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Lorelei's Advancements

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Lorelei's Advancements

Post by Johanna Sharpe on March 15th 2017, 11:15 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: A Rolling Stone.  

Item/Character Advancement Description:
Being adopted by the Sinclair family has added in the growth and development of Lorelei’s powers. Through rigorous training with Clover, Lorelei’s control over her power as grown and  has discovered that she unlike other geokinetic atlanteans, can manipulate, control, and generate water. Lorelei is unaware of her true origin or nature of being the spirit of the sea, and attributes her ability to manipulate both land and sea as a trait of her royal blood.

Since Lorelei has spent several months living on land, her over sensitivity ears have finally acclimated to the world around her and thus loud or high pitched noises no longer cause her pain or discomfort.


A- Spirit of the Sea’s power: Lorelei has recently discovered that she is capable of generating, and manipulating water, a feat that no other geokinetic atlantean has ever been able to achieve. Lorelei’s unique ability is due to the fact that she is in fact the spirit of the sea. Since Lorelei has just discovered this power she is very limited in the things she can do with it, for example, though she can generate water out of seemingly nothing, she can currently only do this in areas where there is moisture present in the air. Lorelei is also limited in her use of the water and its strength primarily only using it to help heal her wounds or the wounds of her allies or in the form of weak projectiles.

B- I can hear just fine: When Lorelei first arrived on the surface, her large ears were extremely sensitive to all the noises around her. Being bombarded by these loud noises would cause her discomfort. Now that she has spent the past several months on land her ears have adapted to all the noise and no longer cause her discomfort or pain. ( Removal of Weakness 6)

Character Advancement Weakness(es):
Weakness 1: I’m still pretty new to this whole water thing!: Since Lorelei has just recently discovered this power, her ability to generate water out of thin air is entirely restricted to areas where moisture is present in the atmosphere. If Lorelei is stuck in an environment that is very dry and arid, she will be unable to produce any water at all.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5

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Johanna Sharpe

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Re: Lorelei's Advancements

Post by Champion on March 16th 2017, 2:29 am


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