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Adam Johnson

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Adam Johnson

Post by Adam Johnson on October 4th 2017, 10:47 am

Adam Johnson

"If you’ve seen half the things i’ve seen, you would stop being surprised."

The Bio

Real Name: Adam Johnson
Renegade Name:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 480 (Stopped aging at 20)
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Medium Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’7
Weight: 132 lbs
Blood type: Ichor

The Looks

The Personality

Adam is the type of person that calculates almost every move that he makes. This is something that he had managed to pick up from the one that had made him, and it has allowed him to last longer than he feels he should. Upon first glance he can appear altruistic, help where it appears that he can gain nothing, but there is always some manner of string attached to it.

He has become colder to an extent ever since accepting the demons blood that had granted him new life, and views anyone that he cannot gain something from as acceptable losses.  if they see past the ruse of civility that he tends to put up around him. Beyond that is a complex individual that sees himself as a sort of monster and acts like he believes that he should. Painted by the loss of so many he tends to push people away, and eventually even his empathy had been corroded, part of him blaming the blood of a demon that he had willingly ingested.

Despite this, he is still someone that is capable of feeling some manner of love within his non-beating heart. Should someone manage to endear themselves to him, they will find that he can be rather kind, the priorly mentioned string no longer there.

The Story

The earliest memories he has is of his family, a small family that tilled the land for their food. It was a simple life and he was a simple person, doing what he could to get by. His parents were honest, god fearing people as they put it and he likened himself to be one in their image. His life wasn’t meant to have any greater meaning beyond the simple one given to it, and yet that was not his destiny. Things had become greatly changed on one day in particular, not long after his twentieth name day of all things.

He had been seeing the daughter of some local lord, someone that had manage to capture his attention and affection. Of course he had intended to marry her, but that wasn’t what ended up happening. Their affection for one another had become a bit too much, and she had become with child. This was something that he father did not take very well, and in fact despite his seemingly tame response, retribution was something that he would enact. The child developing would live, but a plan hatched had been to make sure it grew up without its father. He would not have someone of such low station ruin his flesh and blood.

So his life was the price, a mercenary type being sent to do away with him and nearly getting the job done. There was only one thingt hat really stopped him from biting the dust, and that was an odd stranger. He had been odd, pale and appeared to tear the assailant to pieces with no difficulty. When that was done they looked, pitifully down to the broken and bleeding human at their feet, There was only one way to save him really, and this pale stranger oddly enough was willing to do it.

He had listed Adam from the street, carrying him with infinite care until they were nowhere near human civilization and the conversion happened. First was the blood flowing between his lips. Followed by being lowered into the earth where he would have to rise on his own power. The tie passed, but soon enough he did awaken, clawing at the earth itself until he he broke the surface. Awaiting him was a human, smelling too tantalizing to really ignore. His teeth broke skin and the pleasure overwhelmed him, lapping like waves over him until the hunger abated. It was then that he realized, clarity now restored that it took a persons life to restore his own. They didn’t really look like someone that he recognized, but they were blood on his hands.

A sudden feeling of disgust fell over him, but it was the one that made him that comforted him in their own way. He had become something more than he was once. No longer was Adam a simple farmer, but a drinker of blood that was denied the sunlight but given infinite nights to enjoy his new supernatural vitality. There would be emotional pain from the after affects of this kill, but he would be able to do this eventually with time. This was something that his maker had assured him, and then took him into their care.

Through this time he was taught the ways of his kind, their weaknesses to sunlight and various other things as well as a burgeoning hatred for werewolves which had been their foes ever since they could remember. This was something that took a few decades, but eventually he was someone that could function even without his master babysitting him. This was something that managed help him very much, as his own maker had been taken out by a shadowhunter they had managed to run afoul of.

Despite their own death, he had managed to escape what should have been his end. In his first century he was a left truly an orphan. Despite such a loss, he had managed to push through it and eventually bond with others of his kind. It was through this that he had formed his own little family unit, people that he lived with under a single person that sort of served to protect them. This went on until they proved themselves inadequate and he took them out. This had happened centuries after joining with them and yet only a few months after a rather messy encounter with a few wolves that were less than happy with their existence. Most had been torn down by these lycans, and those that had not managed to get away with seemingly mortal wounds.

They had looked to the one that took control for help and he was the one that delivered this help. His control over them had gone smoothly, Adam making use of the lessons that his maker had taught him until he came upon an odd child. They had been left alone in the woods crying, and attracting predators that would want to make her their next meal. It was him that had saved her, taking her in despite the deformities that had likely made her mother throw her away. He had given her a name and a chance at life among his family of the damned, so she lived happily with them.

