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Maggie Quinn

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Maggie Quinn Empty Maggie Quinn

Post by Nate6595 October 22nd 2020, 3:44 am

Maggie Quinn

"Aw, peck."

The Bio

Real Name: Maggie Octavia Quinn
Renegade Name: Midnight
Title: Probably the World’s Greatest Thief
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Indigo
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’9
Weight: 138lbs
Blood type: A Negative

The Looks

Maggie is a young woman, believing herself to be as beautiful as she is charming. She’s on the thinner side, though holds a fair bit of muscle to her form, looking as though she is someone who takes very good care of herself. The only marking on her sleek figure is on her upper arms and back, where a tattoo of a black bird, wings outstretched and reaching to her arms, is imprinted. Her eyes hold a deep blue color, often holding a look of assurance, confidence in her actions, an expression that is usually enforced by a similar grin. Her hair is short, indigo in color, and a bit messy (often because she was out flying). Occasionally, if she choices to sprout them, she has a pair of long indigo colored wings which will protrude from her upper back.

When it comes to attire, her general outfit is a well-fitted pair of dark blue jeans, a brown vest with a tuft of indigo feathers around the collar, and usually just a very revealing crop top, often having mistaken for a bra. She keeps some jewelry on, earrings with feathers on them and a gold necklace with a green gem in its center piece. Her bracers seem to be made of her feathers, and can also be found around the rim of her boots.

While she doesn’t use them, Maggie does possess numerous disguises, wigs, and other outfits. She has face masks to make her look like an old woman, a middle aged woman, and women of different diversities. Her outfits can range from prime and proper, to rowdy and rough. She is a woman who has an outfit for every occasion.  


The Personality

Maggie is, above all, a charismatic troublemaker. She is loved by strangers and considered an annoyance by her closest friends. She is, of course, not a woman who gets by on a charm alone. She is quick witted, clever, and cunning, the skills needed by a professional thief and con artist. She loves a strong drink and has more than a few bad habits, though the most prominent is her love of rare treasures. As a kid, she actually wanted to be a treasure hunter of sorts, one who went into ruins and lost places, searching for rare relics of the past and that ambition only fuels her thievery.

When it comes to new people, she may be kind and polite to them (provided she is not fighting them) but will not outright trust them. She usually has to put her truest friends through a few “tests” to really know if she can rely on them. You can’t trust just anyone when performing high stakes robberies and cons after all.

The Story

There are a lot of boring parts of her pasts, stuff you certainly would not be interested in. A troubled childhood of sorts, youthful rebellions against her teachers and guardians, and, well, the accident which lead to her growth of wings. But none of that is all that interesting! Who wants to hear about that? You certainly don’t and she isn’t in the habit of wanting to share that junk.

Nope! Not in this log at least.

What is interesting is her start in the crime industry. It all started on her twentieth birthday when she was out celebrating at a club in NYC. She wasn’t drunk, but sometimes she gets…an itch of sorts. An urge. Well, sitting there in the back of club there was this shmuck of sorts. A wealthy high roller, a man who really liked to flaunt his money to impress the ladies. If you ask these days, she doesn’t even remember the guy’s name, but she remembers that look in his eyes as he stared at her.

The thing about Maggie is that sometimes, more than sometimes actually, a lot of time she gets a sort of itch. An urge really. A need for an exciting thrill, the want of adventure, and, of course, the only way to satisfy that feeling is by taking something from someone as uncouth as the man she locked eyes with. She wanted to take something of his and, after a brief encounter with him, it was obvious what it was.

His father was some regional manager of a car company, one she was sure had oversea facilities where foreign workers were underpaid for their work. It just happened to be his twenty-fifth birthday and as a gift he was given a brand new car and by brand new he meant not even in stores or commercials yet brand new. It was still in the testing face and do to some less than legal connections and dealings he was able to give it a whirl. A target could not have made itself more clear. All she had to do was get close and with how handsy he was, that was done within the first ten minutes of her approach of him. To think, if he hadn’t said anything, she would’ve settled for his wallet.

She promised to leave with him, but first she wanted to freshen up in the bathroom. Well, freshening up turned into a solo joyride of his stolen car and that solo joyride soon turned into a high speed chase with the cops which then turned into a skillful ditching of the cops and ditching the car in the best sort of hiding place. A ditch. Which she had entered into at a high speed. Sure the car was no longer drivable, but she had her fun.

She was ready to take off into the night, ready to head home, but before she could she was greeted by a new presence. A car had trailed her, a car had done what the cops couldn’t and followed her to that spot. Moreover, she hadn’t noticed the sleek black car, headlights out, in that dark and cloudy evening. She was sure that she had been caught but the man wasn’t a cop and he seemed far from the sort that even worked with the law. He said he was interested in her and her skills and offered an exclusive VIP membership to one “Midnight Club”.

She could’ve left well enough alone, but there was something strange about this man and his offer. It was something that she couldn’t leave well enough alone. She wanted to see what this was all about. Curiosity lead her to the club in the city, a small hotel at the back of an alley, the club itself in the basement. It was nice, really nice, upbeat jazz played and lovely clientele sat in the lavish seating, drinking a variety of mixed drinks. It was there in the back of the club she found the man sitting, waiting for her.

He told her thievery had gone noticed by the VIP section of the club and that she’d be welcome to join for her…unique skill set. A club of thieves and con artists, the high end sort that stole from the rich and corrupt. An interesting offer, no doubt, and honestly…she felt as though this was her calling. Before hand she had no goals and aspirations. She lived for fun, making money by stealing from whoever. But this…this offer, this was what she had been waiting for all along.

