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The Warden

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The Warden Empty The Warden

Post by ProwlerKnight February 14th 2022, 12:47 am

The Warden

"I’m here to protect and serve, no matter the cost."

The Bio

Real Name: Cpt. Michael James Stewart (Michael James Whelan)

Hero Name: The Warden

Title: the rogue officer, long arm of the law, the enforcer, Cpt. Knight  

Alignment: Lawful Good  

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Irish/American Human  

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220lbs.

Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Michael is built for power, but don’t let the muscle fool you, he is equally fast, and can be light on his feet if needed.  

The Personality

Michael is often described as a snarky 80’s action hero by those he fights.  

He is sarcastic, likes to crack jokes, and seems to never take anything seriously.  

This often leads to people vastly underestimating him.  

For those who truly know the vigilante, know he is highly dedicated to protecting the innocent, and is willing to throw himself into the fires of hell itself, if it meant saving lives.  

He is loyal, kind, and can be wise when the situation requires it of him.  

The Story


The Orphan:

From the day Michael James Whelan was born, his life was one struggle after another.  

Raised in a small orphanage in Brownsville, New York, Michael was the victim of constant abuse, sexual assault, bullying, and even an attempted murder. He tried to run several times, only to be caught and brought back, locked away in some room.  

This didn’t stop him, as he learned how to escape almost any room they threw him in.  

The torment, however, would continue until he turned 14.  

The headmaster of the orphanage called him into the office one day, for his usual “activities”.  

This time, however, instead of taking advantage of the young teen, the headmaster found himself on the receiving end of a brutal attack, ending with several broken ribs, a broken jaw, internal bleeding, and many other major injuries.  

This act of violence didn’t just stop the bullies, but got Michael noticed by another group of people.  

The Criminal:

Having his story spread around Brownsville like a wild fire, Michael eventually caught the attention of a small Irish gang, who drew Michael in, being the first time Michael had anything resembling friends.  

One of the members, a kid his own age, named Conner Doyle, took a liking to Michael, and the two became best friends. They did everything together, from breaking into houses, stealing, vandalism, getting into fights, and even the occasional arson.

When Michael wasn’t out being a thug, he could be found in the local gym, ogling over the owners, Jacob Stewart, daughter, a young girl named Aurora Stewart.  

The Fighter/ the lover:

When Michael first laid eyes on the young redhead, he was in love.  

The impress her, he joined her fathers MMA training program, looking to flaunt his physical prowess to her. This didn’t work out the way he intended, as he found himself on the losing end of a lot of his fights, at first.  

However, the young man was determined to win over her heart, and continued to take the courses, while taking any opportunity for idle conversation he could. He offered to assist in maintaining the gym, just so he could get chances to talk to her.  

Together, they stayed behind after the gym closed, working in silence, with Michael making the occasional joke, which she would give a mild chuckle in return.  

Eventually, the chuckles turned into quiet laughs, and before Michael knew it, they were both making jokes, and then flirting while working.  

As they slowly grew closer, Michael also found spending his days at the gym, and not out being a criminal, much more rewarding both monetarily, and emotionally.  

Eventually, Michael and Aurora started dating, even though her father disproved of his “lifestyle”.  

This eventually led Michael to making one more big decision about his life.  

One last job:

As Michaels life became preoccupied with the gym, Aurora, and his training, he became less and less active with his “friends”.

A couple years later, Michael finally told the head of the gang, that he was done, and wanted out. He was fully committed to facing the trails he would have to go through, as many others have, to be let go from the gang.  

Instead, the boss offered a different stipulation.  

All Michael had to do was be a lookout on one last job, forfeit his cut, and he could leave. It was an offer Michael couldn’t afford to refuse, as he assumed they were just gonna buy up some cheap guns, or something small like that.  

Conner came to pick him up after work, with two of their “friends”, not hiding his distaste for Michaels decision to leave. When he saw Aurora, however, his attitude changed, back to the smirking snake he was.  

As they traveled, Michael started to realize something was off, when they pulled up to one of the docks, a notorious place for big-time criminals to make major deals. His worries grew, when Conner pulled an UMP45 from the trunk of his car, handing it, and a couple magazines full of ammunition, to him.  

Nonetheless, Michael pushed his worries down, thinking about this being his last job, and he would be free.  

Free to spend the rest of his life with Aurora.

Deal gone south:

Michael soon realized he was played when the deal started, revealing that the other party involved dealt in human trafficking, and were there to sell his crew sex slaves.  