While they lived with their precious little cambion, they also continued to enjoy the fruits of humanity. Their improving society as well as the flowing essence through their veins, feeding them both in equal measures. This pissed off a few hunters and they did not truly care within their wanton enjoyment of life. That being until reality came down with its hammer, slamming shut this book of their life. Their own home had set fire within the conflict, and only he had managed to escape from the towering inferno. His body had been badly burned, and yet he managed to persist within his weak state. Death nipped at his heels and yet it did not manage to claim him. That was when he was encountered by a demon, a great one to be exact.

This demon had offered him something, a chance to live once again so long as he offered them one thing in return. Pain clouding his judgment he heartily agreed, this demon offering their wrist and the moment he saw blood was the moment that he leapt upon it. It tasted bitter, as if he were gulping down motor oil and yet his body demanded more of it. More and more he drank until he was thrown back, his wounds healing and returning him to his former state. The demon had mentioned he would owe it a favor, though that didn’t seem like much for someone that had been given their own life. As soon as he had been saved, the thing disappeared leaving him with renewed vitality, and a strength that had been greatly increased.

This was where he ended up meeting Samael, helping him deal with a rogue pack of werewolves in new York. The two forming an odd relationship not long after that. Slowly working his way to worm out corruption that has been taking root in the supernatural community.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Vampiric Strength: Due to his vampiric lineage and the demonic blood that had revitalized him, Adam is imbued with an immense amount of strength. This allows him to rip apart steel with ease, shatter diamonds and even break bones with casual motions. While it’s a bit over the top, he has shown to be even able to lift a school bus with one arm.

Vampiric Speed: He has shown speed that allows him to cross short distances up to 50 feet faster than a human can blink, and maintain a run at up to 500 mph. His reflexes and reaction can keep up with this speed.

Vampiric Regeneration: His body due to his vampiric nature regenerates quickly from injuries, closing scratches and cuts rather easily, ranging from minutes to hours. Consuming blood can speed up the process exponentially.

Vampiric Senses: His senses of sight, smell and hearing are far greater than a humans, especially when it comes to following blood.

Fascination: Those that make eye contact with him are drawn into his influence which is akin to hypnotism, and do what he asks of them. (permission based)

Mind gift: Despite his youth, the powerful blood that has improved him has also given him access to abilities that would otherwise be used by vampires a millenia old. Whatever animates him allows Adam to project thoughts, feelings and even vague images in an ability that has been called by many telepathy.

The Weaknesses

Silver: Silver slices through his flesh, burning it and nearly negating his regeneration itself. It also seems to drain his strength from continual contact.

Eye contact:His fascination requires eye contact, and wearing anything that obscures the eyes can foil it.

The Burn of fire: His body is rather weak to fire, and any flame larger than a lighter would likely begin to set him on fire due to the unique composition of his blood. This normally means incapacitation.

Brilliant lights: His eyes are sensitive to light, and can be easily annoyed by them. Sudden bright lights can blind him temporarily.

Pure Salt: His body takes a rather violent reaction when introduced to pure salt or anything that is highly salty, such as ocean water or just salt. His reaction is usually violently vomiting blood should he ingest it or his skin burning should he be injected with it,  or come in contact with it.

Frozen: Damage caused by any manner of freezing or cold take longer to regenerate from than normal. d by any manner of freezing or cold take longer to regenerate from than normal.

invitation: He cannot enter a personal residence that he was not invited into.

Holy symbols: Things such as crosses can keep him at bay, and even burn his flesh at close range.

Deadmans blood: Either through being injected with it or consuming it, he can be reduced to a death like torpor where he cannot move for at least a day.

Grave soil: Breaking a glass jar of the soil of his homeland can force him to come to where it was broken.

Holy water Contact with holy water can burn him like acid, and slow down his regenerative factor.

The Fluff

Vampiric Blood: His blood if consumed by a human will bring about a sense of euphoria that cannot be reached by any drug within circulation, thus making it sought out by anyone who has tasted of this forbidden fount. While this fluid is desirable, it is also highly flammable, thus making him highly flammable considering it runs through his veins. Through a constant trade of blood, he can make another person a vampire. This blood also can speed up a person's natural healing greatly.

Vampiric characteristics: When angered, hungry or by willing it, he can produce highly durable fangs within his mouth. They are capable of breaking the skin of even highly durable metahumans, being the primary means of feeding.

Altered: When damaged by things such as fire or his weaknesses, Adam finds that he cannot heal himself except through the consumption of blood rich with demonic essence.

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Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson

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Re: Adam Johnson

Post by Shadowoof on October 4th 2017, 10:50 am

Approved and moved

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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