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Ouroboros, Champion of Sol

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UNDER REVIEW Ouroboros, Champion of Sol

Post by The Swolefather on March 17th 2018, 5:49 pm


"Now I am become death; the destroyer of worlds."

The Bio

Real Name: Luka Chaykovsky
Hero Name: Ourobouros
Title: The Sol Defender of Earth
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 65, looks about 26.
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Orange
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 250 lbs
Blood type: Solar Plasma

The Looks

The Personality

Ouroboros’ outward personality is that of a sweetheart. He's the type of man who kisses babies and shakes everyone's hands at a speech. He is extremely stubborn, none the less, and steadfast in his ways. Due to being raised in Siberia, he is extremely resourceful, and understands that team work makes the dream work.

Inside, though..he is broken. His mind is filled with anxiety, doubt and insecurities. He is constantly afraid of destroying another city, or harming a single innocent soul.
The Story

Luka was born in a remote town in Siberia, where he and his family struggled for years to survive, due to the lack of sun. Crops were non existent, and animals were few and far between.
They were given an opportunity to move to a new town called Chernobyl when he was in his teen years. The catch was, they were near a nuclear plant. The government gave them free housing, so long as they partook in studies regarding the effects of the reactor being so near.
Years passed, and the family had at long last made a name for themselves as bakers, with Luka as the head cook. He had a knack for cooking, and it made him famous within town for his delicious pastries.
Luka grew ill around the age of 26, becoming bedridden, and coughing up blood. The government had found that the reactor had caused Luka to develop cancer, which attacked his body at an accelerated speed. He was confirmed deceased after weeks of fighting, and his body was taken by the government for research.
Days had passed, and Luka returned to town mysteriously. Minus the fact his eyes were now a shade of orange, nothing seemed different, and the town knew when to ask questions, and when to just accept things as blessings.
Summer had rolled around, and the clouds that once covered the sun had began to drift away. Everyday Luka was outside, he felt himself grow stronger, faster, more durable. A few days had passed, and it turned to aches and pains..headaches.
Luka woke up after passing out in the field, to find his town disintegrated by a large blast of heat...with him at the epicenter.
He spent the next decade fighting crime across the globe, attempting to ease his mind, before turning to the U.S Government, after hearing of a drug that suppressed powers.
After trial and error, they finally got his abilities under control, leaving him addicted to the drug.
Luka spends his time these days opposing an individual who goes by the name of Lucius, choosing to promote meta and human equality, the consumption of power suppressing drugs, and the end to wanton destruction.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers

Solar energy manipulation: Ouroboros’ body is the power of a sun confined within the human body. He is capable of letting loose in large blasts of energy, create basic construct such as weapons and armor and propel himself with it.

Flight: With proper propulsion using his solar energy, Ouroboros is capable of flying at high speeds, up to Mach 5.

Electromagnetic manipulation: Due to the power within him, Ouroboros is able to send put bursts of electromagnetic energy, which kills electronics in the vicinity around him, as well as pull and push objects that are susceptible to magnetism.

Gravity Manipulation: Ouroboros’ abilities allow him to manipulate gravity to a degree. He can increase and decrease the weight of an individual(up to 2x their initial weight, or decrease it by the same amount), as well as change the directions of gravitational pull. THIS POWER CAN NOT CREATE BLACK HOLES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Solar Enhanced body: When in direct sunlight, Ouroboros becomes almost god like. He is capable of lifting hundreds of thousands of tons when at full capacity, and can withstand the attacks of some of the most powerful metas.

Infinite power source: Within Ouroboros is the complete functions of a star. He produces his own helium internally, and ignites it as well. This allows his powers to be nigh infinite, allowing him to fight for days without his body tiring.
The Weaknesses

Lead: If Ouroboros comes into contact with lead, or worse yet is surrounded by it, his abilities grow weaker by the second.

Complete darkness: Dark room with no windows? Shadow manipulation powers? These things will cause Ouroboros to grow weak, as well.

Lunar manipulation and lunar light: Do you have the power to manipulate lunar light? Is it a full moon? The manipulation of lunar energy will shred through Ouroboros’ armor, and just moonlight will weaken him.

Overload: The sun may give Ouroboros god like powers, but his body can not fully handle it. These powers are short lived, and may cause Ouroboros to let out a solar flare, which leaves him extremely weak and near death, as well as destroy the immediate area.

Guilt: At a young age, Ouroboros lost control of his powers and destroyed his home of Chernobyl. The guilt he carries to this day is crippling, and just hearing the name sends him into a breakdown.

Addiction to power suppressing drug: Ouroboros has chosen to be the test subject of a drug which suppresses his powers, even though it is only temporary.

Suicidal tendencies: Ouroboros has attempted to take his life multiple times, but the powers he tries to suppress keep him from doing so. This leaves him a broken man, in constant pain.

Alcoholism: To mask the pain he feels daily, Ouroboros drinks an inhuman amount of alcohol, and becomes lethargic without it.

Human body: When under the effects of the power suppressing drug, Luka is only human.

Ouroboros' gravity powers can only effect one individual at a time.

The directional shift of gravity only effects the individual until they run into an object.

Ouroboros can not alter his own gravity.
The Items

Heat resistant suit: The suit is Ouroboros’ uniform, and is capable of resisting the heat that he outputs, making sure he isn't naked at random times.

The Minions

The Fluff

You can see Luka’s powers returning to him, as his eyes shift from a dull orange to an intense glow.

Luka is unable to be killed, he will just disperse into solar energy, and will regain his physical form in a few days..though he can be contained..except when he's taking the drug.

Luka does not need food, water or oxygen to survive when he isn't on the drug.
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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The Swolefather
The Swolefather

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UNDER REVIEW Re: Ouroboros, Champion of Sol

Post by Zonky Blong on March 18th 2018, 1:40 am

So, I’m gonna need at least 2 more weaknesses related to gravity manipulation.

I’m also gonna need a description of the “Infinite power source” ability.

Since you are currently working on an image, I won’t make you do more to your Looks section.

Zonky Blong
Zonky Blong

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UNDER REVIEW Re: Ouroboros, Champion of Sol

Post by Zonky Blong on March 18th 2018, 10:49 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

Zonky Blong
Zonky Blong

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Warnings : Banned
Number of posts : 195
Location : Somewhere between hell and a hand basket
Age : 23
Job : Professional Slacker
Humor : What’s the difference between a clown and asphalt? Not much after the steamroller incident.
Registration date : 2017-01-10

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