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Everyone Wants the Ukraine

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Everyone Wants the Ukraine Empty Everyone Wants the Ukraine

Post by Red February 8th 2021, 12:21 am

Every screen in the Ukraine flickered as an invasive transmission took hold. Phones, computers, TVs, and even the large screens in the town square of Kiev were effected. Lucius Alba had not been seen in over a year, and was rumored to be dead. Yet there he was, breaching the privacy of so many people he'd make the Chinese government blush. On the video, Alba stood with a simple red background behind him in a tailored black monochrome suit. His expression was neutral, but his grey analytical eyes were as forceful as ever. By this point, a key portion of the Ukraine would have been under the influence of Omega's psychic virus, but those that could react with their own free will gasped, grimaced, or cheered. This was something big. The Devil on Earth had returned.

"My Slavic brothers and sisters of the Ukraine, I am saddened," Lucius began. He paused for a moment, expressing seemingly genuine sorrow, then started again. "I am saddened by the fact that a country which borders my own, so similar in culture and history, is so mistreated, even as Belarus rises to a point where we are nipping at the heels of superpowers. I see the East and the West playing tug of war with your people. I see nothing being done for Ukrainians and Ukrainian lands as the world debates how they might eventually split up your territory, or seize you entirely."

The video showed images and clips of the worst of Ukraine. Poverty, occupation, political jostling, and the lower classes caught in the middle. This was then contrasted with the state of Belarus. Industry, opulence, cooperation, and power. It was striking, even if it was clearly propaganda.

"I am a humanist, and a man of science. I wish for progress for all. It pains me dearly to see your troubles, all created through corruption and incompetence. So, I have decided to act. Today, at noon, there will be a vote across the Ukraine to take the first steps in improving your country, with the help of your neighboring sister nation, Belarus. This vote has been opposed by the elites at the highest levels of your government, but a few patriots in the local governments have made it possible. You may now show the world the will of the people, without interruption, and with our protection." Lucius spoke with a fluency that made his speech seem like breathing, and more powerful than that, it looked as if the man believed what he was preaching.

"The vote will be on the temporary transfer of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to the Belarusian government. If this bill is passed, it will send the message to the world that you desire change, and forge a path towards your country's recovery. If the government complies with the will of the people, the long abandoned embarrassment of Chernobyl will not only be cleaned and made habitable once more, but it will become a beacon of progress and well being, just as Belarus has become, and will then be returned to the Ukrainian people better than ever." Lucius paused solemnly, having spoke with conviction. He then cleared his throat and continued.

"I hope you all side with the world of tomorrow, rather than being confined as beasts to the slaughter of corruption. Let us shake off the shackles of class and oligarchy once and for all." With that, the screens returned to their normal state. Back to the web browsers, news stations, and IPhone apps, like nothing happened. But in the minds of the Ukrainians, and the international community, things were anything but normal.


"Regardless of whether they agree with the speech, Alpha will ensure we get the result we require. That is the last of your questioning, Victus. Order the Peacekeepers and infantry forces into Chernobyl. The result is a certainty. I will join you shortly," Lucius said over his communicator to one of his generals, Captain Victus. The Captain of the Peacekeepers was loyal, but often poked his nose where it didn't belong. Regardless, he sighed, doing his masters bidding. The Belarusian forces would occupy Chernobyl soon with anti-radiation gear, and due to the area's radioactivity, they would face little to no resistance. All they needed was that all powerful Will of the People, and Lucius' operation would be certified legitimate.

This is assuming no outside interference, of course....

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Everyone Wants the Ukraine Empty Re: Everyone Wants the Ukraine

Post by Alpha February 8th 2021, 6:01 pm

Travis watched the screen on a small screen. Dull grey eyes watching the speech with a manner of intrigue, one leg crossed over the other and leaned back into a padded chair. It hadn’t been too long since Lucius returned from the dead, but he was already plotting an interesting take over. It didn’t take him long to guilt Chris into using his own abilities to spread a sudden interest in supporting Lucius Alba. It was a miraculous act really, and he was totally not part of that whatsoever if the public were asked. ”Well, he never fails to impress,” He spoke, chuckling under his breath and watching the broadcast come to a close.

”Might be thinking of a different kind of word with press there,” Omega chimed in, following the Lucius plot with less than enthusiastic interest than Alpha.

