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Miguel Moreno (Champion)

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Miguel Moreno (Champion) Empty Miguel Moreno (Champion)

Post by Champion October 4th 2017, 10:56 am

Miguel Moreno

Miguel Moreno (Champion) Original

Basic Biography

Name: Miguel Moreno
Title: Champion, The Berserker
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Arcadian demi-god Deity
Hair: Dark Brown (Red when taking upon Arcadian form)
Eyes: Molten amber (Molten gold)
Height: 6 0"
Weight: 184 Ibs
Blood type: O -

The Looks


The Legacy

At face value he can be a rather rough individual to get along with. He’s abrasive and says whats on his mid regardless of who he’s talking to, even if it is the person he just saved from a burning building. Afterall, it was their fault for making him mess up his good clothes anyway. Honestly, he saves the worst snark for people that he feels are getting in the weay of his little heroic endeavors, though he is usually more bark than bite.

Despite his rough exterior, he does have a somewhat softer side. Though it’s mostly reserved for kids, if only because hitting kids is just wrong. Miguel harbors a rather extreme sense of justice, believing that murders and the like deserve exactly what their crimes dictate. Never really seems to have a problem killing when the situation fits it, but never fully enjoys it, as that would make him no better than the people he fights against.

Most of all he despises self righteous heroes, seeing them as people that believe themselves above him because they can’t make the decisions he can. He has never had a problem humbling these kinds of people when they made themselves an annoyance to him, but doesn’t ever see it worth his time, or ever right to kill them. Is always one to enjoy a good fight, and even has been known to handicap himself if it leads to a good battle.

From a young age his own superhuman abilities were apparent, something that were an annoyance for his mother more than anything else. A child that continually accidentally broke everything they touched in their home was a strain upon her finances but she always managed to get by. From a young age he was given something meant to control his overwhelming strenght, a bracelet that made it easier to control. His mother had said that it was the only thing she had from his father, but that was a father that had never been around for him. A question that has always managed to haunt him, however it was something that didn’t feel as if it would ever be answered.

So instead he ended up trying to live like any normal person, even with the emergance of metahumans in the world. Heroes running about were nice, but they were not something he ever had an interest in. While his powers were good for the whole violence thing, saving people wasn’t something that hitting hard ever did well in his mind. School was the only thing in his life, well that and the few friends that really cared to stcik around him. Unfrotunatly, childrean were characteristically cruel and, he wasn’t exactly normal by any stretch of the imagination. Not that he really cared, or so he told himself, The other kids were dumb anyway, and their friends were probably dumb too.

So life continued as it always did in a big city like LA, in the golden age before metahumans flooded from New York to everywhere else. He hadn’t needed to use his powers until one day in particular. It was when his school had been in the crossfire of a particularly nasty metahuman battle, causing a large section of the building to collapse around him, and some even on him. Luckily his own durable body was protecting him from the impact, but he was still trapped due to the very thing restricting his power. His body had been pinned under a thick portion of the cieling, leaving him trapped there for a good hour or so, unable to even move his head let alone his body.

When he was finally rescued from that, the only thing people could make note of was the fact that he didn’t even have a scratch on him. A fifteen year old boy that had managed to survive having a building essentially fall on him without much damage being done, though they had been overselling what had happened. Despite being unharmed in the incident, the feeling of being trapped like that was something that managd to haunt him ever since that day. Despite that, he found himself taking more interest within the metahumans of his city.

They could go around, destroying things as they saw fit so long as they got the bad guy. Not like the cops were doing anything to actually stop them, with flimsy bullets and whatnot. The idea of actually doing something about these bad guys was tantaliziung enough to him, and yet he didn’t act upon that until around the age of eighteen when he better understood his powers. This was also around the first time that he ad actually killed someone, the very villain that had created the earthquake that ruined his school, and killed so many people. This had been him stopping said metahuman from collapsing a building by crushing their skull in his bare hands.

When the intense anger that had fallen over had passed, he was filled with nothing more than a fearful apprehension. Partially because he had killed a person, and partially because of how little control he had over himself. As soon as he had started his own heroic career, the desire to end it had come along, but that hiatus was ended rather quickly when someone that apaprantly was close to the metahuman killed. They sought revenge and went out of their way to find out who had done it, and that ended up leading them to him. His mother had been kidnapped as if to make use of her as some manner of leverage against him.

A long story made incredibly short, it only partially worked. They had managed to draw him out, but he had managed to get a manner of upper hand on them. This lead to them being defeated, barely escaping with their lives and leaving him to his own life. Time had passed and slowly he began his heroic career once again, slowly becoming more comfortable with the idea of killing the bad guys if it meant helping people.

