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Nathaniel Christensen

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Nathaniel  Christensen Empty Nathaniel Christensen

Post by Shael Atterrius January 2nd 2017, 12:47 am

Nathaniel Christensen

Nathaniel  Christensen Giphy

Basic Biography

Name: Nathaniel Christensen
Title: The Angels son, The Angel of fire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Nephilim
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 176 Ibs
Blood type: O – with a gold tint

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality:Nathaniel is a driven individual with a strong sense of justice. While he is infused with the power of an angel, he is a rather humble individual and will never boast despite whether it is superior in an aspect or not. Veiws it as his duty to protect human and metahuman kind alike from injustice, and holds a deep seated hatred for anything bearing a relation to the darker side of the world. This being crime (rarely), down to even the demons that hide within the darkness. Is known to eschew certain sensibilities should they help him stop any demonic or dark threats.

History: Nathaniel was born to a seemingly normal upbringing, two normal human parents in a middle-class home. His mother from since he could remember had always been sickly, prone to violent fits of coughing, some of which were full of blood. This made keeping steady work for her somewhat difficult, s his father was forced to work himself to the bone so that their small family could get by, though Nathaniel never found himself lacking in basic needs and this upbringing was something that managed to give him an appreciation for everything that he did have. It was a simple life, that being until his mother had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer around the age of sixteen.

Cancer however had been something that was just a placeholder for whatever she had. The cells of her body were attacking themselves it had seemed, and she was slowly dying. The cause of the sickness was unknown but the eventual outcome was something that they couldn’t do anything about. No treatments available could even slow down the disease, and within a few months of them finding out about it she had passed away. This had left Nathaniel devastated, falling into a spiral of depression until a revelation of an almost divine nature came to him. This being an angel, one that had offered him an answer to what had happened, that his mother had a child before him, and they were the cause of the illness that had claimed her life.

This angel also offered a means by which he could gain vengeance, becoming a vessel of sorts for the power they embodied. This angel was known as Raguel, and he offered Nathaniel vengeance. Granting him his very own blood, he had become more than just human and with it came the power of an angel, as well as a few blessings from the angel itself. It was with this power that he began to hunt down his cambion half brother, with only one thing in mind.

To kill him.

Through a meeting with a man he was put into looking over a young nephilim by the name of Zachriel.

The Powers and Weaknesses

Nephilim physiology: Bearing the blood of an angel within his veins, Nathaniel was gifted a physicality that far outstripped even the greatest of humans. It may be credited to his father being a powerful angel, but he was gifted a body capable of superhuman feats. This ranges from strength that allows him to lift, and throw large man-made vehicles without much effort, and punching through reinforced steel with seeming ease. To accommodate with the excessive strength his body is capable of, his muscles, tissue and bones are incredibly strong. This allows him to take bullets as if they were the bites of gnats, withstanding superhuman blows of great force without falling. Due to the excessive strength of his legs muscles, he is also capable of reaching superhuman levels of speed topping around at 100 mph when pushing himself, this speed also going along with his personal striking speed. Flowing with continual light energy, his body is capable also of rapidly repairing itself from injury.

Wings of glory: Nathaniel’s back is adorned with two golden wings of an impressive wingspan that radiate a constant pure light. They are capable of lifting him through the air at speeds greater than he could on the ground, up to 150 mph. While he cannot force them to fade like his angel parent was capable of, but they are rather flexible, capable of folding neatly on his back.

Holy flames: Bright gold flames that he is capable of conjuring and controlling with seemingly a thought.  These flames are capable of melting metal, reducing steel to a molten slag as well as even damaging superhuman opponents. A secondary effect of these flames is one that can be used instead of the normal burning use. That being that is can heal the injuries of those bathed within the flames, rapidly closing wounds and even facilitating limbs to be reattached.

Angel of war: A gift that the angel that granted him his powers also gave him. Nathaniel was given the ability to master any weapon of the world of man so help him with his one goal. All it takes is a touch and he can use said weapon with the skill of a master.

Compelled to good: Nathaniel is psychologically compelled to do good, and protect the innocent. He cannot in any way go against this, to the point of it being a compulsion.

Enochian Symbols: These symbols arrayed around in a circle or within the doorway of a building are capable of keeping him out, forming a seemingly invisible barrier he cannot cross no matter what.

Obsidian: The substance has an odd effect, capable of slicing through his flesh far easier than any man-made metals.

The shield of faith:[/color] Those holding up religious symbols such as a cross or  Star of David will find that he is incapable of making any violent actions against them.

Fairness: When the potential of a sneak attack presents itself, he is incapable of taking it no matter how advantageous it would be for him.

Justice: He is incapable of harming those that are just with any of his powers.

Soft spot: His wings are far less durable than the rest of his body, making them easier to harm than the rest of his body. Along with this, the wings themselves take much longer to repair themselves than the rest of his body.

The voices of angels: He is incapable of disobeying the commands of angels.

Turbulence: Excessive winds or turbulent weather can greatly inhibit his flight, or ability to do so.

Truth: Nathaniel is incapable of lying, regardless of how detrimental the truth would be.

Demonic Sigils: Weapons laced with these are capable of slicing through his flesh with ease, as well as inhibiting his regeneration. Bonds with these are capable of holding him, regardless of what material it is, even paper.

Blood of demons: Demon blood is highly poisonous, comparable to arsenic to humans for him in high enough doses. Smaller doses can lead to dizziness, fatigue and even a lessening of his powers depending on how much gets into his system.

Hellfire: The fires of Hell or of demonic origins are capable of doing great damage to him.

Redemption: He must offer a chance for redemption before making use of his powers against someone.

Invocation: When invoking the name of the angel that he had gained his powers from, a person can demand one thing from him

Lucifer: A transparent weapon made of an unknown by hyper durable material. It is capable of slicing through flesh, even that of a superhuman with minimal effort. When wielded in battle the weapon glows a brilliant gold,  and can channel his holy flames to a greater extent. He can summon the weapon to his hand by simply calling upon its name. It is a weapon that cannot be wielded by those who hold darkness within their hearts nor can it harm the good hearted. (Those who have struck with the intent to kill and are chaotic good and above are able to be harmed with this weapon)
Blade image:

Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Strength 2
Reaction 3
Agility 4
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Shael Atterrius
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Nathaniel  Christensen Empty Re: Nathaniel Christensen

Post by Thorgron January 2nd 2017, 12:49 am

Approved cuz reasons

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