a brown, skintight armor roughly in the shape of a bear. Only the most powerful attacks can break through this armor. While using Kuma Seiri, Kubi cannot use Kuma Ikari.


”Yasamu” = Despite the great advantages the Yasamu state offers Kubi, there are a great many weaknesses as well. First and foremost, Kubi is exceedingly heavy, weighing in at 2,500 pounds. Because of this he has trouble navigating sometimes, can’t use elevators, and is also greatly susceptible to being taken advantage of via his weight. He cannot swim without using Kuma Ikari, as even his prodigious strength isn’t enough to drag him out of the water. While his durability is impressive, falls from great heights, super strength, magical attacks, and basically anything that can damage steel can still hurt him. He is also excessively slower than a lot of metahumans; as his speed is a continuation of his strength and not inherently a part of him via some sort of “Fast Force”, slowing down and turning while running is a quite difficult, particularly at higher speeds. He also has no innate resistances to magic or the elements beyond what his size, weight, and density would allow.

”Kuma Ikari” = Being a purely physical ability, Kuma Ikari comes with a fair share of weaknesses. The single, most notable weakness is his weakness to magic, telepathy, and mind-altering effects while in this state. Internalizing his Kodai Chikara renders any defenses he might have to these effects null, effectively painting a huge target on his back for anyone with these abilities. However, Kuma Ikari also presents it’s fair share of physical effects, as well. Only a certain amount of Toshi can be applied by Kubi to any aspect at a time. Up to four can be applied to each aspect, for a total of sixteen, can be applied at any time. After that, the sheer amount of energy starts to rip the body apart. Five Toshi will cause minor lacerations and bruising, seven Toshi will cause severe lacerations and hairline fractures of the bones. Ten Toshi will cause rending of veins and broken bones. Fifteen Toshi will kill him. Additionally, only 25 Toshi can ever be applied at any time. Using Kuma Ikari for extended periods of time - an extended period here meaning more than ten minutes without at least half the time it was used to recover - causes nausea, dizziness, and if it persists, blindness and numbness, which can be permanent. Greatly extended uses can result in traumatic muscle or brain damage, permanent deformation, or even death. If any severe damage is sustained from an outside force during the active use of Kuma Ikari, the Toshi that is used is lost forever. Depending on the amount of Toshi, Kubi will fall severely ill from the sudden loss of life; one or two Toshi will only render him nauseous, but should a significant amount be lost, Kubi can experience dizziness, muscle spasms, or even broken bones, hemorrhaging, or death. Fortunately, the Toshi lost is just rendered “damaged” and cannot be used before 24 hours have passed. If Kubi uses all 180 Toshi, he will immediately die with no possible chance of resurrection. Finally, the more Toshi used at once, the quicker he fatigues; it's an equivalent amount, meaning if he's using two Toshi, he tires twice as fast.

”Kuma Seiri” = Being a purely metaphysical ability, Kuma Seiri comes with a fair share of weaknesses. Along with sharing the time restraints of Kuma Ikari, Kuma Seiri offers absolutely no physical protection; in fact, significantly powerful physical attacks will destroy Kuma Seiri. Unlike Kuma Ikari, however, Toshi lost while using Kuma Seiri are lost to the ether forever, effectively shortening his life and his potential power. While this effect is mostly plot-based, I will be keeping track of it, and it won’t be just fluff. While there are no physical side effects of losing a section of Kuma Seiri, that section won’t be capable of reforming until a duration of up to 24 hours has passed.

”Woman and Children” = A unique disadvantage of Kubi’s is that, under no circumstance, will he ever allow a woman or child under the age of sixteen to come to harm. He will put himself, and potentially others, in danger to ensure their safety.

”The Dark” = Kubi has an irrational fear of the dark. So long as he can see he’s fine, but even covering his eyes will send him into a blind panic.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Master Fighter: A lifetime a fighting has instilled in Kubi the skill and reflexes of a master. Though not superhuman, when combined with his own powers, his prowess in Boxing and brawling in general allow him to match even Martial Artists.

Retired: The combined might of both his and Masaki’s fortunes have outfitted him with quite a sizable fortune, more than enough to live comfortably.

Magnetic Personality: Having spent so much time living on the streets and then running a large, powerful organization, Kubi had developed the ability to read people, and to lie and speak very charismatically. While this is in no way superhuman, he is still a highly accomplished orator and conman.


Metis: A unique pair of gloves, created during his years as a mob boss. Chainmail stitched and woven with leather, four steel spikes are embedded in the knuckles.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 3
Endurance 4
Reaction 3
Strength 4

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Kubi Tsuru (Renegade) Empty Re: Kubi Tsuru (Renegade)

Post by Jordan Reynolds June 11th 2016, 1:37 am

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Kubi Tsuru (Renegade) Empty Re: Kubi Tsuru (Renegade)

Post by Zonkes March 31st 2018, 1:59 pm

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Kubi Tsuru (Renegade) Empty Re: Kubi Tsuru (Renegade)

Post by Zonkes April 1st 2018, 8:05 pm

I either need a few weaknesses more for his Kuma Ikari, or a stated limit on how far each of his aspects can go.

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Kubi Tsuru (Renegade) Empty Re: Kubi Tsuru (Renegade)

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