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Quinn Taylor

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Quinn Taylor Empty Quinn Taylor

Post by Argenis July 27th 2019, 3:57 am

Quinn Taylor

".........and I care why?"

The Bio

Real Name: Quinn Iris Taylor
Renegade Name: Fury Queen
Title: The Beautiful Berserker
Alignment: Chaotic Nuteral
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Race: Meta
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality

Quinn's time on the streets as a child gave her thick skin and a bad attitude. On the outside she is cocky,  crass, and sarcastic. Impulsive, she has a tendency to act on her emotions rather than thinking things through. On the inside she is constantly at odds with her own abilities. Distancing herself from others for there safety rather than her own. She has a skewed sense of integrity often lying and deceiving others under the guise of protecting them or keeping them from getting involved. Prideful, she refuses to back down from a fight or ask anyone for help.

Because of past traumas she has a deep hated for other metas and ability users in general. Especially those who flaunt there powers and self righteous heroes. She isn't above killing in the slightest if she feels it's justified. The same going for crimes, she believes she is only doing what it takes to get ahead.

The Story

An orphan, Quinn was forced to grow up hard and fast. Spending more time on the streets than in a home. She begged, stole, and did whatever it took to survive in a cruel world. At fourteen her meta gene became active and her abilities manifested. Fury took over and she put nearly a dozen grown men in the ICU. She spent a year in juvenile hall and promptly skipped out on her probation. Making her way to Los Angeles, where she began to run with a small gang. The closest thing she ever had to a family.  

Things were going well for a while. Committing petty crimes, expanding territory, they had made something of a name for themselves. Eventually they caught the eye of a bigger player, the Ainsworth crime syndicate. It was during there first outright confrontation that Quinn entered Fury mode for the first time. Loosing control Quinn decimated the entire area, killing members on both sides and severely injuring several civilians. Captured by the Ainsworth syndicate Albert Ainsworth, the head of the syndicate took a interest in her. Offering her the chance to become his personal bodyguard to pay off the debt she had incurred in killing his men. With little other option and still coming to terms with what exactly happened she agreed.

It wasn't long before she made a name for herself within the Ainsworth syndicate. Earning herself nicknames like “The Fury Queen” and the “Beautiful Berserker.” Names no one dared say to her face. Despite how they met Quinn quickly became friends with Albert. At the time she thought it was his cold logic and loyalty to his men. Later she would find out Albert was a meta who had the ability of suggestion, a slight form of mind control.  It wasn't long before the Ainsworth syndicate grew and began to expand it's influence.Rough times came to Los Angeles during the battle with The Equalizers. The ensuing chaos forcing the Ainsworth syndicate to consolidate and go into hiding. With heroes, vigilante's and Lillian's running rampant the Ainsworth syndicate bides there time. Albert a shrewd businessman knows eventually the city will rebuild and how to capitalize on it. Further expanding the syndicate's influence even further and into global markets. Also gaining the attention of several heroes and villains alike.

One night syndicate headquarters is attacked. Albert and several others are killed and Quinn is severely injured and barely manages to escape with her life. She flees Los Angeles and heads to the recently renovate New York City. It isn't long before she finds bodyguard work and various odd jobs. Most taking place on the wrong side of the law. Rumors begin to spread that the Fury Queen is operating within the city. In reality Quinn is trying her best to just make it day to day. It isn't long before heroes and villains alike try to recruit her. Something she wants nothing to do with. Most of her time and money invested in learning to control her Fury mode.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

-Brute Strength:
Quinn is stronger than a ordinary human. She is able to lift nearly 500lbs over her head.  
-Tuned Reflexes:
Quinn has finely tuned reflexs giving her faster reaction timing than a ordinary human.  

Fury Mode:
When Quinn enters fury mode she blacks out and goes into a blind rage. Pushing her body beyond it's limits and becoming completely unaware of pain or anything around her. Attacking anyone and anything around her.  Quinn doesn't have full control over when she enters fury mode. Often triggered by extreme emotional states or high levels of stress.
-Beyond The Limits:
Quinn's brain is flooded with adrenaline and the limiters on her body are ignored, further enhancing her strength and reflexes beyond what her body is normally capable of.
-Pain Killer:
While in fury mode Quinn becomes immune to pain(not damage) and will easily push her body until it breaks without knowing it.

The Weaknesses

-Emotional Susceptibility:
Quinn is extremely susceptible to abilities that effect emotions. Even to the point it can easily pull her out of or send her into fury mode.
-Mental Susceptibility:
Similar to her emotional susceptibility, Quinn is extremely weak to mental abilities such as mind control, or mental based illusions.
Fury Mode:
Quinn can only go so long without using her fury mode. The longer she goes without using it the stronger the withdrawal symptoms become. At first becoming only slightly moody and irritable and progressing to full on panic attacks and audio hallucinations.
Once in Fury mode Quinn looses control Quinn can't return to a normal state until she runs out of energy and passes out. Used too much or pushed too far can cause permanent physical damage or death.
-Human Weakness:
Though Quinn's body is more durable than most human's, she is in essence still human. She can be stabbed, shot, or killed like any other human.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

When Quinn enters Fury mode her appearance changes slightly. Her hair changing from blonde to jet black. The definition to her muscles becoming much more apparent.
The RP Sample

(A random bit I put together from a prompt)
As dusk set in the city had a certain glow about it. Neon lights reflected off the slick pavement seeming to illuminate the entire city. Rayna walked through the city in a stoic silence. The over-sized hoodie and loose jeans warded off the cool breeze. Headphones buried the cities noise, her own personal soundtrack. New York had been her home for as long as she could remember. The place brought a sense of comfort to her.