But, before he could react to anything, the warehouse suddenly became a warzone, as police swarmed the area, forcing the two gangs to open fire, both on the cops, and on each other.  

Michael, not wanting to be associated with any of this, quickly ducked and ran, hoping the police didn’t spot him among the crews, tossing the gun.  

As he stayed hidden, slipping from crates to crate, he nearly made it out of the Warehouse, when one of the officers managed to cut his path off.  

The Officer, seeing Michael was scared, tried to offer him a way out.  

Before Michael could go with him, a single gunshot rang in Michaels ear, drowning out the others behind him, as the Officer fell to the ground, clutching at his neck.  

Michael, not thinking, had rushed over to the Officer, ripping whatever he could off his jacket, and tried to keep pressure on the wound that was pouring blood.  

Conner, the one who fired the shot, was about to fire a second one, at the back of Michaels head, when SWAT moved in, surrounding them.

At first, Michael fought them as they tried to pull him away, demanding he needed to save the Officer, screaming that they needed to help him. Eventually, another Officer came over, taking care of the first.  

Michael then found himself, alone, in the back of a SWAT truck, his hands covered in blood, his eyes red from tears, and all hopes of freedom, torn away.

At least, so he thought.  

Bottom of the bottle:

Facing some serious time, the idea that his life was completely over loomed over Michael like a dark cloud, as he awaited his trail.  

Jacob, per his daughters request, posted Michaels bail, allowing the two to spend just a few more days together, before Michael would end behind bars.

As the dread grew inside, Michael couldn’t shake it, no matter how much he drank, or how close he held Aurora.  

One night, Michael found himself walking around town, a bottle in hand, breaking into an old abandoned apartment building. He made his way to the top, and stood on the ledge, looking out to the city, thinking about how one way or another, it would be the last time he see this view.  

Before he could make any moves, an old homeless man walked up to him, striking up a conversation.  

Michael and the old man talked, and drank, until the sun started to peak over the city buildings.

It was around that time, that Michael received a phone call from Aurora, who gave him the first glimmer of hope since everything started.  

A Fathers Duty:

Finding out he was going to be a father, Michael found a new goal, to find a way to be there for his future daughter, one way or another.  

The solution to his problems eventually showed up on his doorstep, in the form of New Yorks District Attorney.  

Laying out a deal, which would require Michael to testify against his old gang, as well enlisting to serve in the US Army, the DA could work an angle that would both benefit the city, and drop the charges against him. Playing into the “lost youth who just needed guidance and discipline”, which the Army would provide.  

Michael, without hesitation, took the offer, seeing 3 years in active service as the better solution that life in prison.  

Before he shipped off, he and Aurora had a quick wedding, in which he took her last name, looking to start completely fresh.  

The Soldier:  

Two weeks into his training, and Michael almost wished he had chosen life in prison.  

But, as he progressed, and eventually found himself on his first tour, Michael found the life of a Soldier to be something he desperately needed.  

Seeing the hell that was war, Michaels perspective on his own life shifted, as he started to develop a sense of duty to those in need.  

Eventually, it was not just a court-issued sentence, but an actual life for him.  

And when things went south, and Michael found himself in combat, he didn’t hesitate, or falter, especially when lives were on the line.  

He became not just the prefect soldier, but started on his path to being a hero.  

That was, until one mission gone wrong.  

The Ambush:

During a routine escort mission through Iraq, on the last year of his tour, Michael and his squad were attacked while passing through what was seemingly an innocent village.  

As his squad mates started to drop one by one, Michael made a bold play, moving around quietly while the others drew the attention of the enemy, who was hunkered down in an old abandoned school. He picked up any stragglers in his way quietly, before moving into the building.  

What happened next could only be described as “something from an old school action film”, as Michael proceeded to move down the halls, taking gunfire, and returning gunfire.  

His actions saved the rest of his unit, the other units involved, the package, and several civilians caught in the crossfire.  

Michael, however, barely made it out alive, as his body sustained heavy injuries, and he could barely stand, let alone fight.  

With his body broken, Michaels career as a soldier was seemingly cut short, as he was honorably discharged, leaving with a Purple heart, and his past wiped cleaned.  

Home life:  

Injuries aside, Michael was living the perfect life, with his wife and daughter.  

They got a home in Edgemont, where Michael stayed home with Emily, their daughter, while Aurora continued to help her father take care of gym.  

