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Ricochet Empty Ricochet

Post by Zonkes May 4th 2024, 8:31 pm


"I’m rubber and you’re glue!"

The Bio

Real Name: Alejandro de la Cruz
Hero Name: Ricochet
Title: The Kinetic Avenger
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Bleach blonde with brown roots
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 183
Blood type: A-

The Looks

The Personality

What’s a good way to describe Alejandro de la Cruz? Let’s start with his out of costume persona. Out of the costume, Alejandro is your run of the mill billionaire playboy. He uses his trust fund money to have a good time and splashes cash at his groupies like tissue paper. In the public eye, it appears that after he lost his father; Alejandro went off the deep end. And while to some degree this is accurate, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

As Ricochet, he is impulsive, immature, and even a bit cocky. He loves quipping at his foes doesn’t appear to take anything seriously. He has been known for quick flashes of anger and even occasionally remorse, but these are rare and tend to only happen during times of great panic.

Underneath it all is a scared man who is terrified that his secret identity will be exposed, not only revealing his loved ones to his enemies; but revealing the truth to his loved ones.

The Story

Alejandro de la Cruz was raised in a bustling part of San Francisco, California. His father was a brilliant geneticist and his mother the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, there was just one thing about them that created a stir.

They were both heavily anti-metahuman.

They had Alejandro along with his 2 brothers and settled into what could only be described as a hectic home life. Alejandro was raised to be the prim and proper heir to the family fortune. He was expected to act in the interest of keeping his families image in check, and never act beyond that.

When he was 17, his family made their way to LA for the opening of a new power plant. There was going to be a huge celebration, and anyone who was anyone was to be there. So of course he had to go.

His family were invited, so he, his mother, and his father went out to mingle while they had a nanny watch his two younger siblings. It was imperative after all that the oldest brother go out and show everyone that the company would be in good hands.

The party went on into the night, but something happened during the celebration. Was it sabotage? A freak incident? No one could explain it since afterward all that was left was a pile of vaporized rubble and the surviving people from within. Luckily for Alejandro, his parents had gone elsewhere to discuss a proposition with a business partner. Unluckily for Alejandro, he was at ground zero with nowhere to go.

In the instant after the explosion, Alejandro felt something surround him in a cushion of safety. Suddenly, he felt himself rocketing backward at extreme speed. He didn’t feel the force of the blast itself, but his suit sure did. It was nearly torn to shreds, saving his modesty as best it could; but the outfit was ruined.

Alejandro hit one wall, then another, then another, until eventually he landed atop the pile of rubble damn near unharmed. He stood up and quickly started grabbing rubble and helping people out of the devastation. He wasn’t the only one, there was a man made of light that was trying to assist as well but he was obviously new to his powers and eventually Alejandro had to wave him off before he did more damage.

First Responders arrived to the scene not long after, they asked him questions he didn’t know how to answer and gave him sideways glances at every odd or out of place answer he gave.

He found out later that while his mother was unharmed, Alejandro’s father was gravely injured and would likely be on life support for the rest of his life. The next day, Alejandro and his mother argued about the situation, with his mother choosing to pull the plug.

He kept the night at the plant a secret from her, developing a superhero identity in a warehouse under his own supervision with no insight from his mother. He held some level of anger at her for the situation, but kept it under wraps. He allowed himself to play the playboy, and eventually even found that he enjoyed it. It gave him a chance to let loose and enjoy himself. He couldn’t help the shame he felt under everything despite this, after all his parents had raised him to be better than this. But he chose his life, they didn’t choose it for him.

After years of hiding his abilities from the public, he’s finally ready to go out and fight crime under his alter ego, Ricochet!

The Powers

Kinetic Absorption Field - Ricochet has a field of energy surrounding his body at all times, this field absorbs kinetic energy and turns it into momentum effectively launching him away from the source of the energy. If he impacts a wall or some other obstacle, he will bounce or ricochet off of it with increased velocity. This comes with a short window of time where he can absorb kinetic energy at a consistent rate giving him a chance to power up. If he takes too much in that time, the energy forcefully expels itself creating a catastrophic uncontrolled bounce.

The Weaknesses

Limit: - Perhaps more of a limitation than a proper weakness, but Alejandro is still effected even partially by attacks that utilize kinetic force as its main driver. Effects that hit his field are absorbed by 80%. While effects that affect him directly without touching his shield such as telepathy or various forms of telekinetics can bypass this protection and get to the man inside.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop - Once Alejandro has begun his ricochet, there’s no stopping it until it runs out of energy or someone stops him. This can be extremely detrimental, as depending on how much kinetic force he absorbs; he might be bouncing for several minutes at a time increasing the odds that he’ll inadvertently be responsible for collateral damages.

The Items

Ricochet Mask - This piece of equipment is two parts. It’s one part domino mask, and the other part a mouth covering. The domino mask has a built in set of lenses that calculate the best position from which to begin his flight. While not always accurate, these assist him in actually being able to target his foes. The mouth covering allows for a more dynamic intake of oxygen while in the air, by sucking in as much oxygen from the air as Alejandro needs to prevent passing out.

The Fluff

Trust Fund Baby - Alejandro has a trust fund inherited from his father, as well as his shares in Vitality Dynamics. In effect, this gives him an amount of funding that allows him to buy whatever the plot demands of him. This would have no effect on combat and is just for facilitating story and future advancements.

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Ricochet Empty Re: Ricochet

Post by Arcana May 4th 2024, 9:58 pm

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