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Nicolas Faelan

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Nicolas Faelan Empty Nicolas Faelan

Post by Nate6595 April 16th 2022, 2:28 am

Nicholas Faelan

"Wild like a wolf, clever like a fox."

The Bio

Real Name: Nicholas Faelan
Renegade Name: The Wolf
Title: The Confidence Man
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 6’1
Weight: 161lbs
Blood type: A+
The Looks

(Gonna be adding image later)

A man who likes to consider himself handsome, but with a rugged, strong demeanor. He is about average in height, though between the posture of the confidence he carries himself in, he can appear to be a bit taller than he actually is. His dark brown hair is a bit unkempt, nearly wild, though not unfitting for a man who holds the last name Wolf. He has a fair bit of stubble, though it is usually kept relatively short. He holds a strong physique, well-muscled, and a slight a tan to his skin, though not overly so. To most, he would just appear to be a rugged, well-built man with barely a secret to his name.

He is a man dresses sharply, though rarely overdressing. Simple collared shirts, sometimes short sleaved, along with a matching pair of pants and a casual tie, all brought together with a nice pair of shoes that fits along with everything else. His attire can change drastically, however, depending on whatever sort of job he is pulling, able to pull off most roles with ease. Very…occasionally, he has been seen wearing a pair of glasses meant for reading, though he much more prefer someone see him in a pair of shades.

His…other self is much more…feral. In the first stages of his transformation he still looks very much human, although with a bestial twist, slightly harrier along the arms, his nails sharper, a wild and savage look in his eyes, sharp cannines, and a wild look in his eyes. Proceeding forward to the next form, he becomes what many would akin to a classic werewolf. Large, strong, bestial, claws that could tear through stone, and incredibly feral. There is said to be a form beyond that, but it has yet to be seen.

The Personality

Nick is a savvy scoundrel, a cunning and confident man with a sly smile. He is a committed con-man and doesn’t seem to hold any guilt over what he does, carrying himself with a cool and earned self-assuredness. He likes to make some wise-cracks, he talks quick, and is not afraid to resort to sarcastic or flippant remarks, though sometimes coming off as a bit cynical. At times he can seem to come off as a rather laid back person, friendly enough to win people over, which helps him along his way in his line of work.

Despite his nature, he is an untrusting individual, not seeming to take anyone at face value. He especially doesn’t believe when things are too good to be true or the random kindness that one may show him. With his cunning he can also come off as a bit cold, more than willing to make some hard choices without second thought.

The Story

"Listen, when it comes to my past there isn’t much to say. Or rather, it's a tale that has been told time and time again, I'll be boring you with a story you've heard before."

"I didn’t come from a great home, and ran away, ended up having to fend for myself, and eventually started working with a bad crowd. Or crowds, there were a few of 'em. I knew how to swing around, You all know how that song and dance goes."

"I worked a variety of distasteful jobs, from doing street hustles,  to running books and taking numbers, to working as a cheating dealer at an underground gambling ring. I did work as a bartender for a short time, though the bar had been a front for a drug operation, which I also occasionally lent a hand in. The bartending was fun, though, I liked to think I had knack for that one...maybe could've even open my own place. Imagine that? Anyways, point is I was just a man trying to survive and there wasn't anything I was above of doing. I didn't do everything bad in the book, never murdered or mugged anyone, but I don't think it was ever out of the question. At least at the time."

"Eventually, it was with thinking like that which landed me with a job that would've had me set up for some time. Yep. Another one of those clichés. A job that was supposed to be simple, that would have a nice pay off...and a job that went completely wrong. I am telling ya, you've heard this song and dance before, it's a classic tale that keeps getting told. Of course, my twist ending is that the home I broke into was that of an eccentric collector of strange oddities and relics. The relic I ended up stealing was cursed, and well...yadda yadda yadda, a sold it off before realizing that I was cursed which I wouldn't learn until the next full moon, blah blah blah, my life is turned upside down and I become desperate for a cure."

"I'd suggest making a movie or book about all this if it wasn't all too cliché. Might be a market for the wolf angle though."

