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Tek  Empty Tek

Post by Tek November 12th 2015, 2:06 pm

Craig White

Basic Biography

Real Name: Craig White
Villain Name: Tek
Title: The Prince Of Chaos
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 175 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Out Of Costume
In Costume

The Legacy

To the public Craig White is a genius, lovable, fun loving billionaire. That said this is entirely a front. He would never jeopardize his identity and is so insane he can switch back a forth between being the loving man america crushes over, to the murderous psychopath that gets a hard on over spilling the blood of the innocent. His nerdy, clumsy, caring demeanor as Craig Black also takes the eyes off his as a suspect to be Tek.
Tek on the other hand knows no limit. Man, woman, child, it means nothing to him. If they are in his way for a plan he will kill them and he will enjoy it. After years of being bullied before taking over White Industries, he grew to hate those that were of less power than himself. He is finally able to hurt everyone that tormented him, and nothing makes him happier.  
Born to two genius inventors  in New York. Craig White spent most of his childhood attending conventions and being hidden in the shadows of his parents. They were geniuses in the robotics and weapons field. They never quite seemed to have time for him. When he was 5 years old he created Spike, his lifelong best friend. He took Spike everywhere. This is when he parents finally realized their son was also a genius. Not just a genius but a metahuman. First the technokinesis came, able to control technology hands free by the age of 10. From there his powers just grew and grew. Being such a genius he was in high school by the age of 12. Tormented day in and day out in the battleground he called school, Craig refused to fight back. He could heal from anything they did to him. He knew one day he would be better than them. Graduating first in his class at the age of 16, he opted to wait for college. When he was 17 his parents were violently murdered by a man who's son was killed by a weapon designed by White Industries. Tek had finally lost his mind. Going to that mans house he tortured him for days before finally slitting his throat and washing his face in the blood. When the man's wife walked in, Tek stabbed her a total of 74 times before leaving. Setting up a fall guy, Tek had walked away and became a loved young genius in america. The nation sympathized with him. He became every nerdy girl and some guys' crush. He continues today going on talk shows and he even donated to the rebuilding of New York City. After all, he had an image to uphold. However not so deep down that inner demon lurks, waiting to hurt more people. Craig White is a mask, Tek is who he truly is. This is where our story begins.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Technokinesis: Craig has the ability to manipulate technology to his will. If it is not within his site, he can not control it.
From jet planes, to cruise ships, Tek can control it all. This also means he can control his own weapons without even having to touch them. The closer he is to an object the more control he has over it. Similarly if he makes physical contact with an object it's simple for him to control and puts little to no toll on him. Using his power from a distance puts tremendous stress on his body.

Power 2: Telekinesis: Tek can lift objects with his mind. While not as potent as other meta's telekinetic power, Tek can lift up to about 1 ton with his mind before passing out. Using this power also causes him nose bleeds when he exceeds  5000 lbs. He also has pin point accuracy with his telekinesis making it easier for him to construct his weapons and creations that require steady hands.

Power 3 :Rapid Regeneration: Tek can regenerate from any wound inflicted upon him. He can regrow organs or even limbs in minutes. The only thing Tek can not heal from is a brain injury. If his brain is severed he will die.

Power 4:  Superhuman Intelligence: Quite possibly the most impressive of Tek's feats, he is among the smartest people in the entire world. Before taking over his parents weapons and robotics company, he was creating his own inventions at the age of 5
Be it in his lab or on the fly, Tek can make weapons and gadgets very quickly. In a situation with nothing but simple tools, he will more than likely find a way to build his way out of what would be doom. He is one of the 25 most intelligent people on the planet.

power 5: Flight: Thanks to his telekinesis, Tek has the gift of flight. He must remain focused to continue flying.

Power 6: Super Speed: Tek can fly at incredible speed but unfortunately he can only move this quickly while flying.
He has clocked himself at Mach 1 but he has tried to surpass it several times.
Since he has human durability if he were to hit something it would injure him depending on how fast he was traveling.


Weakness 1: Tek can only use his technokinesis on objects in direct line of site. The further he is away from an object he is the more strain it puts on his body.

Weakness 2: For his telekinesis he is put under tremendous stress when exceeding 1000 pounds. He has maxed out at 3000 lbs, when he tried to surpass this he fainted.

Weakness 3: Tek may be able to regenerate his body, however it is still a normal human body. He feels pain like anyone else, and his body behaves the way a normal human's would while reacting to pain.

Weakness 4: His arrogance may one day be his downfall. He truly believes no one is as smart as him, or as resourceful as him. Mixing that attitude with a fortune and power, leads to some trouble for Mr.White

Weakness 5: Tek must maintain concentration to at least some degree while flying or he will fall right out of the sky.

