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Talos Empty Talos

Post by ProwlerKnight March 31st 2022, 2:12 am


"All it takes to be a hero is a little ingenuity, and a whole lotta heart."

The Bio

Real Name: Jacob Mercer  
Hero Name:Talos
Title: The Iron Guardian, the hero made of steel.
Alignment: Chaotic Good  
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 150lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Cocky, suave, egotistical, and arrogant, Jacob likes come across as a playboy genius.  
Though he acts nonchalant about the dangers of being a hero, his true colors shine when lives are on the line, and evil rears its ugly head.  

Deep down, he has the heart of a true hero.

The Story

Jacob grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

His father, a renowned Engineer, worked with the military at Area 51 to create advanced recon and combat drones, specifically trying to minimalize casualties, both military and civilian.  
While his father worked, Jacob liked to play, party, and just be the center of attention.  

In the downtime between parties and socializing, Jacob was in the garage, engineering his own ideas to life, specifically, cybernetics and advanced prosthetics.  

At 16, Jacob had built a functional cybernetic leg that could bend and move like a real leg, based on how the user flexed specific muscles.  

His father, seeing this, decided he would retire from working on military weapons, and work with his son on helping make life easier for handicapped civilians, as well as wounded soldiers. He also saw how little he was in his sons life, and didn’t want to lose any more time with him.  

Before he could finalize his retirement, he and Jacob would end up in a fatal plane crash during a trip to New York, which took his life.  

Jacob, however, survived, though at the cost of his legs.  

As Jacob grieved for his father, he was eventually informed by a whistleblower that the crash wasn’t an accident.  

A low-ranking general Jacobs father worked with had planned the crash, intending to kill Jacob, who was originally supposed to be alone on the trip, in the hopes that it would remove any notion of retiring.  

However, Jacobs father bought a ticket at the last minute.

Furious, Jacob sought revenge.  

It didn’t take long for Jacob to find the general that had ordered the plane crash.  

However, Jacob found the general had already been exposed for his fathers murder, and ended up running away to provide his services to a small-time dictator somewhere in Eastern Europe, in exchange for immunity and protection.  

Seeing that the general was now living comfortably, with his fathers Drones being used by the dictator to put the metaphorical boot to their throats, Jacob decided he needed to do something.  

In his revenge-fueled passion, Jacob began working on his biggest project yet, a weaponized suit, outfitted with an arsenal of weapons, and built for protection.  
Once the suit was finalized, and Jacob got a hang on flying, his next step, was war.  

Luckily, the dictator lacked an army that could be considered a threat, and barely knew how to properly use his fathers drones, which made Jacobs assault less challenging than he had calculated, especially once the Russians decided to start moving back in on their stolen land.  

As he waged his one-man war, Jacob soon gained the praise of the local people, whose oppressors he was taking down.  
He also gained some insight, realizing the difference between justice, and vengeance, as he found he didn’t have it in him to be a cold-blooded killer, especially when most of the opposing force was fighting against their will.  

By the time he got to the general, he came to realization that simply killing the man wouldn’t bring Jacob the peace he sought.  

Instead, he gave the dictator over to the people, and dragged the general back to the states, where he would face justice for his crimes.  

Feeling a sense of pride in his work, Jacob finally found some peace, and figured he had a knack for being a hero.  

Thus, he took on the name Talos, named after the Automaton in Greek Legend.  

The Powers


Super-Human Intelligence: Jacob has an IQ that is beyond normal human capabilities, he is able to absorb and learn new information rapidly, becoming an expert in new fields of science almost overnight.

He is an expert engineer, hacker, and avionics technician.  

He is well adverse in several other fields of science.

High Class Connections: Due to his fathers work, and his own business helping wounded vets, Jacob has amassed several allies in the military and government, which helps alleviate the legality of his heroics.


Sonic Flight: Capable of reaching Mach 7, Talos is almost untouchable in the skies by normal jets. The suits compression protects against the G-forces.

Walking Tank: Made out of a promethean alloy, titanium steel nanoweave, and advanced hydraulics, the suit is designed to be capable of tanking even heavy weapons fire.

During his assault, he took a direct hit from an RPG, and continued to fight.  

Super Strength: Currently capable of lifting 100tons with effort, punch through most materials, and even dent solid steel fixtures.  

He kicked down a steel bunker door after 5 tries.  