In the three years that had past she had worked closely under the man who made the offer, someone she came to know simply as The Boss, and has since risen in the ranks of the Midnight Club, the international conglomerate of thieves and con artists. Now, she’s second in command and has earned the name of Midnight, their best thief and con artist, able to perform the high stake jobs that no one else will take.

In her career she has managed make quite a few notable hits. She has stolen from the infamous villain, Jack, taking his scythe and hanging it above the fireplace of the hidden lounge in the Midnight Club. From the magical merchant Haru she managed to set free several slaves he had imprisoned, letting them live their lives however they please. From Gen-X she has stolen a strange pair of shoes, prototype, and something she dares never use. From the villain known as Alpha she stole an interesting piece of medical technology, something to do with surgeries, but she isn’t quite sure what it does, only that it doesn’t belong with their organization. In short, she has been around and has taken quite a bit of expensive loot from some of the world’s baddest.

The Powers

Wings of Steel: Maggie is able to sprout out two, long wings of indigo looking feathers. The feathers allow for flight, however they are much more durable than one would expect of a feather, the barbs even feel and bend like a feather would. The feathers are harder than steel though, and when compressed together can act as a shield against heavy attacks and projectiles, even able to block out gunfire, high power explosives, and hits from metals. The feathers must sprout from her back, but once sprouted she has full control of them, able to make them levitate and soar. When soaring about she is able to tell where her feathers are.

Feathershot: The quills of the feather are also very tough and through controlling them she can launch them out like projectiles. The quills can fire off to be as strong as a round from a high powered sniper or as weak as a child throwing a stone. Maggie can only control the feathers up to a range of about 80 feet, afterwards they will return to her. Further, her feathers are thin enough yet strong enough to work as lock picks for the common lock.

Take Flight: When her feathers are extending out from her back she is able to use them to fly at impressive speeds! It takes some build up to go 140mphs, any faster would cause her to pass out. Her wing beats are extremely quiet, only making about as much noise as an owl flapping its wings. At most, while flying, she can only lift about 250lbs, and her max speed would be cut in half if she was carrying two people, potentially more if the person or persons are struggling.

Keen Eyes: Maggie’s eyes are quite something! Not only can she see in the dark, but she up to four to five times further than the average human, even able to zoom in on specifics of a target. This improved eyesight has improved her reaction time immensely as well as making it easy to pick out keen details on a person (specifically when looking for loot).

The Weaknesses

Fried Wings: Despite being very durable, Maggie’s wings are very flammable. It’d take more than a match, obviously, to burn them. However, fire can easily burn up her feathers and unless they’re scattered or put out, the fire will spread quickly to the other feathers, making flight and feathershot impossible.

Quill Capacity: From her back she can sprout about 140 feathers, 70 on each wing. For flight, she needs about 35 on each wing. With 15 feathers she is able to slow her descent and glide, but not fly. Additionally, she has about twelve on each bracelet and 20 on each cuff of her pants (some hidden extra feathers that are more than just decoration. Her earrings are actually just metal carvings of feathers, not actual feathers).

Sprouting Wings: If a feather is destroyed or lost and cannot return to Maggie than she’ll have to regrow them. To regrow all 140 feathers it’d take about two days, Approximately, she can grow back 4 and half feathers per hour.

Thieves not Murderers: Maggie is a thief and con artist, she doesn’t believe in murder, even against those who try and kill her. It’d take someone particularly evil (child murderer, someone threatening a massive loss of life, etc.) for her to try and seriously maim or kill them. She doesn’t believe in killing another and will do everything she can to try and avoid it, even when that would put her in danger.

And Boy are my Wings Tired: Even though her wings aren’t attached by muscles they act very similar to them. Flying for a long period of time without break and firing off feathers will exhaust her like someone working a muscle. She could roughly fly at an average speed for a few hours before needing to rest, maybe 6 or 8 hours if she really need to push herself. Extensive combat, flight, or…activities, will exhaust her and make using her wings extremely difficult or impossible.

Wing Cover: While her wings are impressive in their durability they only can cover so much of her body while she moves, usually leaving her legs or arms exposed to attacks which often results in her getting grazed. If she curls up, gets low, she can cover a majority of her body, though this means she can’t move around as much, making her an easier target overall.

The Items

Communicator: Maggie, in her bracer, has a long ranged communicator that allows her to speak on numerous channels, able to connect to the Midnight Club from across the world.

Hacking Tool: Attached to her bracer is a small device that allows for Finn to connect to computers and other digital devices, allowing him to attempt to hack into them (though it may take time depending on how intense the defense is).

Satchel: A simple satchel, just used to carry loot in. Has an adjustable latch so it doesn’t swing around as she flies about.

Smoke Bomb: She carries about ten smoke bombs, creating an area of twenty feet of thick cloud. Because of her eyes, she able to see through the cloud to some extent and make a clean getaway.

The Minions

There are many members of the Midnight Club, roughly about twenty or so. All of them are just skilled thieves and con artists, plus two bartenders and at least half of them are musicians. All of the members are just humans and as weak as them, gadgets are nothing of the sci-fi variety, more so just common tools you’d expect from a modern day thief or con artist. Some notable names are: Quinn Kellogg, Adam Pawnsly, Smith (just Smith), Doctor Evens (also the Club’s medic), Nicole Pond, and Herald the Armorer (handles the gear of the Midnight Club).  

The Fluff

The Midnight Club is a very well off organization, somewhere in the millions (though they have to be very careful in how they spend it, big spending catches the eyes of government).

The Midnight Club has several safehouses throughout the world and in major cities.

Maggie plays the bass and violin.

She has a secret weakness.

Only a few people can  call her Tavi.

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Maggie Quinn Empty Re: Maggie Quinn

Post by Zonkes October 22nd 2020, 6:25 pm

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