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Nicolas Glace!

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Nicolas Glace!

Post by Nate6595 on April 9th 2018, 3:38 am

Nicolas Glace

"Chill out!"

The Bio

Real Name: Nicolas Glace
Hero Name: Snow
Title: The Defective Phoenix
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Looks to be 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Phoenix
Hair: Black Hair
Eyes: Blue Eye
Height: 6'3
Weight: 167 LB
Blood type: B Negative

The Looks

On the street and in social settings, Nicolas appears to be a tall, young man in his mid-twenties. He has tanner skin and short, well-kept black hair, it looks like he has put some time into managing it. He also has a slight beard that is kept short, trimmed down to short stubble. His eyes are a deep blue that shimmer with life, though there is a certain look in them that would suggest...exhaustion? In terms of attire, he is usually in a black vest, a white undershirt, a pair nice black pants, and a blue tie. He does his best to look clean and tidy.

In his hero attire, if he have times to put it on, he wears a long blue scarf that he wraps around the lower part of his face to cover his mouth and nose. He also wears a dark blue, hooded jacket, and a pair padded black pants. The hood of his jacket seems to be slightly pointed at the rim of it and there are two red dots a few inches above the point, the hood nearly resembles a bird's head. On his hands he wears two thin, black, fingerless gloves.

When he figures out how to become a phoenix again, his phoenix form looks to be a large bird with beautiful crystal like feathers and his eyes appear to bed a bright red. In terms of size, he is about ten feet tall, a good four to five hundred pounds, and his feathers, while they look to be crystal, are actually very soft.

The Personality

Despite his rather clean and fancy attire, Nicolas is a very calm and chill person. He's very laid back and actually enjoys getting into rough situations, he finds them exciting! Fun! When it comes to crime fighting, he interesting point of view on it. He tends to be more lenient and forgiving, he is not above killing, but will rarely ever even consider it as an option.
In his free time, Nicolas enjoys trying out new hobbies (or rediscovering ones he forgot he had). He also enjoys socializing and getting to know people. He much prefers listening than talking, but he is no strange to it and he's always willing to contribute to the conversation. He always tries to be someone people can trust and rely on, because he thinks find new experiences and make new memories.

The Story

When Nicolas was born, he was not like the other phoenixes. He was born with a drastic birth defect. Unlike his fiery brothers and sisters, he was cold and icy, not personality wise, but physically. The other phoenixes weren't sure what happened or why, but just that it did happen and they would have to take the correct actions to make sure that Glace was raised properly. He didn't have a hard time getting along with his brothers and sisters, but he did need to be treated differently. Fire and ice don't mix very well, and he had to be careful when playing with them, so not to get burned or melted.

When he grew old enough, he decided he wanted to leave the nest and explore. Of course, his family worried, but, well, all kids grow up eventually. Taking the guise of a human, Nicolas began to travel and see what this world had to offer, and he wasn't alone either, his sister, the one closest in age to him, went with him. However, they would soon learn that his icy form wasn't his only defect. After his first 500 years had passed and he was reborn, he found that...he couldn't remember anything or anyone. He kept the skills he had, but forget he had had them. He didn't remember his sister, or his family, or anyone, he had forgotten everything. All he knew was he had been reborn and that he was a phoenix. Lucky for him, his sister was there to guide him and teach him. They continued their journey, more cautious now, but still with a happy eagerness. After a few centuries, Nicolas and his sister strayed paths, seeking different things in the world. Of course, preparations were made so if Nicolas forget there would be ways for him to recall somethings. He kept a journal, a log of things that were important to remember, his sister, his friends and family, likes and dislikes, all of that. Anything written down in the book would be something he took to heart.

After another few centuries, Nicolas found himself in the role of a hero. Saving people, doing good deeds, using his powers of frost and ice to help whoever needed it. He found himself enjoying this life, this way of living. He may forget somewhere along the way, but that was okay, so long as he would do it again in the next cycle.  
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Power 1) Ice Creation and Manipulation: From any point on his body, Nicolas can create a magical ice that he can shape and control at will. The magic that empowers this ice gives it a more durable form and increases its overall power. It would also take a great deal of time for an average fire to melt this ice (though, given enough time, it would). In addition, he can break off any piece of ice from is body and use and shape that piece separately separately (Example: He breaks off a long piece of ice from his body, shapes to a lance, and throws it). Standard rate of growth for the ice is 1 inch per second, however it is cold (below 30 degrees), he can create ice at 1 inch per .3 seconds.

Power 2) Ice Spike: Using his ice manipulation, Nicolas can create a small spike of ice, charged with magical energy, and launch it from his body. It can be as strong as bullet, or as weak as a bee sting, depending on how much magic Nicolas puts into it.

Power 3) Cold Weather Cloud: From Nicolas' mouth he can excrete a thick grey cloud that will raise up to about thirty feet or until it hits a roof or ceiling. From this cloud Nicolas can make it either snow, sleet, or hail.

Power 4) Rebirth: When Nicolas dies, he doesn't die right away. Instead, his body turns ice, then shatters leaving behind a small, hand-sized, crystal heart. After a week, the ice expands and reforms Nicolas' body, bringing him back to life. After 500 years, he goes through the rebirth process naturally.

