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The Boss (NPC)

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The Boss (NPC) Empty The Boss (NPC)

Post by Nate6595 on October 22nd 2020, 3:35 am

The Boss

"Just Boss is fine."

The Bio

Real Name: ???
Renegade Name: The Boss
Title: Master Thief
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’3
Weight: 160lbs
Blood type: A positive.

The Looks

Back in the day, The Boss surely would’ve turned heads. He holds the visage of a man who was once attractive, still clinging to some hints of that handsomeness that has been touched by a maturity. He is a bit wrinkled, his once black hair more grey than anything now. He holds a rougher face, some sharp fuzz on his cheeks and chin, though it is well kept for the most part. He stills holds a fair bit of muscle, though it certainly has faded some in his age. He’s tall, standing above the average man, and with that sharp brown gaze of his he seems more intimidating than anything else. He has a few scars here and there over his body, but they mostly have faded with time.

For attire, he dresses rather well, usually in a black blazer, a white undershirt, and black slacks. His shoes, though black, shine as though they’ve been recently touched up. He, now that age has taken some toll, walks around with an old cane with a hooked top. He is rarely seen in anything else, supposedly having more than one copy of this outfit.

The Personality

The Boss is a quiet man, usually wearing a subtle smile. More than anything, he has a strong sense of justice, but holds a grudge against the governments of the world for not cracking down harder on criminals. He holds convictions in what he is doing, believing himself to be truly right in what he is doing, almost as if it is a higher purpose. Many would call him brilliant in his elaborate plots, cons, and robberies. He is, by many people’s standards, a very intelligent man, though mainly in history and when it comes to understanding people.

The Story

Honestly, no one really knows who The Boss is or where he came from. He’s not the founder of the Midnight Club, but the inheritor. He was trained by the previous boss and had been known to take on some the hardest jobs the club had ever known. Some say he even stole something from the oval office. Some say he once stole the ring right off of a mafia boss’s hand. There is even one rumor that he once managed to steal the mask off of a superhero or that he had earned it from them. They know he had a child who ended up being the mother of Finn.

Either way, in the years that he has lead the Midnight Club it has flourished and made some of the world’s best heists. Surprisingly enough, never once in his running of the club has the name of the club touched the world’s ears, seemingly only the members of the club actually know it’s name and goal. While he is retired from field jobs he still has shown some considerable skill when it comes to heists and con jobs.

The Powers

He is just a skilled thief, able to perform skillful slights of the hand and able to plot out the cleverest of heists.

The Weaknesses

He’s human and he’s an old one at that.

The Items

Metal cane: A durable cane, more than capable of bashing someone over the head with without actually denting the cane.

The Fluff

He holds a great love for all the members of the Midnight Club, going to no ends to keep them safe.

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The Boss (NPC) Empty Re: The Boss (NPC)

Post by Zonkes on October 22nd 2020, 6:29 pm

Approved and moved.

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