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Adam Northwood

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Adam Northwood Empty Adam Northwood

Post by Plantboi October 24th 2021, 12:01 am

Adam Northwood

"You won't survive the oncoming apocalypse if the environment dies out. I'll make sure of that personally."

The Bio

Real Name: Adam Northwood
Renegade Name: Plantoid
Title: The Plant Thing
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human/Plant Hybrid
Hair: Dark Green (So dark it can be perceived as black by those not looking closely)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 6'3
Weight: 183 Pounds
Blood type: Chlorophyll

The Looks

Adam is a somewhat attractive looking man in his mid-20s. He possesses short hair, dark green in color, though it's so dark that it could be mistaken for black if the observer isn't paying attention. He possesses emerald green eyes and a pair of golden rimmed spectacles, though it's more of a tool to keep up appearances than a visual aid, as he doesn't need them to see clearly. His skin is abnormally pale and the man appears to be sickly at most points in time, likely due to the fact that those who look close would realize that he has a green tinge to his skin.

He possesses an angular face and high cheekbones, as well as possessing a kind disposition when he is posing as a civilian. He usually keeps himself well cleaned and his hair combed, though he often forces himself to apply make-up to ensure that he isn't revealed as an abnormal entity, including foundation and black hair gel. As a result of the incident that gave Adam his powers, his blood has been turned green in color. As a result, Adam usually wears long clothing to cover up and scrapes and scratches to hide the injuries he sustains during his super-powered escapades. Usually he resorts to a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and some close toed sneakers, though occasionally he will mix up his wardrobe.

The Personality

Adam has a very strange identity disorder. He feels as though there's a disconnect between the person he is now, and the person he was before he gained his powers. Simply put, he doesn't internalize any of the memories before that point. He remembers what occurred, though he doesn't feel as though those events had happened to him. To him, it feels as though Adam Northwood died a long time ago, and Plantoid took over his identity. Because of this, Adam struggles with the relations he has as both Adam Northwood and Plantoid, wondering who he is, which relationships he should commit to, and wondering whether he should abandon one of his identities.

When posing as Adam Northwood, he is friendly and kind, portraying himself as a chatty yet meek scientist working on sustainable environment solutions as a response to rising levels of pollution. He's quick to a smile and loves to tell jokes, even if they aren't particularly funny. Even if they aren't funny at all to be honest. Despite his meek appearance, he does his best to be ethical and to have integrity, displaying strong loyalty to those who confide in him. Those who are kind to the man will find a good and trustworthy friend in Adam Northwood.

As Plantoid, the man is cold, calculating, and intimidating. He typically uses his powers to achieve hulking sizes, and has no trouble using intimidation or brute force to achieve his goals. That isn't to say that he particularly enjoys hurting, killing, or maiming people, and avoids doing so if he can, though he possesses a utilitarian view about protecting the environment from those who would do it harm. In his mind, those that would make the world worse for everyone are those who aren't deserving of being in it.

Both versions of the man have a strong desire to protect the environment, and would gladly sacrifice theirselves to ensure its safety. Typically he uncovers corporate or criminal schemes that would harm the environment, and comes to stop them as Plantoid, regardless of their morality or legality. Though he still cares about his fellow man as well, and will go out of his way to protect innocents who can't defend themselves.

The Story

Adam Northwood was once a scientist determined to save the Earth. Being born to two prominent wildlife conservationists, he was instilled at a young age with a strong sense of respect for the plants and animals, though he typically didn't care much about his parent's work as a young kid. Yet that changed at the age of eight when Adam's parents died after drinking water from a stream which had been filled with toxins by a nearby factory, all through legal channels. Adam nearly lost his life as well, though a team of doctor's managed to save him before he succumbed to toxins as well. Knowing what it's like to lose your parents, Adam vowed to make a better environment for everyone, so nobody had to suffer like he did ever again.

After bouncing around the foster care system for a rough couple of years, Adam used his intellect to work hard in school, becoming an environmental scientist in hopes of inventing something that could change the world. With Adam young and fresh out of college with no money to fund research and development, Adam turned to loan sharks for expensive materials and funds, swearing up and down that he would pay them back in the future. He acquired several copies of the meta-gene, which Adam genetically engineered into a number of plants in hopes that they would develop the ability to filter toxins out of the environment. His experiments were going poorly, and he wasn't turning a profit when the loan sharks finally came to collect. Tired of Adam's excuses, they decided to make an example of the man by trashing his laboratory and beating him half to death before setting the place on fire and leaving him for dead.

Adam nearly died, though the numerous chemicals and failed experiments the laid on the man's body had a very peculiar effect. Adam's DNA and the DNA of the meta-gene enhanced plants combined! This granted Adam access to the meta-gene as well, and with it a collection of powers he used to escape from the fire.

Now Plantoid roams searching for injustices against the environment and her children, determined to save the Earth at any costs.

