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Chicago, Not a musical after all [Open]

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Chicago, Not a musical after all [Open] Empty Chicago, Not a musical after all [Open]

Post by Ace July 11th 2012, 8:47 am

Chicago wasn''t a bad place, if Ace wasn't here on business he'd be relaxing here right now. Actually to be fair he probably would be sleeping, like people do at 11pm at night. Ace was out in Chicago for a reason, several months ago Ace was kidnapped by a gang of asian gamesters, they eventually led to a company theta his jerk of a father worked for, here was a huge faff on involving his step-brother and and his Ice friend which inevitably ended in Ace returning home powerless.In that small amount of time that Ace was gallavanting around, his friend, Terry Sullivan had begun to look for him, Ace had been like a son to terry and when he went missing he was off like a bullet to find him. Unfortunately for Sullivan he stepped on the wrong peoples toes and ended up getting captured himself. Now, Ace had tracked him down to a small place in Chicago, it would simply be a get in, get Sullivan and then get out situation, *Simple as that,* Ace had thought. He made his way into a Starbucks, the guy at the counter did a double take, no one ever came in at 11pm unless they were drunk or high, and Ace looked like neither. Ace believed in purity, unlike his brother, It's one of the things that happens once you become a superhero, you need all the reaction you can get. Ace ordered a de-caf black coffee *It's not like i'm going to drink it anyway* He thought to himself as he sat down at a table to 'wait' for his coffee *I'm only here to use the wi-fi* Ace took out his phone and accessed his Dropbox, downloading the blueprints of the building he was going to break into. He didn't need too, he just wanted to be sure, Terry's life hung in the balance. Luckily the building was low-tech, Well low-tech for someone who had broken into a CIA building. There was a few kinks, like possible guards, but other than that he just had to blow open a hatch and then get Sullivan out of there. Ace tapped the shock stick at his side, concealed by his jeans, one of the things he'd 'developed' while in japan. The attendant called his well used pseudonym, Edward Doyle, or Edd for short, sometimes it got some high-eyebrows but high eyebrows back always seemed to fix that. Ace picked up his coffee and headed outside, throwing the coffee into the nearest bin as he got outside.

Ace to a sharp right into an alley, checking around him for any people, especially people with cameras, even though there was barely anyone on the streets. "Good" he said once he was satisfied that none was watching. He shot his grappling hook skywards, it lodged into the building above and Ace shot upwards into the skyline.

Ace jumped his way through the Chicago apartment district. Ever since Ace lost his power to teleport around the place he'd been doing the jumping thing more often, It was less effective but he knew where he was going most of the time, He couldn't tell you how many times he'd ended up in a generator room. Ace's phone biped, the building was the next one over, "Just a hop skip and jump from getting the hell out of here" Ace muttered to himself and threw himself over the gap. He rolled onto the other building, he picked himself up and started scanning the building for the hatch *This place looked smaller on the blueprints,* thought ace as he sat his eyes over the pristine marble roof. His eyes landed on a small metal hatch, Ace rushed over to it prising a small dart from his coat as he did so, "Now" he jested, spinning the dart deftly between his fingers "Let's do this quickly, efficiently and safely," He shoved the dart in the space between the hatch and the lock and jumped back. The lock blew from the hatch, leaving a cloud of smoke where it had been. Ace kicked open the hatch and jumped down, here is where he made several mistakes, One; he shouldn't have jumped down the hatch, Two; He should have looked before he jumped and three; he shouldn't have transferred all his force into the 'ground' as he landed. The 'ground' was actually a T-rex display, held upwards by a weak metal pole that snapped out of place when Ace landed on it. The huge fossil fell, taking Ace with it, who had no clue what was going on, alarms rang out through the building, guards ran from their posts to the T-rex exhibit. Ace woke up in a heap with the bones, he'd passed out for several minutes after he'd hit the ground, he tried to move, "OW" he yelled irritably.
"Come out with your hands up!" Responded an authorative voice from behind him, Ace cursed under his breath and stood up, trying not to show that he was injured *I've just bruised it, nothing to bad* thought his brain, but his common sense screamed out in pain. He looked around the room, there was broken glass everywhere and in the hallway there was about 10 guards, each armed with pistols. "It's going to be hell for the cleaners" Ace said casually,
"I SAID HANDS UP!" Yelled one of the guards his voice wavering slightly apon seeing Ace, Ace's hands shot above his head, wincing slightly, "This is all just one big misunderstanding, you see" and then one of the guards fired

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