EMP Hardened: Talos is designed to withstand EMPs.  

Modular Arsenal: The Talos base suit is outfitted with a variety of weapons and gear, ranging from small arms, lasers, missiles, and flares.  

His helmet is designed with a suite of tech, including a rebreather, multiple vision modes, communication device, HUD w/ Avionics, and voice modulators.

He also designed the suit to be able to swap in and out various other weapons and gadgets, such as a shoulder mounted cannon, or energy blades.

This allows him to have a suit for any occasion.  

Power of the Sun: After a few years of extensive research, and planning, Jacob was able to create a functional fusion reactor, as well as portable batteries, which power Talos for extensive periods of time.

He can also channel that power into outward energy, using blasters outfitting to his arms to fire off beams or bolts of concentrated plasma, which can melt through steel.  

Or, he can channel the energy into his fist, delivering powerful blows that can even send some stronger foes flying.  


The Weaknesses

Human: Under the armor, Jacob is just a human, and has no skills in fighting without the suit.  


Jacob lost both his legs in a plane crash, resulting in his need for prosthetics.  

While he had learned to function with them like normal, they are able to be removed, whether willingly, or by force, and doing so severely hinders his movements.  

Shooting from the hip: While he is a super genius, he is equally cocky and impulsive, often jumping in to situations without a formed planned.

His ego makes working with teams difficult, as he tends to act first, and ask questions later.  

Radiation: while Talos is defended against shutting down from EMPs, radiation messes with its systems, making it difficult to fight, fly, or function, as well as causes malfunctions.  

Magnetics: Similar to Radiation, Magnetics mess with Talos’ internal systems.

But it also effects the suit physically, as it is made out of highly magnetic material.  

Tank Busters: While Talos is strong enough to endure most heavy fire and blunt force, it is weak to weapons specifically designed to destroy tanks, such as HEDP rounds, or any form of “Tank Buster” ammo.

Battery Powered: While the Fusion batteries can operate the suit for an extensive period of time, they have their limits, and pushing the suits capabilities will drain the batteries faster.  

They also require time to change on the field, leaving Jacob exposed.  

Hackable: Yuri, and the suit, is vulnerable to hacking.

Though it is incredibly difficult, someone who specializes in hacking could break through his defenses, and render the suit useless, or turn it against Jacob and his allies.  

The Items


The Talos suit.

The Minions

Yuri: The AI program Jacob design for voice commands and relaying information.  

Named after a child Jacob failed to save during his hunt for his fathers killer.  

The Fluff


The RP Sample

There was something about flying at Mach 7 that made all of Jacobs problems seemingly wash away. The skies were clear, the sun shined on his back, and he felt completely weightless, as the jet thrusters on his back and boots carried him across the blue sky.  

This is what Atlas must feel like, even though Talos flew at a small fraction of the Sun Heros speed.  

He spun over, facing the sky, before cutting the jets, and descending into a free fall.  

At first, he was scared to push Mach 1, and kept lower to the ground.  

Now, he never wanted to leave the skies.  

Timing his freefall, Jacob kicked the jets back on, guiding himself so he was flying mere feet over a large lake. Seeing his reflection in the water, he reached his hand down, running it over the surface, before shifting upward, and taking back off into the sky.  

“Sir, there appears to be a bank heist in progress 50 miles due east...” A news feed appeared in Jacobs view, showing what looked like Police officers fighting men, clad in tactical gear, accompanied by what looked like combat robots, each geared up and armed with high-powered weapons. “The suspects are heavily armed, and have already put five officers in the hospital.”  

“Thanks for the heads up, Yuri, set a waypoint, crank up the rock, and let’s go save some people.”

Jacob flipped in mid-air, correcting his flight path, as he jetted off towards the nearby threat.  

Outside of the Bank.

The mercenaries were pretty much strolling in and out of the bank, loading a convoy of armored cars with bags of gold, cash, and whatever other riches they had managed to score inside, a pair of Exo-skeleton power suits helping with the load.  

The drones, watching the perimeter, had the cops basically up against a wall. While both sides had stopped firing, as the officers had all but conceded at this point, as the gunmen had managed to secure hostages, holding them close, guns at the ready.

“Alright, boys, let’s get the toasters loaded up and get out of here.”  

“Ow, you little shit!!”