"Anyways, that's how I ended up in the Midnight Club. My search for answers brought me there in hopes of finding who I sold the relic to so I could find it and then find a way to break the curse. They helped me control it, though, I don't turn when I don't wanna anymore, not that I ever really want to, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some fun with it. Nice to be able to control that side of me."

"Anyways, that's my story."

"That was probably the big turning point, not the wolf curse, but the Midnight Club. They're decent people, thieves and confidence men like me, but with a good cause. I like to think I've changed for the better with 'em, though still making a living of tricking and stealing from people. Who knows how much I've changed."

Nicholas gave a small shrug and looked around at the others around the table, before letting his eyes wander to the rest of the empty bar. He sighed, then smiled as he looked to the woman next to him, "Alright Mags, your turn. What's your tragic backstory?"

The Powers

Enhanced Strength: In his base human form Nicholas still has an enhances strength, able to lift an entire piano or tear a street sign out of the concrete pavement.

Moving to his second form these attributes are then doubled, shown to be able to lift entire cars and toss them with some strain to himself. In his third form, becoming a full on werewolf, his strength is tripled, able to lift buses or push back against trains, even able to tear through durable metals and metas.  

Enhanced Agility: Even in his base human form, Nicholas is quick. Running, he is able to keep up with professional bikers with some effort. This also translates to help with his reaction time, providing the speed he needs to react and dodge to the strikes of the average, unpowered strongman.

In his second form, his speed is doubled, now able to keep up with moving vehicles (30mph), and having enough speed to dodge against street leveled metas, and having high chances of dodging bullets. In his third form, his stats are once more tripled, able to move up to speeds of 120mphs.  Further, he has been shown to dodge some mid-ranged speedsters with a half-way decent success rate (Taking half the shots usually).

Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Nicholas has been made to be a bit more durable compared to other humans. He has thick skin which can still be damaged with the right means. A mundane person striking him with a bat would leave bruises, but wouldn't have as high of a risk of breaking bone.

Like his other stats, it is then doubled in his second form, able to take street level metas at a decent rate, and then third form tripling it, able to resist most gunfire, mid-leveled strongman metas, and able to shrug off getting slammed by a car or bus. His endurance also climbs as his forms change, each shift his endurance allowing him to last several hours of exerting himself.

Enhanced Awareness: Despite him still being human, Nicholas before shifting still has some enhanced sensory attributes. He is able to track a scent for a short distance, provided it doesn't get too muddled, he has slight enhanced hearing, able to pick up whispering from across the bar, and having some minor dark vision. Every form after this seems to have the same level enhanced senses, able to track a scent like a bloodhound, able to hear a sound from a mile away, and having enhanced dark vision, able to make out most details with ease in a dark room.

Regeneration:  In all of his forms, Nicholas has the ability to regenerate damage he takes. It usually takes him a day or two as a human to heal from broken bones and other internal damage, though in his other forms he has been able to heal the same wounds in a matter of minutes. He can regenerate limbs lost, though such things take a varying amount of time, a finger would take a week or so, a hand about a month, and an entire limb a few months.

Rip and Tear: (Permission based) In his second and third form, Nicholas grows sharper and tougher claws and teeth, though along with the damage he can deal with them, they also allow him to harm targets that he normally wouldn't be able to cause lasting damage to, like spirits and ghosts, or vampires or other undead creatures.

Cursed: Should Nicholas give into the effects of the curse and allow it to take hold of him, he drastically gets stronger. All of his enhancements are brought to their peak, becoming fives times as strong, able to take blows from high leveled strongmen metas, easily able to tear through the hardest of metals and high endurance powered, and enough speed and reaction to be able to track and manage (not perfectly) against higher level speedsters.

The Weaknesses

Silver: In all forms, Silver is always a weakness. He is unable to regenerate from wounds caused by silver and needs to heal them at a normal rate. Silver itself burns and hurts him in any form besides his human one, although it still makes him incredibly uncomfortable and gives him a slight headache. Limbs lost from silver cannot be regrown.

Wolfsbane: In his human form it essentially makes him an allergic reaction, sneezing, headaches, and generally slower at thinking, ingesting it causing him to be bedridden for several days. In his other forms it becomes toxic, causing him to get sick, throw up, and overall react and act slower, staggering him greatly. Ingestion of it is enough to cripple him, making it hard to pose any form of counter attack.

