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The Immortal, Nicolas Flamel

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The Immortal, Nicolas Flamel Empty The Immortal, Nicolas Flamel

Post by Nicolas Flamel October 7th 2015, 6:29 pm

Nicolas Flamel
The Immortal

Basic Biography

Real Name: Nicolas Flamel
Titles: The Father of Alchemy, The Immortal.
Alignment: NG
Age: 709 (Varies Physically)
Gender: Male
Race: Human (French)
Hair: Black/White
Eyes: Brown
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Usual Outfit:

The Legacy

Personality: A truly selfless man that only cares for others, almost to an absurd degree. He only wants to see the world flourish and to protect it from itself. He has a certain wisdom about him, perhaps even a bit of trickery. He often speaks in riddles and metaphors, which can make it hard for some to talk to him. He generally cares for all life, though has a distaste for the corrupt and wicked. He believes he was fated to protect the world, and that's why he was given the knowledge in the first place. He believes himself above petty things such as violence, feeling that words are far more powerful. However, when necessary he is not above anything if it means the protection of humanity and the world itself. He has a sort of diplomatic demeanor to him, one of reason and logic. He will try to appeal to anyone's better nature, no matter how evil they seem. As a philosopher, you will likely hear him throw proverbs and ideals around. All in all, he's probably one of the most well intentioned beings on the planet. His personality also seems to slightly change depending on what age he currently is physically.

History: Nicolas Flamel was born in Paris in the year 1330 AD to a noble and wealthy family. From early childhood he continued to acquire wealth as a bookseller, and as such learned many things others couldn't reading them. Eventually he took interest in the art of alchemy, but it was more a hobby then anything else. Tireless research had gotten him no success in the field, but honestly he didn't care, he just enjoyed the craft. Ancient manuscripts and writings on the subject passed through his store all the time, but none of it ever seemed to work, perhaps he just didn't have the gift. He dreamed of the things he could accomplish with a mastery of alchemy, the plagues of the world could be cleansed, but perhaps it just wasn't meant to be. After all, if alchemy was actually possible people would be using it either for their own gains or to help the world, right?

He had given up, and was ready to put it all behind him and just live his life with his wife. However, just when he had let it go, he was pulled back in. He had a dream, one with a mysterious angel appearing to him at his bedside. This angel offered him a book, talking in riddles and generally just confusing Nicolas. The mysterious being said something along the lines of 'Waste no time looking at this book Nicolas, for you will understand none of it until you are ready, but once you are, you will see it as no other man.". With that Nicolas went to accept it, but just as he did the dream vanished and he was awake once more, no sign of any angel or book. He brushed it off as just a dream, one of wishful thinking. However, the next day would change his life forever.

A man in very poor looking attire came into his shop, desperate for money. He had for sale the exact book the angel offered him the night before. Without any bargaining Nicolas immediately purchased it, much to the peasants elation.  He looked through it for weeks, finding the book was not of the typical sort. It was thousands of years old, written on young tree wood rather then parchment. There were strange writings and diagrams within it, none of which Nicolas understood, just as the angel had said he wouldn't. For years, he kept the book, trying to read it and understand it but he just couldn't. Only after nearly two decades did he finally forget all about it, and at that moment, he remembered it again, but this time he understood everything. He didn't know why, perhaps he had done something to trigger him being ready for the knowledge, or maybe he had just reached a certain age, but he could now read it.

He spent years completing his knowledge, learning from the book and achieving something alchemists everywhere had only dreamed of, transmutation through the use of a stone the book allowed him to create. At first, he used this to give to the poor, found free hospitals, and donate to the church, but soon he expanded more and more as he learned the secrets of the writings. Eventually word got around, and people started to ask how a humble shopkeeper could afford such generosity. King Charles VI was alerted to this, but thanks to Nicolas' cautious nature nothing was found of the book or the Philosophers Stone. Eventually Nicolas reached such an age he could no longer help the world as he once did, but that would all change. Using the stone along with many other techniques found in the book he created something not even the author likely expected, the elixir of life. This made him and his wife ageless, immortal.

They faked their deaths and continued to use alchemy and the stone for the betterment of the planet over several centuries. He took part in many events throughout history, trying to cease conflict and induce peace. He did his best, and for the most part he succeeded, but there was a price. Living so long had begun to take it's toll on him, and even more so on his wife. They craved to be set free, they wanted to die, but Nicolas knew the world needed him. Countless horrible things would have happened without his intervention, so he needed to stay. but his wife Perenelle did not. They said their goodbyes, and he sat with her as she left the world, not shedding a tear, but actually happy she had lived a truly full life. He ended up exiling himself for awhile after that, only revealing himself when absolutely necessary. However, recently he has come out of hiding, seeing a broken and torn up world once again in need, and he will do whatever it takes to repair it.

The Powers and Weaknesses


It's mystical.....and scientific: Nicolas is a genius of the occult and science. His amount of knowledge is very difficult to match by any being, supernatural or otherwise. (Allows for all that int stuff, and plot based magggiiicc stuff.)