Power 5) Nothing Like the Cold: Nicolas is completely immune to the cold. He doesn't feel the cold and is actually empowered by it. It enables him to use his ice powers quicker, he can form ice much faster in the cold. Cold based attacks in general do less damage to him.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1) Feel the Heat: Nicolas does poorly in warmer climates, his power are weakened. His weather clouds take a longer time to form, the rate of his ice growth is much slower, and in general his ice is just weaker. He is still able to create ice and weather clouds in the heat, but it does take a lot more energy to do.

Weakness 2) Magic Fire: Magically enhanced fire, when used against his ice, will melt it an increased rate. When used against his weather clouds, the clouds will slowly disperse and stop producing whatever cold weather they were normally producing.  Magically enhanced fire also just deals more damage than normal to Nicolas.

Weakness 3) Human body: For the most part, Nicolas's body is human and anything that could normally kill a human can kill Nicolas. He has no increased endurance and something as simple as a gunshot could potentially kill him.

Weakness 4) Imperfect Rebirth: When Nicolas dies and enters his rebirth state, he becomes a small hand sized, heart-shaped, crystal. If this crystal is broken or smashed before he can be reborn, he is dead. He remains in this crystal heart for a week and is unable to perform any sort of action and take any means to defend himself personally. He is completely vulnerable in this state. When Nicolas is reborn, there is a side-effect as well. He suffers complete memory loss. He retains the skills he had from his past lives, but forgets ever having them. He forgets everyone he knows, the events in his life, and which skills he does and does not have. All he remembers is that he is a phoenix, his name, and that he has a sister named Feste. He doesn't know why he knows these things, but he does.

Weakness 5) Mana Limit: To produce, enchant, and shape the ice, basically all magic that Nicolas is capable of requires mana. Nicolas only has a finite amount of mana before he needs to rest and recharge. If uses up all of his mana it'll take an entire day to be at his peak again.

The Items

Wallet: Inside this wallet is a decent amount of cash as well as a few credit cards. Nicolas has account upon that has a good amount of money due to interest and long time funds (Living a long life has its perks, if only Nicolas remembered that).

Briefcase: Inside this well sized briefcase, Nicolas has a few extra sets of clothes, a few personal items (items he found interesting from around the world), and his family emblem.

Two Journals labeled "Memories": In his briefcase, Nicolas carries, in addition to his other belongings, two notebooks where he writes down things he thinks are worth remembering. The second notebook seems to be newer, the first one is much older and is missing a few pages.

An old toolbox: Inside of this are a series of tools and parts, it's not ever big, can be carried with one hand. Nicolas isn't quite sure why he has this...

The Minions


The Fluff

Nicolas, in most situations, will try to be the one who remains calm and a cool head, he tries to approach all problems with a level head. However, there are several things that can induce a state of panic in him, in which he may either try to run or fight more aggressively, without thinking.

Nicolas has an "older" sister who he looks up to and loves very much, he'll do anything for her. In most cases, his sister will always come first. She has been through so much with him, he couldn't bare to lose her to anything.

There are things that may trigger a certain memory from his past, a word or phrase, or place, or maybe even a person. For the most part though, his memory is completely gone. There are very few occurrences that may actually trigger a memory.

The RP Sample

It was...cold. Not usual for this warm summer night in the city. The streets were still warm, the buildings exhumed heat, but the alleyway...that one...long alleyway was painfully cold. Ice had formed around the the walls leading into it and further into the dark beyond it. The ice almost glowed blue, shimmering, the cold air could be seen floating off of it. By some random chance, no bystander around to see or feel it. It was just...there. Not waiting, just there.

The source of this strange cold and all the ice was a young looking man by the name of Nicolas. His usual fine look, his usual well-kept appearance was not as it should be. There were multiple stab wounds, blood staining his vest and pants, his hair hung down in his face, his face...oh, his was losing color fast. This was the end of his life. He knew it. He could feel it leave him. He tried to bring a hand to his forehead to brush away the hair that hung down, bothering his eyes, but he was too weak to even lift it. The fight had taken it all out of him. He should've saw this one coming. His notebook even warned him about this. Where was that-ah! There it was, right to his left, opened to the page with the warning. The message had just been rewritten, corrected, but at least he still had it and his other memories hadn't been altered. Small blessings.

He let out a soft, weak laugh, as the ice around the walls began to recede and melt. He had really messed up, but in a wouldn't even matter. He'd be back out there and having a good time. Just a week...that's all he needed...just a week. He closed his eyes, ready for what was next. He could that coldness climb his legs, freezing them in ice. It climbed up to his chest and through is arms, then to his neck, and finally, slowly, covering his face. In a matter of moments, it all shattered, leaving behind, only a small...palm sized, crystal heart. And there it would remain, that small heart in that alleyway, for an entire week.

And then...he'd be back up, and ready to continue to be a hero.

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Re: Nicolas Glace!

Post by Odien on April 9th 2018, 9:24 am

Nice RP sample.

Approved until stated otherwise.


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