She had started walking sometime before the sun had set when it was still raining. She hadn't left the house with any particular goal in mind. Then, she had finally made up her mind. Deep down she knew when she had left that this was it. This would be her final walk. Like a inmate walking deathrow for the last time, she knew what laid at the end for her. She had long since set aside her fear and was steadfast in her choice. Life for her wasn't worth living anymore. It's not as if her life had any real meaning in the first place anyways. She was normal, bland. So painfully normal, would anyone really miss her?

She had no family, no friends, would anyone even show up to her funeral? She had thought she thought she had gotten over these questions a long time ago. But as each step carried her closer and closer to the end they awakened anew. This was it, she was really going to do it. Maybe she would back out.....again. How many times had she left her cramp apartment with the same goal in mind? Only to return home a few hours with some new excuse in her mind.

She was all out of excuses.

She was so very, very tired. Tired of the same dull thing day, after day, after day. So tired of longing for something she had no name for. So tired of spending her days alone. Tired of crying herself to sleep. No, tonight was the night.

So, booted feet carried her closer and closer to her date with death. Down fifth avenue and past the college she had attended not that long ago. Over the bridge that had once been her favorite place to ponder and think about life. A few more streets, just a few more until she finally reached the ten story office building. Work, the place that had sapped so much of her life. Four years at the place and she still hadn't made it past data entry. She really was some kind of failure.

She thought about taking the elevator but decided on the stairs. There was something about taking them. One step after another she slowly ascended towards the roof. She had thought about all sorts of way of doing it. In the end she had decided on jumping. She had always wanted to fly. Fly like a bird away from all her problems and worries. She doubted she was going to suddenly sprout wings but she hoped, even if it was just for a second. She could feel that sensation she had always longed for.

Ten stories, ten foot a story, a hundred foot up roughly. Though the height had little to do with it. Like the old saying goes. “It's not the fall that kills you.” She whispered climbing onto the edge of the building. “It's the sudden stop at the end.” Was she smiling? She peered over the edge and felt her legs begin to shake.

“Let's do the math shall we?” She said to no one in particular. Math was her specialty, she had always loved equations and numbers. They spoke to her in a way she could understand. A way that made logical sense. At a hundred feet up she would get roughly ninety feet of free fall. At that height she would be traveling......fourty-five, fifty miles an hour? The numbers seemed startling, would she really be going that fast? It was more than enough to kill her, even if she didn't dive head first.

Who would find her? Probably Jim. Of course her asshole boss would be the one to find her. She groaned shaking her head. What would it matter if he was the one to find her? She would be dead, it wasn't like she would care at that point. She would be dead. If she was lucky she would be looking down from a cloud, or whatever heaven really was. If she was unlucky she would be burning barbecue style somewhere else. Really though, she didn't believe any of that. It would be nothing, just nothing.

Suddenly she realized....she had forgot to leave a note. Was it really that important? Probably not, but wasn't it kind of a obligation thing? Without a note it just felt.....wrong. She heaved a sigh and started to turn away from the ledge. Oh well she would just have to..... Her leg buckled, her foot slipping and suddenly.... She was falling.

The sound of wind rushing past her. Staring up at the sky as it quickly slipped away. “God damn it.” Of course that would be her last thought. Falling, falling, and then.....blackness. No pain, no feeling, just empty blackness. Then....then a voice.


The words echoed through her head. Resonated through her entire being and then pain. Hot, burning, scalding pain. Pain unlike she had ever felt before. She could hear the sound of bone snapping and creaking. Gurgling and coughing as she tried to gasp for air. Then, just as quick as it had come the pain was gone. Her eyes fluttered open. Bushes, why was she staring at bushes and grass? She slowly lifted her head and her vision wobbled. Black specs danced across her vision and then subsided.

She slowly pulled herself upright. Where was she? What was going on? She looked around confused and then slowly up. She was on the ground.....the office, her foot. She had jumped, well really she had fell. Still shouldn't she be dead? This was impossible, she was sure she had died. she was just as alive as before.

She tried to stand and nearly fell when her leg slid out from under her. She looked down and her eyes went wide. Her foot, her foot was backwards. Sickeningly contorted in a way it shouldn't be. She screamed falling backwards. Why couldn't she feel it? Why didn't it hurt? Like it had a mind of it's own the foot slowly turned to face the right way. With two soft pops and a sensation she couldn't quite describe was fine? How was it fine. She wiggled her toes testing it. It felt fine, she felt fine. Somehow, she was....holy shit.

Rayna climbed to her feet and looked herself over. She was covered in blood, her blood. Her clothes tattered and soaked. How was any of this possible? How was she still alive. Then, she remembered the words she had heard. “Thou shall not die.” Her whole body involuntarily shuttered at the memory. Those words had been so powerful. Was she....could she really not die? No, that couldn't be possible. This was all just a dream, just one bad dream. She would go home, take a shower, crawl into bed and wake up. It would be like any other day and all of this would just end up being some kind of freaky nightmare.

She stiffened feeling eyes on her. Oh no, had someone seen? Had someone watched her jump...fall and then just get up like nothing happened? It didn't matter, this was all a dream. So what if someone saw, it wasn't real. Couldn't possibly be real....could it?  

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Quinn Taylor Empty Re: Quinn Taylor

Post by Silus July 28th 2019, 4:16 pm

Killer Queen and the Fury Queen headin' down to docks. Killer Queen, Fury Queen got some heads to knock! Awesome character idea!

Approved until stated otherwise!

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