The Powers

Bark Body:

Adam possesses the ability to grow hardened tree bark from his body as a form of defensive armor. This bark covers him from head to toe, though it doesn't prevent him from seeing, nor does it inhibit his movements. This bark is incredibly durable against physical attacks like punches, bullets, and projectiles, as well as most energy attacks like lightning and certain forms of magic, though it has particular weaknesses against intense heat or cold, which causes the bark become brittle and break far more easily. He can extend the power over his clothes or limit it to certain parts of his body at a time if he wishes. Once he's done with it, he can dismiss the bark, causing it to shrink back into his body.

Vine Muscle:

Adam possesses the ability to create thick vines around himself which latch onto various parts of his body. These vines are able to expand and contract with incredible force to function as artificial muscles, much more powerful than their natural counterpart due to their inherent thickness. These artificial muscles allow Adam to perform great feats of athletic prowess like lifting and throwing cars or out-running them in a race casually, and performing significant feats of strength like catching falling buildings or holding back trains at maximum effort. He can create these artificial muscles everywhere around his body, or limit them certain parts of his body at a time if he wishes. Once he's done with them, he can dismiss the vines back into his body.

The Weaknesses

Plantlike Vulnerability:

Adam's Bark Body is particularly weak against both extreme heat and extreme cold, with both extremes causing the bark to grow brittle and weak. When exposed to those elements or environments, the bark would break and render the user vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Snapped Muscle Fibers:

Adam's Vine Muscle is strong, though it still functions as normal muscle would be. If the vines are damaged or snapped they lose the ability to contract and function like muscle, making it so Adam would not gain the ability to utilize their strength.

Weakness to Chemicals:

As a result of his accident, Adam has both a mental and physical aversion to particular chemicals. When exposed to strong herbicides, Adam becomes severely weakened. He loses access to his powers and suffers from severe vertigo until he can get the chemicals off of his body.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

Scientific Proficiency:

Adam is a good deal more knowledgable than the average person when it comes to scientific knowledge. This is especially true in matters dealing with the environment and genetics, though he's no slouch in his studies of technology.

Criminal Connections:

While he never engaged in any particularly unlawful activity himself, and doesn't want to get into that life again, he does have some contacts with members of the criminal underworld from when he was involved with loan sharks.

Bare-Knuckle Fighter:

Far from a skilled combatant, Adam had it rough in the foster care system, and knows at least a little bit about holding himself in a fight.

Botany Knowledge:

Adam has a good knowledge of most earth-based plants down to the chemical level, including the poisons they emit, their medicinal purposes if any, and how to care for them.

Hybrid Plant Body:

Adam possesses unique physiology as a result of his powers. His body possesses the biological functions of both plants and animals, functionally giving him the ability to use photosynthesis in addition to normal human biological functions, as well as eliminating some physiological needs. This grants Adam a greater degree of cellular energy than the average person, granting him greater endurance than normally possible and slightly improving his physical capabilities. He also does not need to breathe due to the fact that his body can use the waste oxygen or carbon dioxide to fuel the other processes, and his life span has been dramatically extended by hundreds of years well past what would normally be achievable.

The RP Sample

Adam was sitting casually on the couch in his apartment, reading a book and sipping every so often at a cup of tea he had sitting on the coffee table beside himself. A thin stream of the new morning sunlight slipped through the nearby blinds and illuminated the man's abnormally pale and green tinted form as dawn began to break. He had a bit of time before he needed to head into work, so he wanted to enjoy his morning. After all, he was about to be stuck in a laboratory until late night.

A nearby clock sat upon his wall, ticking away as it counted the seconds until he needed to prepare himself for work. Truth be told, the man was a little excited. He'd had to do a lot of searching after the old lab got burned down in the accident, but he'd finally found an employer who was willing to hire him. Of course, he likely wouldn't have access to the same equipment the last lab had access to, though that hardly mattered to the man. Better to have good equipment purchased legally than acquired through a loan shark's dirty money.

Another sip, and a glance at the wall. 6:07 A.M.. A little less than two hours to get ready, and less than three hours to get there. Adam smiled as he finished off the last of the tea and set the cup down beside himself. Two hours to entertain himself huh? Adam slipped his way into the bathroom where a good deal of foundation and hair gel sat next to a pair of golden rimmed glasses. Perhaps unbefitting of the average person, though with issues such as his it becomes necessary to gussy up the face in order to avert the curious stares of those who'd never seen a pale green man before. Adam picked up the brush, dabbing away at the skin on his face and backs of his hands until his skin was colored a light tan. He slicked the hair gel until his hair was a nice solid black, and he placed the spectacles on his head before flashing a friendly smile into the mirror. Seems as though he looked the part of the friendly new co-worker.

Adam quickly returned to his bedroom where he began to adorn his lab uniform. This was his first job since the incident, and he hoped that he'd make a good impression. On some level he had to wonder if he was doing the right thing taking up the job. After all, that was something that the old Adam Northwest did. That wasn't him, was it? He was a new person now, one who had no attachment to that old life. Adam frowned before dismissing the thought. He had little choice in the matter if he wanted enough money to keep this apartment of his. Besides, he could also help the world in non-violent ways by creating scientific solutions to environmental problems. Might as well use the old Adam's degree than let it go to waste.