Alchemy: Nicolas is the first master of the old art of alchemy. Simply put, it is the science of the transmutation of matter, or turning one thing into another. Using a book given to him by a mysterious being, he learned how to harness this science and eventually create the stone and soon after the elixer that would give him everlasting life. Alchemy can be done in several ways. Firstly, it can be done by way of a transmutation rune. This takes in the energy of what it's transmuting (energy resides in all things), which then flows through the rune and back, rearranging the matter to perform the reaction. This method however has a limit. Firstly each rune only allows for a specific reaction, ie turning ice to steam, rock to sulfur, ect. And it can only transmute matter close to it (10 feet). It is also limited in energy, each rune uses the energy of what it's written on (or otherwise what it's transmuting), and there's only so much of that. This is because the reaction doesn't create energy, only rearranges it, the amount must remain the same to remain within the laws of equivalent exchange. Basically, without a third party energy source one pound of stone can only be turned into one pound of something else.

This of course doesn't take into account the use of a philosopher's stone, which acts as both an energy source and an all in one rune to perform any reaction (whereas normal runes are limited to one specifically). The secret to creating a stone lies only with Nick, any others are not true philosophers stones as they don't contain the infinity rune, which allows for the stone's ability to perform all reactions without the need for the specific runes. The main ingredients are quite simple, a precious stone, the infinity rune, and a large amount of some form of energy. Nick has tried several different types of energy, some better then others (See spoiler for a run down of common types). So essentially, using a good enough stone, Nick can transmute anything into anything (within some boundaries) and exchange the energy within to 'create' matter. Range is also upped to 20 meters using a stone (Note that when something is being transmuted it can be shaped and moved, as it is being rearranged on a sub atomic level).

Stone types, rp mechanic that only limits what's stated above.:

Transhift: Nicolas can use alchemy to temporarily transmute himself into anything, or even change his density/weight. If he transmutes his essential organs, it only lasts for ten seconds before he must take his normal form to avoid damaging himself, and during this time Nicolas' consciousness can transfer itself to any particle of the element he shifted into (if any) within the range of 200 meters. So, he shifts into fire, and within ten seconds he may appear in the camp fire a few hundred feet away, the fire he turned into dissipating as he no longer exists in it. (2)

Alchemist's Eyes: Using biological alchemy Nicolas developed a unique 'alchemist's sight'. This allows him to see exactly what something is made up of down to the smallest of details, in a sort of xray view. Using this along with his alchemy allows for far more intricate reactions, and unfathomably detailed results.

Potions: Nick is also a master of the potion branch of alchemy. He can create substances for just about anything, including the famous elixer of life. (Mostly for plot purposes (permission based), however they can be used for combat. If they are used competitively each requires two posts to activate and lasts just as long.)


Physically Human: Despite his skill with alchemy, and his superhuman feats using it, he is merely human physically.

Children: Nick has an irrational trust in children, and will almost always go out of his way to save them.

I'm not immortal, it's just the potion: Without access to his elixer of life Nick will begen to age into oblivion.

Stone Weakness 1: Without a stone, Nick is limited to basic rune alchemy, which severely limits his use in combat.

Stone Weakness 2: Without a stone, Nick cannot Transhift.

Transhift Weakness: Throwing a counter element at Nick when he shifts himself will force him back to his normal form (water/fire, electric/water, ect). Also, if the shift is total (transmuting his essential organs to the point where they can't function normally) he can only stay shifted for 10 seconds or he risks death.

Equivalent Exchange Bypass: The rules of Equivalent Exchange state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, therefore when Nicolas transmutes something the result must be the same as far as the amount of matter goes. They also state that something cannot be changed on a fundamental level, therefore water for example can't be changed into metal. These rules cannot be bypassed, however, a stone gives the illusion of doing so. It 'creates' matter by transmuting energy within it, and it can make hundreds of transmutations in under a second in order to process the matter through a tree of elements, eventually fundamentally changing it in what seems to be one reaction. For instance: water > ice > glass > sand > rock > metal (Normal rune alchemy is subject to the rules however).

RP Mechanics

The Immortal: Nick has lived as long as he is thanks to a potion called 'The Elixer of Life'. Whenever he drinks this, he becomes younger, and the longer he goes without it the older he gets. He has become quite reliant on it now, as it's effects seem to be dwindling.


An Angel's Gift: The book that was given to him by an angel. It contains a vast library of knowledge that can be tapped into just by the reader willing it, which includes all information on alchemy (except for how to write an infinity rune). Like a Super Google, It has records on nearly everything, from people to science to magic to existence itself (Permission based for any info regarding other characters). Any person with this book could use normal (none stone) alchemy for as long as they have it, but as soon as another person touches it, they lose possession of it and forget it's contents.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Endurance 2
Agility 3
Strength 4

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Nicolas Flamel
Nicolas Flamel

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The Immortal, Nicolas Flamel Empty Re: The Immortal, Nicolas Flamel

Post by Alpha October 10th 2015, 2:53 am

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