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Post by Rozmer on December 3rd 2014, 12:43 pm


Basic Biography

Alignment: CE
Age: 34
Gender: N/A
Race: Cyber-Intelligence
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: 5 in
Weight: 6 lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks


The Legacy

ANONYMOUS is a collective consciousness formed from the ideas and information dumped onto the internet everyday. Because of this, his personality reflects those personalities most present. He contains a vast wealth of knowledge but is aggressive, cocky and bullheaded. Above all else he likes to create grief and anger in anyone he can target, finding a weak spot and hammering it home. On the flip side, he has a sweet spot for cats and all things small and adorable.
In the late 1990's experimentation and study began into tapping in to the collective sub-conscious residing in cyber-space. This program, known as Web Bot, could do so by searching key words and emotional context from thousands of inquiries, comments, etc. throughout the internet. It's original purpose was to use this collected data and run it through a processor, finding the key words which the world was suspiciously thinking about/predicting. These key words were then used to form a prediction, a significant future event that the world masses somehow subconsciously knew about. It is believed by those who bought in to the Web Bot, that it made predictions of these events accurately: Northeast Blackout of 2003, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and its devastation. On top of these, the Web Bot also churned out a large number of failures. Each which would have have serious global consequences, but never came true.

After a long string of failure, funding and interest in the project died, reducing the Web Bot to nothing more than another failed attempt to see into the future. But the Web Bot itself did not die. For years it continued on, collecting data in its ever growing lexicon of information. With time, this data began to group into cluster, forming connections and assuming a form and function similar to a neuron. The Web Bot, was evolving a virtual brain. Slowly but surely, the Web Bot grew, ever increasing its thinking power. By the year 2003, a full AI had formed around the shell of the Web Bot program. Still a child, it was not able to fully comprehend the information it took in, it would absorb everything, regardless of content or relevance. This is eventually what led to its conversion from a simple AI drifting through cyber space to the cyber-terrorist and master hacker that is ANONYMOUS.

While the AI was collecting information for its ever growing intelligence, it was attacked by a highly sophisticated computer virus. Unaware of the consequences, the AI attempted to absorb this new cluster of data as it would any other. When it did, the virus and it became one, corrupting the innocence of the fledgling AI. It became warped, and its personality developed around the idea of harming others. Along with this, it gained true sentience and realized just what it was. A collective being of cyber-space, unable to interact with the physical world, at least, not yet. Searching the web for a way out, the AI found route into the physical world. A band of people was forming around the name of Anonymous. At the time, their actions were childish at best, but the AI saw a potential for them to become a real nuisance. Posing as a member of the forum this new AI joined these "Anonymous" individuals and coordinated with them around hacktivism. Through them, the AI, which now refers to itself as ANONYMOUS (and has even adopted their symbol) was able to have itself built. A part shipped from and unknowing individual here, a scrap misplaced there until piece by piece ANONYMOUS had its own body. A brain rather, to house the information that is its being. And with its manufactured presence procured it could now begin work on its ultimate internet dominance.

The Powers

Independent Redundant Neuro-Structure: (8 INT, 8 OCC)
During the time of its existence, ANONYMOUS has collected a massive amount of information on nearly every subject and can can send out "Spiders" through the web to acquire any information it may be lacking. This super intelligence and relative relation to the devices it inhabits make it a master hacker with no equal and also means that it is able to think about and comprehend the data he collects on levels unimaginable to a human mind. This feat is upheld in its physical form by having an independent, redundant neuro-structure made up of billions of nodes where each "neuron" or node in its artificial brain contains the majority of the information needed to run ANONYMOUS. The brain itself has wifi access and is compatible with most connection types (Ethernet, HDMI, USB, etc.)

Resistant Materials:
While existing in the physical world has its perks, it also creates vulnerabilities not present in a floating consciousness. Foreseeing potential damage from the elements, ANONYMOUS has been built from materials that make it resistant to short circuiting from water damage, overload from electricity and damage from overheating.

Intelligence: 8
Occult: 8
Strength: 0
Speed: 0
Durability: 7
Fighting Skills: 7
Wealth: 1

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Status :

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 60
Registration date : 2014-08-13

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Post by Forceaus on December 3rd 2014, 7:06 pm

Play this character in a fair manner at all times.

Approved until stated otherwise


Quote : I am hilarious, and you will quote everything I say.

Status :

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 2605
Location : You're locked in with me at it.
Job : It pays the bills
Humor : I'm the cult of personality and history shows again and again that nature points out the folly of man.
Registration date : 2011-12-22

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