Weakness 6: When moving too quickly Tek can't see what is in front of him as he doesn't have superhuman reaction time. Just because he can go mach 1, doesn't mean he should all the time.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
1.Strong understanding of all electronics and robotics
2. The ability to fake empathy
3. Nose bleeds while over using his powers
4.Excellent strategist
5. More money than he knows what to do with
6. While he can be "killed" during a battle. In 3 days time if his brain is severed it will regrow just with some very minor memory loss.

Item 1: The Gauntlet:
When not in  full form the gauntlet appears as a metallic arm band around Tek's bicep.
Upon activation the band will stretch up to his shoulder, and all the way down his arm and hand. It completely covers his entire left arm. The gauntlet runs on a duel cell battery. In the palm of the gauntlet is an opening that fires lasers hot enough to melt through most substances. He can fire in small bursts of energy or long beams. The longer he fires the canon the more battery is used up.
The secondary function of the gauntlet is to lift more weight (up to 400 lbs) and withstand harsher attacks. While this won't be stopping any rocket launchers or super strong meta humans, it will protect against conventional firearms and blades. Once the batteries run out the gauntlet will automatically revert back to just a metal arm band until Tek can recharge it.

Weakness for Gauntlet: The finite battery life as well as not being the most durable of items.

Item 2: The Helm:
Tek's identity concealer, and life saver. While his weakness is his brain, the helmet will protect his brain as it is bulletproof, blast resistant, and can withstand a few attacks from even the strongest of super humans. Equipped with a H.U.D. as well as a voice changing module. This to Tek is his most valuable item. While the rest of the world knows him as genius billionaire Craig White, this helps conceal his true darkness. The heads up display shows him if people are known criminals, helps with targeting on his weapons, as well as providing a GPS. Also, it can can connect to the internet and identify most people's identity based of facial recognition. That is unless they are concealing their face in some fashion or are not online at all.

Weakness for Helm: While it protects his entire head, it does not protect is eyes. Since his eyes appear to be covered by screens most people will not know this is his helms weakness. However if shot, stabbed, or any other fatal attack were to go through the eyes of this helmet, it would mean certain doom for Mr.White.

Item 3: Bulletproof vest:
Much like his gauntlet this wont be stopping anything ridiculous. It is quite literally just a bulletproof vest.

Item 4: The Blasters:
A pair of laser blasters that fire energy similar to that of his gauntlet. Each gun can fire 30 shots before needing a reload. Tek only carries one refill for each blaster on him at all times. These blasters can also melt through most items, including steel. Since the shots are so concentrated they are more powerful than his blaster. The shots appear as red energy. These guns are semi-automatic.

Weakness for blasters: If blaster(s) become damaged they become much more unstable making them very dangerous to continue firing. Failure to stop shooting could and more than likely will result in the blaster exploding in Tek's hand.

Item 5: Grenades:
Instead of the conventional pin pulling these grenades are activated by Tek's powers. They are no more power than a regular frag grenade. Tek carries 4 at a time on him.

Item 6: The Ice-Grenades:
When tossed they release and create a large amount of ice around the area they've been detonated at. The grenade will continue releasing the ice until it is either destroyed or Tek uses his powers to deactivate it. Most commonly used for trapping his enemies, however Tek has used them to freeze people to death. They appear to be the size of large marbles however are so condensed the power inside is most impressive. Due to their small size Tek carries 8 at a time on him.

Ice-Grenade weakness: extreme heat will melt through the ice as it is not meant to hold flame manipulators or people with heat powers. On top of that, if the grenade is destroyed, the ice will begin to melt.

Item 7: Incendiary Grenades:
These  are Tek's most destructive grenades. When tossed they will activate with his will. The will explode much like his regular grenades, then proceed to send fire in all directions. They re powerful enough to fill a large sized room with flames.  Tek carries 4 at a time with him.

Weakness for Incendiary-Grenades:
The flames can be put out by conventional means. They only burn at about 800 degrees, and will not melt steel beams.

Item 8: His blades:
They are normal knives.

Weakness for knives: They are just knives.


Spike the robot dog:
Tek's first creation as a child. Spike has been Tek's best friend for almost 21 years. The dog can communicate telepathically with Craig, and has the ability to defecate frag grenades if fed enough scrap metal. Besides that , Spike is just a regular dog that lives in Tek's pent house.

Physical Priority
Agility 3
Endurance 4
Reaction 2
Strength 1

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Tek  Empty Re: Tek

Post by Bliss November 16th 2015, 9:00 pm



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Tek  D3d4aa511c4d025601eecb3540adc5f1


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Tek  Empty Re: Tek

Post by Alpha May 30th 2016, 6:00 pm


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Tek  Empty Re: Tek

Post by Samael Christensen March 11th 2017, 5:47 pm


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Tek  Empty Re: Tek

Post by Sponsored content

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