”Perhaps but he’s really good at doing it,” Was the only response he gave, scrolling through the data he was gathering through the various programs he had Eta set around the country. Humans in the end were all too easy to manipulate, especially when a charismatic demagogue came around to speak the right sequence of words.

Their location was a small building on the outskirts of Chernobyl, where he’d been told the radiation was miniscule. Granted his own physiology was robust in a way that radiation wouldn’t affect it. What perfection immunity to radiation offered him he didn’t know, though the many files through The Garden suggested that tests had been performed and he was not affected in the least by deadly radiation. An interesting finding, though ”I’ll give him that. I just wonder what he’s hoping to accomplish by this. The wrong people aren’t going to sit still while this happens,”

”Perhaps but I got someone in on this that’ll prove quite useful,” He said mysteriously.

”I watched you recruit him. Aaron isn’t happy you know.”

”He didn’t say no when I showed the compensation I promised him,”

”Can we not talk about me like I’m not here?” Delta spoke up, standing easily seven or so inches taller than the other two, arms crossed over his chest and wearing the usually colors of his siblings. Stark white clothes with accents of brown for his clothes.

”No fun, all of you are no fun,” Alpha replied, pausing as if listening into something. ”Only purpose we have here is to make sure no one gets in the way of whatever Lucius is doing here. Sure, the Peacekeepers do that too but well…if the opposition is worth anything they won’t be much help,” He slid his own black mask into place, out fit fitting the look of a black mask being more black. Omega would stay in the backlines because he was practically useless in the combat side of things.

”Speech went well. Pretty sure you wouldn’t need my help with a script like that,” The channel was secure by Lucius’ standards so he wasn’t worried about being listened in on but he was careful anyway. ”need me to do anything else? I’m sure your jackboots can handle themselves but we know how these kind of things go,”

Everyone Wants the Ukraine CjhXQha
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Everyone Wants the Ukraine Empty Re: Everyone Wants the Ukraine

Post by Zonkes February 10th 2021, 9:50 am

Jack stumbled through the door of the Pit, sitting down on the open metal bar stool near the center of the glass topped bar. ”Yep, I gotta tell you, Mac.” Jack said to the bartender who was currently wiping the silver shotgun he kept under the bar clean of one of the previous patrons. ”This is one of the absolute best weeks I’ve ever had.” Aside from the bartender raising an eyebrow, he made no acknowledgement of his interest.

Jack kicked his feet up on the bar, and Mac pushed them back off, receiving a carved glare from the pumpkin headed man. The bartender was once again unphased, and merely placed the gun in a more combat ready position. The villain took the hint, and rolled his eyes. ”You know, most bartenders would be a lot more supportive! Especially considering how much business I bring to this place!” Jack said, whipping out a few coins that he had started keeping on them.

The bartender nodded, swiped the coins and motioned for Jack to proceed. Jack nodded his “thanks”, and continued his earlier thought. ”So, there I was, stealing some items for the new baby- The bartender blinked. ”Someone bred with you? Willingly?” Jack blinked, surprised that the man had chosen to not only interrupt him, but speak at all. Then his face twisted into a snarl. ”Anyway… As I’m sitting there, trying to keep the blood off the new crib, I hear one of the cops mention that I’m the new number one most wanted!” Mac grinned. Jack didn’t know why, but he had never actually noticed that television behind the bar. Nor had he ever heard of the channel Seven Sinners News at 6:66… wait, 7:06 then? Whatever. He watched the demoness for a moment, mostly her impressive… physique before Mac tapped him on the head with the shotgun, then pointed at the screen again.

There he was. Lucius Alba. Red. He was apparently pulling off some sort of massive coup, if the television was anything to go by… Well that simply couldn’t stand. If anyone deserved the… Jack stared at the Russian word, then it seemed to shift into English. ”The Ukraine?! But I’ve always wanted the Ukraine!” Jack said grabbing his scythe and a random hat that was just hanging on a hat rack. ”If I’m not back in 4 days, come get me in Hell. Mac let out a belly laugh as his patron left. There was no fucking chance in Hell, literally, that he would ever risk his own skin for that pompous jackass.

As Jack opened the door to the office that Lucius had commandeered for himself, he realized suddenly that he probably should’ve been more aware of the radiation… Oh well. He was immortal or something, right? He looked to Lucius Alba, ignoring anything or anyone else in the room and pointed at him. ”Hey asshole! Get out of my future country!
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Everyone Wants the Ukraine Empty Re: Everyone Wants the Ukraine

Post by Sponsored content

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