This however didn’t help his own issues, those of rage and even giving into the rage that lead to killing more than he would have liked. It was due to Roan and the odd realm of Asgard that he learned to control himself more, and even temper that rage somewhat, and his own warriors code as well.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Superhuman Strength: Miguel was born with a level of strength that exceeds human limitations, something that is considered abnormal but not impossible with bearers of the metagene. As an adult he was capable of even more impressive feats of strength, such as lifting a school bus over his head with a no amount of effort, shattering concrete with his blows and even tearing apart steel with his bare hands. This strength also extends to his ability to leap, allowing him to jump buildings with a single leap as well as even going over several city blocks.  His strength, however, seems to fluctuate, actually growing with successive use but waning when he doesn’t use it for a sufficient amount of time.

Superhuman speed: While you won’t see him outpacing any kind of vehicle at full speed, or coming close to breaking any sound barriers. He is capable of running up to 70 mph thanks to his leg muscles which are strong enough to be able to push him at such impressive speeds. He likens it to being as fast as a Cheetah, minus the lack of conintuinal stamina that comes along with being a cheetah.

Superhuman durability: A companion to his own strength, is a body that can withstand his own might. This ranges from bullets bouncing off of his skin, rocket explosions doing little more than throwing him about and even allowing him to survive superhuman strikes with little damage. Pressure and various other means of damage appear to be covered under this means of protection. Much like his strength, his durability tends to fluctuate depending upon how often it’s used. From a lower standard, where he is easier to hurt to appearing to invincible with enough use.

Intuitive combat aptitude: Ever since he was young, Miguel had found that he was naturally skilled with any manner of weapon in existence. Whether it be something that was only used long ago, to even the most modern of weapons. He is capable of making use of any weapon with the skill of a master with only a few minutes of making use of them. Being that his body is like a weapon, he can make use of even rather rudimentary martial arts to great effect.

Arcadian Transformation: By tapping into the Arcadian blood Miguel inherited from his mother, he can take on a form akin to his godly mother. His skin takes on a more ashen color, hair turns dark red, lines form upon his face, great curved rams horns grow from his forehead and a prehensile tail forms from his lower back. Aside from the many visual changes that come with Miguel also finds himself  physically enhanced.  Increasing his overall strength, speed, and durability by a measure of five times, and speed by three times, increasing his overall physical abilities beyond his normal and putting speed under the effects of his ability which means that it can increase steadily with use upto mach 1.

Limited protection: While he is physically well protected through his own durability, his mind has no means of protecting himself. This makes him more vulnerable to telepaths, empaths and those with mind control. This means he can be controlled without permission. (death is still permission based though)

Bloodlust: An unfortunate condition that affects him primarily in a combat state of mind. Upon seeing blood spilled in a large quantity, he is filled with an intense feeling of anger, something that pushes him to desire to shed more of it. It is difficult to ignore, and if enough is shed then he can be sent into a near uncontrollable rage where he attacks anything in his sight.  This can also be jump started by an empath if they make use of the right emotions, turning into someone that would potentially turn on his allies.

Simplicity: While he is naturally apt with weapons, that only comes with the most conventional of uses. Such as slashing with a weapon, shooting with a bow as well as wielding a whip. However, the finer things such as making some manner of magical weapon work, or weapon with a secondary technological function isn't covered by this. This means he will have to learn the hard way or be taught how to make use of these finer functions.

The cuff:  An item that can limit his strength down to human levels. If forced on him, it can leave him little more than a rather durable person, leaving him at an impasse if anything heavy happens to fall on him or if dealing with someone stronger than your average human.

Cold: Due to his Arcadian heritage, Miguel acts slower and reacts slower in cold environments or with exposure to extreme cold.

Electrum: A naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, with trace amounts of copper and other metals, contact with it causes irritation to his skin and weapons forged from this material has been shown to cause damage to him without consideration towards his durability. Weapons forged of just a mix of silver and gold also has the same effect.

Cold iron: While within his Arcadian form, Miguel finds himself weaker to cold iron which damages him much easier. Cold iron being anything that isn’t steel or a diluted alloy.

Champions blade: Normally takes the form of a longsword but the form itself shifts depending upon his whims. Psionically connected with Miguel, all it takes is a thought to make it change shape into any weapon he can think of. This weapon can be called to him with a thought.
Item weaknesses: The weapons shape returns to its default the moment it leaves Miguel’s hand, and it requires a recharge of a two posts between transformation.
Immortality: While not unkillable, Miguel’s aging is arrested to the point of stopping.

Divinity:.The weapons shape returns to it’s default the moment it leaves Miguel’s hand, and it requires a recharge of a two posts between transformation.

Physical Priority
Strength 1
Endurance 2
Agility 3
Speed 4
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Miguel Moreno (Champion) Empty Re: Miguel Moreno (Champion)

Post by Shadowoof October 4th 2017, 11:03 am

Approved and moved unless stated otherwise.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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