One of the hostages, a young boy, early teens, had managed to pull out a pocket knife, which he stabbed into the gunmans leg, before dashing for the police line.  

“Teach you to stab people, you little brat.” The gunman lifted his rifle, aiming the underbelly grenade launcher in the childs vicinity.  

There was a quick thunk, and then, complete silence, as if everyone had held their breath in unison.  


While the kid ran fast, the 40mm explosive proved to be faster, it had managed to reach its target with relative ease. If it hadn’t been knocked off it’s trajectory, and sent flying up into the air, it would have certainly spelt the end for the boy.  

“Now, that wasn’t very nice...” Talos, having landed between the grenadier and the child, stared down the gunman, slowly lowering the hand that had slapped the explosive round into the sky. “Time to put the guns down, children, before you hurt someone.” He slowly stepped towards the man.  

Scrambling, the gunman struggled to load another 40mm round into the launcher, only to have the gun ripped from his hands, and he himself lifted off his feet by the vest he wore.  

“Now, I want you to apologize.” Talos stated firmly, tossing the rifle away.  

Instead of the apology, the other mercenaries started to open fire on the hero, making sure not to hit their comrade, they focused their fire on the back of the armor suit.  


“Armor integrity holding, only 3% loss.”  

“Huh, even better than I calculated...” He threw the gunman into one of the armored cars, making sure he hit just hard enough to at least go unconscious. “Target the ones behind hostages, and fire the guided rounds.”  

From his wrist, a port opened up, as tiny missile-like rounds flared out, locking onto his chosen targets.  

The ones holding hostages went limp, as the rounds struck their target.  

Next, the drones moved in, as the remaining mercenaries realized the armored man was too much for them.  

“Sir, it appears these drones are using a third-party signal source.”

Letting out a little chuckle, Talos looked over the robot soldiers. “Oh, then why don’t we take control.” As he said it, a small screen popped up on his HUD, showing some system coding, followed by a series of prompts and commands.  

Suddenly, the drones stopped moving towards him, and just went limp themselves.  

“So, where is the ring leader to this little circus.” Talos scanned the area, switching his vision mode to thermal. He quickly spotted a body of heat, carefully trying to get into a nearby car, and sneak away from the scene, as the police moved in on the remaining mercs. “Jack pot.”

As the bank manager started to pull away from the scene, he relaxed, hitting the call button on his steering wheel.  


“You told me those guys were the best...” The manager snarled. “You said I would have no issues, they would walk in, and walk out.”  

“My men are the best at what they do, and those drones are unmatched.”  

“Yeah, well, someone came in with their own drone, and just mopped the floor with your boys.”  

“That’s impossible.”  

“Actually...” A third voice spoke up on the managers line, as if someone had tapped into the line. “I’m afraid I am more than just some drone.” Talos landed directly in front of the managers car, quickly bracing to stop it in its tracks.  

As the car suddenly came to a stop, Talos used a free hand to rip the hood off the car, tossing it aside. He then grabbed onto the battery of the car, ripping it out as well, causing the car to stutter, and then die.  

“Sir, submitting intercepted phone call to the authorities.”  

“Good job Yuri...” Talos strolled around to the driver side door, ripping it completely off the car, followed by grabbing the manager from his seat. “So, decided to rob the bank you work for, and bought Mercs to do it, man, I really hope you didn’t spend too much.”  

“Screw them, everything is insured, most of those ignorant ingrates won’t even remember the cash went missing by tomorrow...” The manager sneered. “I can’t tell you how many times I was called out to the lobby because some ancient hag wanted to send her grandchildren Christmas money, and forgot her ID...” threw his arms up as Talos let go of him. “I do all this work, and what do I get for it, pennies!”  

Talos looked back as cops had made their way to them. “Yeah, nice story, sure the boys in prison would love to hear it.” He gave the manager a mocking wave as he pulled away.  

“Thank you, if it wasn’t for you, that boy wouldn’t be alive.” One of the Officers stated.  

Talos gave a sincere wave this time. “It’s the least I could do.” He then took a few steps back, before launching into the air.

And there he was again, weightless, flying over the world.  

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Talos Empty Re: Talos

Post by Zonkes March 31st 2022, 2:40 pm

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Talos Empty Re: Talos

Post by inquisitor May 2nd 2024, 5:47 pm

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Talos Empty Re: Talos

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