Adam finished dressing himself in his new attire before taking a glance at the clock on the wall. 6:34 A.M.. That left him plenty of time to do a little patrolling. Though he doubted that he'd find anything particularly useful at this time. Adam stood by the window that cast its light on him earlier before softly opening it, revealing the city below him. The man's nose wrinkled as the smell of pollution filled the air wafting up towards his apartment. It was disgusting how much smog was in the area. He'd have to take care of some of the companies venting their disgusting smoke into the atmosphere later. For now though, he'd start small.

Adam closed his eyes and concentrated. He conjured the power within himself to create thick vines which attached to positions all around his body, from his legs, to his arms, to his chest, even to his face, though he doubted that was entirely necessary. They rooted themself firmly in place to the man's satisfaction, and he could already feel the increase in strength they provided him. His now monstrously thick eyebrows furrowed as he focused harder, conjuring a layer of wood over the artificial muscles, creating the appearance of a hulking and faceless wooden creature in his apartment. An invisible grin spread underneath the wooden mask as Adam struggled to squeeze through the open window and stand over the city streets below. He no longer stood before the city under the name Adam Northwood. Now Plantoid was on the prowl, searching for wrongdoers to punish.

The sound of police sirens rang out through the city, and Plantoid saw them quickly race by on a nearby street. The powerful vines and natural muscles in his body contracted before extending quickly, allowing Plantoid to leap forth from the side of the building that he clung to after them. The sight of the wooden goliath painted the sky while he soared through the air, falling rapidly until he slammed into the busy streets below, cracking the concrete as he landed and startling nearby passerby and cars. Plantoid immediately took to action, barreling after the sound he'd heard in attempt to catch up to the police cars.

Plantoid quickly rounded the nearby corner to see the issue. Several cop cars chasing after an armored van racing through the street with several gunners firing out the back. Seems as though a lot of people would get hurt if Plantoid didn't step in. The plant based hero flexed his powerful legs once again before leaping into the air, hurdling over traffic and the police cars onto the armored vehicle itself. The top of it buckled under the creature's immense weight, and the shouts of the driver and goons rang out from the inside. Plantoid's hand clenched into a fist as he ran towards the front of the car, giving another quick jump forward as he spun in midair to face the encroaching thing. His fist slammed into the hood and deep into the engine as his feet collided with and dug into the asphalt ground. The driver looked stunned. Plantoid had severed the connection from the engine to the gas, making it impossible for the thing to keep moving, and by placing himself ahead of the car and holding it back, the momentum of the thing stopped rapidly.

Plantoid could hear the sounds of several thuds as the inertia of the gunmen in back send the slamming into the back of the van, something that caused him great pleasure. The driver seemed furious though, and he quickly unholstered a gun to shoot out the glass and fire at the face of the creature. The man within found his reaction funny when he realized that the bullets just bounced harmlessly off his wooden shell. His gun quickly clicked empty, prompting Plantoid to rush forward and punch him through the shattered glass. The man instantly dropped unconscious, and Plantoid quickly rushed to the back of the truck to see if any of the criminals were still looking to cause trouble. Thankfully to his surprise, they were all incapacitated from the quick stopping of the van.

Plantoid looked back towards the encroaching cop cars. He had maybe a minute before they arrived. He supposed he could try to escape, though curiosity got the better of the hero as he clambored into the back of the van, searching for whatever it was they were transporting. A disgusted snarl crept across his hidden face when he saw the numerous oil drums there were transporting, probably illegally stolen from some factory. It was disgusting, though Plantoid didn't want to give the police a chance to confiscate it. An idea crept across the hero's mind as he grabbed the gunmen out of the car and quickly rushed them to the sides of the street. The cops were approaching fast, and Plantoid didn't have a moment to lose. Once they were all out of the car a safe distance away, including the driver, Plantoid picked up one of the guns they were firing at the police. As they finally came to the scene with guns raised and commands to raise his hands to the air, Plantoid squeezed the trigger at the barrels of oil. A massive explosion erupted from the armored car as Plantoid leapt to safety, fleeing the intense heat of the blast. He cast a momentary glance back to make sure the police and civilians were okay. All fine it seemed, which pleased the hero as gravity caught up to him and caused him to crash downwards into a nearby abandoned alley. A satisfied expression was stretched across his face as he dismissed the bark and vines adorning his body. The man calmly reached into his pocket for his phone as he began walking towards his new job at the lab. 6:43 A.M.. Pretty good time for one of his first outings.

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Adam Northwood Empty Re: Adam Northwood

Post by inquisitor October 24th 2021, 1:11 am

You can go ahead and move Hybrid Plant Body to fluff.
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Adam Northwood Empty Re: Adam Northwood

Post by inquisitor October 24th 2021, 3:41 am

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