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The Baron

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The Baron

Post by Thorgron on April 19th 2013, 7:42 pm

Mercy will be shown only to the implicitly loyal.

Basic Biography

Real Name: Roderick Baron
Villain Name: The Baron
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 60
Gender: M
Race: Human
Hair: Greying dark brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’2
Weight: 200
Blood type: O+

The Looks

The Legacy

The Baron is nothing short of a mastermind. Even before gaining his immense power he was ruthless cold and cutthroat. Egotistical, and obsessed with control and power, his genius only fed those feelings and thoughts and gave him the means to fulfill his ideas. After learning of his abilities, The Baron went mad with power. He is a living god in his own eyes, those around him and in his way are merely pawns in his elaborate game.
Roderick Baron is the product of German businessman Heinrich and his particle physicist wife Felisberta. Obviously rich beyond his understanding, Roderick was spoiled rotten; given anything and everything he wanted. This developed his innate need for attention into a near egotistical mania. Even at his early ages, if the world was not centered on him, he was unhappy. His parents decided that due to this, it would be best that their son be sent to the finest educational establishments money could buy. And it bought quite a lot. Roderick received the best of the best in schooling, advancing through his courses unlike anything his parents or teachers had seen. Every subject came to him with ease, every challenge was met with increasing apathy towards it and a need for more difficult challenges. With his genius intellect, Roderick Baron was able to graduate from high school by the age of 12, and his full collegiate and graduate schooling by 20. Granted most of the work was not actually done by him. Roderick was cunning and learned that his money and mind could go a long way towards manipulating others. Whenever a task or assignment was too boring, which was most of the time, he would simply bribe one of his peons to do the work for him.His time and mind being free during his school years, Roderick was free to develop and scheme for his later life. The full eight years he was in school were dedicated to developing his business. It should come as no surprise that the name
he settled on was Baron Corp. finding it both intimidating and glorifying to his pristine and ominous name.

After college Roderick exploded onto the market, dominating others immediately through a series of backhanded deals and cunning schemes. By the time he was 25, Roderick was one of the most successful and businessmen of his time. His company Baron Corp., thriving off of its many subdivisions. Rather than actually produce for themselves, most of Baron Corp. was an amalgamation of products. Fast food, oil, children’s toys, military suppliers, banks, steel, jewelry, there were few world products that did not have some ties to the monster of a company. And Roderick was sure to keep almost all aspects of his endeavors a secret. His records were jumbled to anyone without his intellect and even then the way he had encoded them was maddening to truly understand. Baron Corps. Revenue trail was nonexistent, its links invisible to everyone even companies linked in the massive web.

But this secrecy began to eat at Roderick. The more he buried his intentions, the more paranoid he became. Slowly, he integrated tighter and tighter security, eventually to the point that employees were required to live on site. The headquarters of Baron Corp. went underground, literally so that even its physical presence was undetectable. Baron Corp. had become a ghost, silently and stealthily pulling strings on the scene of global economics. And this strategy satisfied Roderick for some time, growing old in his bunker of intensive protection. But his ego grew hunger. Though his company flourished and he lived in the lap of luxury, his recognition, the thing that had driven him to this point was gone. Roderick Baron was now a myth, with no link to the outside world and that ate at him, burning his insides like an inextinguishable flame. He needed recognition, the world needed to know its place. They all needed to know who they were underneath.

Despite his need, Roderick was in a predicament. Baron Corp. had its hands in everything, not legally either. There were laws across the planet that outlawed the kinds of practices his company engaged in. And though he was confident he could control the rich and the greedy. The poor would prove a problem. Revolts and uprisings had put down the greatest of tyrants and Roderick was not prepared to give up his self-proclaimed throne. Eventually he arrived on the conclusion that recognition could never be brought again to Roderick Baron. “He” was too deep into Baron Corp. What he needed instead was a new identity, one that would strike fear into the hearts of everyone and show them just where they stood in a global sense. After some deep meditation on the idea, it clicked. Those with superpowers were practically worshiped by the general public. That was his in, if he could put down the world greatest heroes, there would be no dispute as to who sat at the top. The Baron, would rise.
Throwing all of his resources into the project, Roderick began experimenting on all manner of life, distinguishing just what created the greatest effect to alter them. Genetics, radiation, implants and all manner of gruesome surgeries were used in determining the most effective route to gaining devastating abilities. He even began to have his workers kidnap low powered metas to analyze just what exactly in their DNA had given them abilities at birth. Turned out, Roderick had been a Metahuman all along, his genius intellect, the manifestation of his powers.