One day, a team of doctors came by, telling Michael that the man he was escorting in Iraq was a multi-billionaire scientist that was working on providing the military with scientific advancements to help make war safer for the troops, and the civilians they protect. They offered to not only fix the damage caused to Michaels body, but make him even tougher.

Michael, happy and content with his current life, refused the offer.  

Old Demons:

Fast forward a month, Michael returned to working in the Gym, giving Aurora some time to be with Emily, and Michael something to do.  

Coming home early one day, he arrived home to find the place set ablaze. Rushing into the home, he would find his wife, and daughter, laid dead.  

Standing over them, was Conner, who had broken out of prison, and stalked Aurora home from her work, waiting till Michael was gone.  

Enraged, Michael attacked Conner, pinning him, and beating him until his arms couldn’t move, and his former best friend was completely unrecognizable.  

As the building started to collapse, Michael escaped, sitting outside until the emergency responders arrived, just watching his life, once again, be pulled away.  

The Experiment:  

With Aurora, and Emily dead, Michael had nothing, once again.  

But this time, he wouldn’t let the pain drag him down, as he called up the doctors, retracting his previous decision, and taking their offer.  

Michael spent 48 hours in surgery, in which they fortified his skeletal structure with a non-degradable ballistic polymer, and used advanced medical technology to patch up damaged parts.

While he did feel like his old self, he found he was physically better than he used to be.  

The Bloodhounds:  

Being cleared to return to active duty, Michael was immediately swept up by a man name General Victor Hayes, known by the nickname “General Havoc”, for his unorthodox strategies.  

Promoted to the rank of Captain before he was discharged, Michael was recruited into a special task force, which specialized in hunting down dangerous targets, and rescuing MVPs from extreme danger zones.  

The team, aptly named “The Bloodhounds”, were Michaels new squad for the next 5 years.  

The Betrayal:  

For those years, Michael, going by the callsign Cpt. Knight, and the Bloodhounds took down more than 200 major threats, and rescued even more MVPs.  

Eventually, though, the missions started to become questionable, as their targets seem to shift from major threats, to unknown names, the higher ups claiming to be the “real threat”. The number of rescue missions also started to dwindle, until they stopped coming entirely.

Eventually, it became clear they were being used, as they were arrested by their own military during a mission gone wrong.  

Turns out, the newer targets they were after were providing intel, and other services, to US intelligence, working to stop the enemy, and the Bloodhounds were sent to take them out.  

Realizing someone higher up was using them, Michael and the Bloodhounds escaped from custody, tracking down who among their leaders had set them up. Eventually, they would discover it was one of their own, General Hayes, who was pulling the strings. Hayes had been working with a Russian cell that was trying to force a third World War,  

In a final fight, which involved a chase through Moscow, and eventually a fist fight on a boat, Michael apprehended General Hayes, clearing his name, and his squads.  

Tired of secrets, and working from the shadows, Michael eventually finished his contract, deciding to return home, where he felt he was needed most.  

The Officer:  

Returning home, Michael decided to join the NYPD, seeing as the fall of New York City had cause years of chaos and strife on the streets, he felt he could help.  

This didn’t pan the way he wanted, as he found himself constantly being reprimanded for going against orders, regardless of the lives he saved, or criminals he put away.  

Turned out, the department was more content with sitting back, and letting the metahumans duke it out, while they sweep in at the last minute, and reap the glory.  

That, or they enjoyed their pockets being lined with cash, often from the criminals they swore to stop.

The Hero:  

Realizing he couldn’t really protect his city, not while his own department would rather sit on their asses, and let the chaos ensue, Michael quit the force, realizing he had to work outside of the Law, in order to maintain it. Using his connections from his days in the military, and as a Bloodhound, Michael gathered up enough resources and gear to start a one-man war on the underbelly that was New Yorks Criminal empire.

The Warden:  

Now, even as things are looking bright, there is a man, fighting in the shadows, hunting down criminals and gangs that would try and plague his city, that man, is known as the Warden.  


The Powers

Vast Military connections:  

During his years as a Black Ops soldier, Michael has collected a list of contacts, which he still calls upon to today, to provide him with equipment, and weapons, he needs to fight his war on the streets.  
This ranges from Army vets, all the way to the Multi-Billionaire he rescued in Iraq.

Armored Skeleton:  

After sustaining severe injuries, which included many broken bones, Michael underwent an experimental surgery, in which they grafted a non-corrosive, ballistics-grade polymer to his bones, while also fortifying the joints with springs and bearings.  

