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This is why I hate Chicago [Open to 2]

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This is why I hate Chicago [Open to 2] Empty This is why I hate Chicago [Open to 2]

Post by Alpha September 8th 2015, 10:30 pm

The Windy City was bustling as it usually was with people going about their daily lives without a care within the world beyond their own petty lives. Travis looked down at the streets from his penthouse, the only light within his room being that of a rather bright lamp. His mind was abuzz with multiple thoughts, all of them seeming to clash with one another  in a maelstrom that managed to cause a headache more than anything. The conversation with Lucius was still on his mind days after it had taken place, though that tended to be many things really. The low hum of the air conditioning was the only thing that could be heard aside from the occasional traffic below him. Chris had been busy doing whatever it was he was doing, and Oliver the same as well. Not that he would hold it against them, considering that they would likely want lives of their own, though Oliver was more of a shut in than Chris.  
Today had been a day of required business really, but then again it was something he had dealt with rather easily. However, rest was not quite in the cards for him even when he should be doing that. He had slept like Chris had been bothering him to do, even if it was only a measly six hours. It didn't help get rid of the dark circles forming under his eyes, but then again those were easily hidden when he needed them to be. He had something he needed to do today, though it wasn't exactly business really. That thing he needed to do was made obvious by the sound of a door creaking ever so slightly, a small shape entering within his psionic field. The only person he knew about that size was Ryan, and that was when why he was in the city came to mind.  
Within an instant the rooms light would flash on as Alpha turned upon his heels to see the shorter male within sight. As always they had a timid air about them really, hands buried within their pockets and avoiding all eye contact. Compared to his siblings he was a runt, but then again physical size tended to mean nothing to his people. This had after all been something that Ryan wanted to do, a little incursion beyond the lab, and a chance to learn more about the world outside. Lucas and Isalia appeared to have some experience within things like this, but Ryan tended to avoid doing anything like then, however that all changed suddenly. Alpha was of course all too happy to give him the chance, considering that he had been raised mostly within the lab and that stunted his own social growth greatly.  
Travis had chosen to dress casually really, in a pair of blue jeans, a simple t-shirt and a comfortable denim jacket over that with his dirty blond hair cut into an easy to manage but still fashionable style. Ryan was dressed similarly, save for the fact that his hair was a darker brown in color and shaggy much like Jason's. They both had those strange dull gray eyes in common, though Ryan's were more piercing within color than Alpha's which seemed like pools of stale water. "Well coming here was your idea Ryan, so what do you want to do?" Alpha would ask in a tone tinged with a minute amount of affection that seemed to put the smaller male at ease. A sort of silence would fall over the room for a few moments as if they were trying to think of what that something was.

"I'm...kinda hungry." Hunger, now that was something he could take care of.

"Well what do you want to eat? There are some pretty god places in Chicago as far as food goes." The question however was what Ryan wanted, and if he could actually find that around. Luckily, finding that something would not be so hard considering that Omega tended to spoil the younger ones when it came to their strict diets.

"Aaron said Chicago had some good I wanted to try one." So this was all Aaron's doing, well that was an interesting thing to learn but then again he was known for his love of food and the more carnal things.

"Why am I not surprised? Alright, I think I have an idea of where to find  this joint Aaron mentioned." Following people's movements tended to have it's perks, one of those being knowing specific places that they frequented, though he hoped that the few people that called themselves his fans would not appear from the Woodworks. That would have been annoying when he was trying to have a day with one of his sons, the one that clung to him at any rate. So leaving the room, the light would go out once again as they would take the elevator to the bottom floor and step out into the Chicago streets. Already it began to live up to the name of the windy City as Ryan shielded his eyes from a sudden gust, as his hair was sent slightly into disarray. The burger joint in question was actually not too far from here, which meant they could walk there, even if it would take a good twenty minutes to reach it. Not like the traffic would let them get there any faster.

Peoples thoughts were abuzz around him, but then again that was his fault for picking through their minds like that. Not like anyone could noticed they were being read anyway, that was the beauty of his power, and the human condition of not noticing something unless it were obvious. True, they was the rare case of someone noticing he was rifling through their mind, but that was a very rare case indeed.  Most of the thoughts around him were minor really, nothing of consequence beyond perhaps to their own lives. Nothing worth noting really, and some of them he would have rather not heard at all. It was similar to peering into Aaron's mind really, except perhaps slightly tamer. There was a dull painful throb at the back of his skull, bu that tended to happen from time to time, so he ignored it. Before he even knew it, they had reached their destination which had a good few people in it. Time had gotten away from him it seemed or perhaps he had gone into some manner of autopilot.

The smell of something cooking reached his nostrils as soon as the doors were opened by the eager fifteen year old who was likely more hungry than they would have said out loud. Well that was when things got a little complicated, in the fashion that they tended to in Chicago. Actually it appeared they had found themselves in the middle of a metahuman fight as the entire street shook with the force of someone colliding with it, as concrete broke apart. "Ryan, step back." It appeared that something was happening, one of those costumed types were in a crater though following darker coloration they may have not been someone that many would call a hero. That was when, with a sonic boom someone else crashed down from the sky in more normal looking clothes with what looked like a bottle of something in their right hand.  

Well this was strange indeed.

This is why I hate Chicago [Open to 2] CjhXQha
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