The fact that his own gene had such a lackluster effect coupled with the idea that his accomplishments were due to genetic mutations and not his own superiority infuriated Roderick. He could not except that others could fly, create fire, imitate animals and the like and all he got were brains. In a mad rage activated his most recent meta-inducing device; a massive emitter designed to bombard the subject with an hyperactive wave created when immense amounts of energy were forced through a strange extraterrestrial metal recently discovered in some of The Baron’s tests. All other metas he had turned it on were destroyed, reduced to ashes, even high density metals had been disintegrated. And that was on one of the lowest settings the machine could reach. The Baron didn’t care; he needed more power, the means to put the world on its knees. He activated the machine and rerouted all of the power in the facility into it. It shown a brilliant blue and as it whirred to life, the building shook violently. Blinded by egotistical mania Baron threw caution and sense to the wind, determined to make himself unstoppable. Overloading the machines inputs, The Baron stepped into the containment cell where the mechanical abomination sat, seeming to growl at him as he stepped into its insides. Once the blast door was shut, it sealed itself air and water tight. Next the large outer chamber flooded, creating further protection to the Baron’s facilities. As the machine warmed to its peak, the Baron tensed, no matter what he was going to survive this. It was the only option.

Within seconds the overloaded device bombarded him, decimating and reintegrating his molecular structure. Nothing but his mind was safe and it screamed in eternal agony as his being was erased and recreated 1000 times per second. The machine had only begun. As the process wore on The Baron could feel the world around him shaking, the walls of the cell unable to contain the ungodly power being release onto the small area. All it took was one more pulse and the containment cell shattered, leaving The Baron in a wave of unrelenting force, surrounded by water. His world warped, the very fabric of reality seemed to tear away at his core. Nothing could survive this, he thought, nothing but him. The water rushing around him was now being ripped from existence as the machine battered on with its assault. And then the machine itself, bit by bit began to rip itself to pieces, unable to sustain the immense energy it was putting out.

The Baron was gone, lost to some form of unreality as his machine finally began to ravage the small piece of alien metal at its core. For a second, the fact that the Baron had ever existed was erased. Torn apart by the very cosmic essence of destruction Then the metal at the heart of the machine shattered under the stress, ripping The Baron back through the hole a whole in reality and merging his being with that of the purest universal form of destruction and unreality.
The Baron emerged to the warm light of the morning sun. He had somehow survived the process, unlike the machine and the wing of his lab it was housed in. He now lay at the center of a large crater. No trace of this particular experiment was left, that is, besides Baron himself. Something in him was different, he could feel it. The power he now felt inside him was so great, he feared he would burst. It continued to well up, like a volcano about to erupt inside of him until he could no longer contain it. A wave of bright blue energy burst forward from his body into the side of the crater. The wave ripped through the soil, obliterating a decent chunk of wall of the crater. The Baron had wanted power, and now he had more than even he could contain. The wave he released had been so intense it harmed him as well as it left his body, doing similar damage as the soil to his flesh. He passed out from the stress, only to be found by his medical crews an hour or so later.
The Baron has since learned to control his powers along with constructing a suit capable of absorbing some of the kickback from his abilities. He is now more determined than ever that he is of the highest being, a god in human form. If the masses of the world choose not to kneel before him, then he will make them suffer until they do.

The Powers

Pure Destruction:
The Baron has access to unhindered, raw destructive force. He can release this immense energy in a variety of ways. Usually, he can focus and control it down to a beam which obliterates everything in its path. Given enough concentration, he can do other things such as condensing the energy into a physical ball of unrelenting destructive force or focus it around a part of his body. The power released from these abilities is so great that if not rigorously contained by the Baron, they will backlash, eating through his suit and causing intense harm to all things near him. (Ability: 8)

Fighting Skills:1


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Re: The Baron

Post by Thorgron on April 20th 2013, 4:13 pm

I am currently in the process of writing up his base, items and henchmen


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Re: The Baron

Post by Chellizard on April 20th 2013, 6:15 pm

okie dokie. I have no qualms with this.

Just remember that your Ability is only as strong as 8; nothing more. And plz don't go tearing up cities. v_v

Approved and moved.

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Re: The Baron

Post by Forceaus on June 18th 2013, 5:26 pm

Unapproved until user reaches the 6 months mark


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Re: The Baron

Post by Silus on December 26th 2013, 11:03 pm

It is my pleasure to welcome back The Baron!



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