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The Doctor and the Danny

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INV ONLY The Doctor and the Danny

Post by The Nekromonga June 1st 2020, 1:50 am

It has been a good three weeks since Dr. Frankie Moreau arrived in Los Angeles and made waves in social media, especially those people who watched her nature documentaries. She’d been up to many little moves and schemes, getting in touch with the local celebrity base, making moves against illegal shelters, and having Galahad roam around Cedar Springs, riling up sightings of gryphons.

But tonight, it was not Dr. Moreau out and about, helping animal groups and making videos. Tonight, Talona was on the hunt for something special. A chance photo from Dayanara Tamamoa’s Instagram caught her attention- an unusual creature encased in a glass display, and a map on the wall. The Tamamoa’s were popular explorers in of themselves, and while most people focused on Danny’s newest clothes or accessories, the background objects were more the doctor’s speed.

Soaring high above the poshest suburbs in L.A. where the beautiful elite lived, it was easy enough to find their residence. A new moon concealed Galahad’s form from prying eyes, flying on wings meant there was no noise to be had. She chose a high balcony for her entry point, having Galahad land there and Rex and Rover dismounting from their special riding harnesses. She crouched low and made no sound, and her pets, well trained, did the same.

Talona also brought a few rats – small vile creatures the world will not miss. Security was normally more invested in the perimeter and lower floors, but Talona looked around to ensure there were no cameras; otherwise the rats would go and make short work of them. Then she would get started on the balcony’s French doors, having her little rodent meat puppets open the lever type door handles.

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INV ONLY Re: The Doctor and the Danny

Post by Danny The Sphinx June 27th 2020, 2:37 am

"Danny! You have rats!" A good rubber soled slipper counter balanced the slick floors of the overly ornate marble floors. "I think they're circus rats or something." Tsukimi held a mug of coffee in one hand and a cell phone. She ditched her more formal shoes earlier for the slippers, but still maintained her black dress from the earlier engagement with villains.

"Circus rats aren't real. They are probably just- wait, I probably need to call an exterminator." Just down the hallway lounged Danny on a rustic sofa not actually made for sitting- and the support of back bore witness. The edges of Danny's green dress still carried some of the flames from the blasts of Dr Pyro, but unlike Tsukimi, Danny still wore the heels from the encounter. "Was there a hole nearby or was it just like lawn rats?"

"I don't know what lawn rats are, but I took a picture." Tsukimi entered the living room and put her coffee on the table. She tossed her the phone to Danny's chest. "They aren't cute Disney rats."

"No they are not." Danny lifted the phone to her face. "Let me call Tori."

"She's down the hall." Tsukimi put her feet up on an ottoman. "I can just yell."

"That ottoman isn't for feet. And the couch isn't for sitting." Danny started scrolling for Tori's number. "And don't yell. It's uncivil."

Tsukimi lifted her feet and positioned her legs so the back of her calves were pressed against the fabric. "Is anything in this house meant for living?"

"No." Danny sent a text message to Tori and Mitsuko. One of them would take care of the rats. Maybe. "They fought a fire guy today. They can deal with rats. Right?"

"I'm going to make a cake." Tsukimi rose and began to move towards the Kitchen.

"Impromptu  cake sounds good. Better than rats."

The Doctor and the Danny  Giphy

Danny's Partners (Tsukimi, Tori, and Abby)

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