The polymer protects his skeleton, meaning he can withstand heavy blunt force trauma, without risking of broken bones.  

The polymer on his skull protects from small arms fire, preventing penetration into the brain, which increases his chances to survive being shot in the head (This does NOT protect from the other injuries he would sustain from a bullet, such as a concussion, being rendered unconscious, and disorientation).  

The bearings and springs prevent dislocations.  

The Weaknesses


Michael may be unbreakable, but he’s not unkillable, and is very much a human, with all their typical weaknesses.  


While his equipment is state of the art, it is still weak against high-grade armor piercing ammo.
It also is useless against explosions.

His helmets HUD can be taken down by and an EMP, which would also disconnect him temporarily from Circuit.

While safe from Tasers and Stun Guns, high enough voltages of electricity (I.e, Lightning, power lines, etc) will still do damage, and potentially kill him.

His rebreather requires the use of oxygen capsules, which have a limited supply of oxygen (one capsule can provide up to two hours of protection with normal, regulated breathing, one hour if exerting himself.) Changing the capsule requires removal of the front mask plate, detaching the old Capsule, reattaching the new one, and replacing the front mask plate. His fastest time doing this was 60 seconds, and required both hands.


Michaels network of contacts allow him access to military grade hardware, but only smalls arms, minor explosives, and the occasional RPG.
Acquiring certain items takes time, while things like pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, ARs, etc, can be obtained in a matter of a day or two, weapons like SAWs, Heavy Sniper Rifles, RPGs, and Grenade Launchers, will take several days.
Some gear can be picked up via a "deaddrop", and some require a meeting with the dealer.

Energy Weapons:

Michaels go to for firearms is an energy weapon series designed to be provided to Law Enforcement due to its versatility and ability to adjust the level of damage caused.
The weapons rely on battery compartments, known as "Energy Mags".
The higher the damage output, the more charge required per shot.
Stun shots often allow for 20-30 shots on a single Mag, where standard (equivalent to a .45) can fire 12 rounds.
Armor Piercing can fire 8 rounds.
For rifles, stun can take 60, standard 30, and AP 15.


Michael has no regard for his own safety, and will constantly put himself in harms way, if it means saving lives.  

He also has a tendency to end up in situations that are difficult for himself alone to handle, but will continue to fight, until he gets hurt enough that he has to force himself to retreat.

If there are lives on the line, retreat is never and option.  
Terrified of flying:

He has a fear of flying, and generally prefers not to, if given the chance.

When ever he is forced to fly, he is often scared stiff, or unconscious.

The Items

His mask, with a built in HUD, goggle attachment slot, built in rebreather to protect from airborn hazards, voice modular, integrated communication set up, and a High-definition camera, which live feeds to Circuit.  

Ballistic capabilities allows for protection from small arms fire.

State of the art modulated body armor, built to stop small arms, as well as protect from flames, acid, and knives.  
Grounded to protect against low-volts of electricity, commonly used in Tasers and Stun Guns.

Steel-capped knuckle gloves, makes getting punched hurt like hell.

His go-to pistols of choice.  

They fire a concentrated shot of energy, which can be adjusted to merely stun his target, or be a lethal shot.  

Can pierce through most ordinary armor when set to highest capacity.

Armored All-terrain vehicle, his mode of transportation around the city, and stores a small arsenal of weapons he might need.

The Minions

Circuit: A young computer hacker, who works from an undisclosed location, providing Michael with intel, remotely disabling security services, and other things a man in the chair would do.

The Fluff

Peak Physical Condition: Constant fighting has kept Michael at his physical best.

Strength: He is strong enough to lift, carry, drag, pull up to 700lbs, he was able to put a dent in a armored car door with a kick. He can easily punch through thick layers of wood, and even break cinderblocks.  

Speed: His physical top running speed is upwards to 27 mphs.

Stamina: He is capable of pushing himself for hours on end without tiring, having chased down General Hayes on foot for over three miles, and still had enough to fight three-to-one, and win.  

Endurance: Even without his new armored bones, Michael can withstand an incredibly high amount of pain, he had several bullets removed from his body, all without anesthetics, as well as caught a piece of white-hot metal with his bare hands, without any sign of pain.  

Agility: While he is more built for power and strength, Michael is more than capable of maneuvering over and under objects, as well as dodging, rolling, and climbing. His grapples sometimes also require some agile movement.  

