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A good time in the Windy City

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A good time in the Windy City Empty A good time in the Windy City

Post by Doc May 19th 2016, 10:54 pm

In the Windy City, a warm morning breeze settled in as Avery took his first steps into the city proper. In his travels, he had always heard of Chicago being the place to go for different kinds of adventures, and in doing so, he couldn't help but stop by. However, as he was without a guide, it was not long before Avery found himself lost wthout a clue of where to go; after hours of wandering, Avery found himself sitting on a park bench, quietly feeding the animals. Though he enjoyed experiencing new things, Avery always found himself coming back to see animals, to feel as they feel in their home. In times of peace, it was with animals where Avery liked to nap the day away.

However, the concrete jungle had different plans.

Violently shaken from his peaceful rest, Avery felt an object aggressively poke him. Rising from the comfrotable grip of sleep, Avery found himself face to face with a man in blue and black clothing. His irritation was evident, causing Avery to raise an eyebrow in amusment.

"Can I help you?" Avery asked, looking at the man's eye with an indignant look.

"Do you not see the sign asshole? There's no loitering here!" The man replied with an aggressive tone, poking him again with a thick black stick. "I don't want to spend my day picking up you bums off benches"

"Well if you don't want to do it, then why do it?" Avery barked in laughter, but as the man gripped his stick tighter, Avery look became more serious. "However, I don't want you hitting me with a stick again; I'll give you this one warning. Don't hit me, or I'll turn you into a frog"

"Why you little-!" The man yelled, raising his hand. With a wave of his own hand, Avery allowed his influence to pass through the man, who looked in horror as his body slowly became green and slimy. In a matter of seconds, the man could no longer look in horror, as his originally human brain was reduced to that of a frog. With an amused look, Avery flattened out his hand as the frog jumped onto it.

"I warned you" Avery laughed as he looked at the frog in his dumb amphibian eyes.
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A good time in the Windy City Empty Re: A good time in the Windy City

Post by Shadowoof February 8th 2017, 6:48 am

Freedom, that is what she needed, away from Dressler, away from.. well.. Dressler. She had spent the majority of her time with the man and well. His personality. He was nice, a little.. overbearing. She just needed a break and that would be by taking a nice, long stroll though Chicago. Chicago, where the city was large and crime was possible which meant that she could deal some of her own form of justice.. fun.

She however did not expect this, in fact, she saw everything and still couldn't quite think about it as a possibility which was stupid because she could do it. A cop, had found a man, homeless by the look of it. And when the encounter looked to turn violent, the cop suddenly became a frog. A literal frog. Green, slimy and gross looking. A frog. Bella wasn't sure if the cop was still a cop, or if the homeless... the man had turned him truly into a frog, but Bella wanted to find out.

Walking closer to the man and his pet frog, Bella stopped before she got too close, not wanting to anger the magical man and become a frog herself. That was also when she noticed the horns atop his head, a strange edition, but Bella had seen stranger, she had Dressler to thank for that. "Umm. Hi.. Who are you and.. Well. What did you do to that guy?" Bella kept her voice smooth and calm, intrigued but frightened by the being before her.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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A good time in the Windy City Empty Re: A good time in the Windy City

Post by Shael Atterrius February 8th 2017, 7:10 am

A pang of hunger rang through his gut, causing Nathaniel to wince slightly as he remembered he needed to eat at some point. Walking through Chicago in search of his half-brother was something that he began to wonder if it would gain him any progress, though Nate was somewhat stubborn within his means of performing things. There was more than just Samael to deal with in this world, and he wondered what he would encounter this day. Strolling through Chicago in search of demon in the light of day was likely not a sensible thing, but in the end, he had nothing else to do. Getting something to eat was one thing, but he lacked the money to actually do that, meaning that at some point he would likely collapse or get said food.

Where he found himself was walking through a park, coming upon the scene of someone being turned into a frog by an odd looking man with horn. These within his mind marked him as a demon already, especially with how callously he changed someone into a frog. The fires within stoked themselves, increasing his temperature as the grass around him began to singe, turning black from the very tips but not spreading beyond that. Someone had approached him, though likely they had no idea what they were walking into at that moment. Nathaniel spoke up after clearing his throat, attempting to push the girl back with a free hand while keeping odd silver eyes focused on him.

”I’d suggest stepping back. This demon is dangerous, and the only way to deal with his kind is impaling him with my sword.” He was prepared to summon Lucifer with a word, seeing what the demon would do next, though the faint golden flames dancing along his free hand were visible to Bella.
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