All in the Timing: In the daylight, as a human, Nicholas is still an enhanced person, though he is unable to change forms. So long as the sun is out, even if he is not in direct sunlight, he will be unable to shift. During the night, at the first crack of dawn, he will revert back into his human form as well, giving him a limited window to act.

Keep on the Hurt: While Nicholas can regenerate, consist strikes against the same point will slow his regeneration and make it harder to recover. Further, striking critical points is still very effective, a hard blow to the back of the head in any blow (although the force may need to be increased for stronger forms) will still knock him out. Getting knocked out will also revert him back into his human form after a few minutes of unconsciousness.

Go for the Head: Despite his ability to regenerate, removing Nicholas's head in any form is fatal and he won't be able to recover.

Lasting Effects: After transforming into a werewolf Nicolas will be caught in that form until sunrise, having no way to revert back unless he is knocked out. This makes it especially hard to avoid attention and to get away from tense situations. Things that require stealth and more finesse are made several times more tricky as a werewolf.

Feral and a Temper to Boot: Should Nicholas take enough damage in any form, but human, something feral clicks in his head. He becomes more savage and uncaring to any damage he may do to anything around him or even to himself. In this state he has shown to attack full force, making him deadlier, but ultimately loses tact, precision, and strategy, making him an easy target to contain, restrain, or beat, should his enemy have any mind of combat. Basically, he loses his ability to think things through. It would take either a savage beating and containing, a few hours, or a gentle presence for him to calm down from this state.

Fire: Fire based attacks work exceedingly well on Nicholas, the consistent damage able to slow or completely negate his regeneration, as well feeling severely painful. Further, as a werewolf being mainly covered in fur, it is a lot easier to catch fire and a lot harder to put it out.

Take your Medicine: Thanks to the research done at the Midnight Club, Nicholas has been able to develop a medicine that allows him to control his transformations, no longer transforming against his will in the light of the moon. However, in order to shift now, he must take one of the smokes he carries on his person. If he is unable to, then he cannot shift no matter how hard he tries. Getting restrained, having them taken away from him, or overall rendered unable to pop 'em, he will be at a great disadvantage.

Price of the Curse: In order to invoke the curse Nicholas has to give up something. This can come in a variety of prices, he can expand a year of his life, a limb or organ, or the heart of one he shares a bond with. He cannot willing give into the curse if his in a feral mindset.

A Short High: When Nicholas gives into the curse, despite the high cost of it, the curse's effects only last about five minutes. He can extend it by giving more to it, but that is a heavy price to endure.

The Items

Medicine: Cigerrete-looking things, packed with a herb-based substance that smells of roses. Smoking these allows him to shift into his wolf forms. He carries at most three of first form smokes and three of his third form smokes. His curse form doesn't require any smokes. He does carry a few smokes of the same brand that don't turn him into a wolf, but also don't come with the harmful effect of normal cigerretes. These smell sweet and flowery.

Nicholas does hold a great amount of wealth, several million, although he doesn't have many assets. No expensive homes or cars or anything of that sort. He lives in a small, relatively uninhabited apartment  where he pays an average rent.  

Nicholas does have access to a vast collection of outfits and disguises, along with proper documentation for each one. This allows him to fit any role for any con he may need, though his disguise aren't anything above what a normal human could do.

The Minions

Nicholas does occasionally work with other members of the Midnight Club, though none possess skills beyond that of a normal human. Many take the roles of actors to help with a con, strongmen if he needs more muscle, or a hacker who has no enhancements to help himself with the tasks at hand.

The Fluff

First and foremost, Nicholas is a conman. He tries not to shift into his other forms as much as possible, trying to stay human as much as possible. Shifting is usually plan C or D in his book, wanting to expend every other sensible option prior.

Having wolf blood causes a few problems in Nicholas, constant nightmares and restless sleep, a sense of anxiety and energy if he hasn't shifted for some time, a development of a few bad habits that he rather detests, and a general sense of isolation, though that last one may be self imposed. He doesn't like being a werewolf and more than anything wants to break the curse.

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Nicolas Faelan Empty Re: Nicolas Faelan

Post by Zonkes April 16th 2022, 8:11 pm


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