MMA/CQC: Ever since he was 14, Michael was fighting, to the point where he picked up MMA (mostly to impress Aurora). He specialized in Boxing, Judo, and Wrestling, but learned enough to be formidable, even against some of the best Martial Artists out there,

When he joined the military, he added lethal ways to subdue, disarm, and sometimes execute, any enemies in a close proximity.  

Stealth: During his Bloodhoud days, Michael picked up how to moved quietly, and disappear into crowds, terrain, shadows, etc. He became a lethal hunter, stalking his enemies, taking them out in the quiet.  

Firearms Expert/Marksman: Michael has a passion for firearms, and can use any form of firearm you hand him with expert precision and handling.

Demolitions: Michael is trained in the use of explosives, including how to build, arm, and disarm, any form of bomb.  

Interrogation: During his time as a Bloodhound, Michael learned various methods to get people to talk. While he refrains from the more inhumane methods, he knows enough to get info from small time street thugs, and occasionally, a high up gangster.

Detective Work/Intel Gathering: Having to hunt and track down high valued targets across the globe, Michael picked up some skills in deduction. While he’s no Sherlock Holmes, he can pick up on clues fairly well.  

Expert Military Tactician/Strategist: Michael has a vast knowledge of military tactics and strategy. He can ascertain the military origins of anyone, simply by analyzing their movements and actions in a combat situation. He was able to figure out that an attempted assassination on a Russian delegate was an inside job, simply by recognizing the firing stance the assassin took, and matched it to one of the delegates own guards.  

Guerrilla Warfare: Michael tends to rely heavily on being mobile, and unpredictable, which helps when facing larger numbers.  

Unbreakable: Michael is so use to pain and constant strife, that interrogation and torture are useless against him. He would die before giving anything up.      

Multi-Lingual: Michael can speak basic, Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Dari, and Russian.

The RP Sample

The Solar Club, a place to drink, dance, socialize, and, if you got the cash, find the most exotic drugs New York has to offer.  

While the doped-up party-goers sluggishly gyrated and rubbed against each other in a drug-induced euphoria, the music drowned out the sounds of violence that ensued in the office above.  

“I’m only gonna ask you one more time...” The Warden, holding the club owner up against the window-panel that overlooked the club below, pressed the muzzle of his pistol under the mans quivering chin. “Who is your supplier!?” The modulated voice added a level of aggression to his tone.  

“I told you, they don’t give me names, and they wear masks!!” The club owner was nearly in tears at this point. He was just some young kid, probably 22-25 tops, bleached blonde hair, fake tan, and a god-awful silk button up shirt, with gaudy jewelry to match. He definitely wasn’t one for direct conflict, he had guys on his payroll for that.  

Except, those guys were currently laid about the room, unconscious, after a rather quick fight between them, and the man holding him by the shirt.  

“Well, I suggest you remember something important, like a birthmark, or something...” The Warden holstered his pistol, pulling out a syringe. “And you better remember it fast.” He stuck the needle into the owners neck, injecting him with the unknown liquid.  

The owner, finally released, dropped to the floor, rubbing the side of his neck that was injected. “What, what did you give me??”

“Oh, not much, just a liquidize form of the ecstasy you give your customers every night...” The Warden looked out the window, taking in the scene below. “I made sure to only measure out the correct dosage, so you should have a good time...” He glanced back to the Owner. “Unless, you know something about the X, something no one else does.”  

Panicking, the owner scrambled for his phone, frantically searching for a number. “Here...” He threw the phone at The Warden, slumping in his chair. “That’s the number I use to call in more, the guy on the other line answers to Scorpio, regardless of who answers.”

As he looked at the contact info, the Warden gave a nod. “Good, that’s one step in the right direction...” He pressed a finger to the side of his helmet, pressing on the PTT. “Circuit, check the number, try and see if you can’t back-trace it.” He then turned, heading for the exit.  

“Wait, you gotta fix this, man!!” The owner pointed to his neck. “You gotta get me some Naloxone or something.”

“Oh, right...” The Warden chuckled lightly. “That was ecstasy, it was a simple saline solution.”


“You’re going to be fine...” The Warden stopped chuckling, his tone shifting back to it’s intimidating gruff. “But if your supplier catches wind that I’m on to them, I’ll know it was you, and you don’t want me coming back.”  

Before the owner could retort, the Warden vanished from sight, moving on to his next mission.  

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The Warden Empty Re: The Warden

Post by Chellizard February 14th 2022, 2:23 am

There's a few typos, but an overall good read.

Approved and moved.

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