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Finn Lockheart (NPC)

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Finn Lockheart (NPC) Empty Finn Lockheart (NPC)

Post by Nate6595 on October 22nd 2020, 3:36 am

Finn Lockheart

"Almost In!"

The Bio

Real Name: Finn Lockheart
Renegade Name: Scales
Title: The Safe Cracker
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’1
Weight: 150lbs
Blood type: B Negative

The Looks

Finn is a nice enough looking boy! He’s average when it comes to height and build. He’s not strong looking, but he’s not unfit. Not overweight, but not lanky either. Average is the best way to describe him, holding a decent bit of muscle from semi-regular exercise. His hair is short, neat, and clean, out of his face and glasses. His eyes are a dark green, usually holding a small spark, seeming to be interested in most anything. Notably, on his back, he has a scar on his back, right on his right shoulder blade, seeming to be from a well-sized knife. While he considers himself average in terms of attractiveness, his peers often call him cute and handsome.

For attire, it’s simple, much like his looks. Well fitted jeans or sweatpants and a short tee is what you’ll usually find him in. He also wears a nice pair of thin square glasses, something he needs for further distances. On his wrist he almost is always wearing a watch he got from a very special friend.

The Personality

Finn is a kind young man, though when the right buttons are pushed he is easy enough to annoy and set off in tirade. He is, in many ways, a dork. He loves old movies and games, often engaging in them when he is not working. He also loves puzzles and computers, interests which lead him into his hacker lifestyle. When it comes to his computers and hacking skill he does hold a great bit of pride, relishing in praise that he gets when he does good with it.

The Story

Finn was born to the Midnight Club, actually the grandson of The Boss, but never holding an aptitude for thievery conning (though he does have some slight training in both fields). Growing up, Finn had a strong interest in computers, an interest that was nurtured by his parents. With their help his interest grew into a passion which has since grown into his career. Sure, other kids wanted to be sport stars or in movies or racecar drivers, but Finn, from an early age, wanted to be a hacker (though, of course, his parents did what they could to make sure his teachers didn’t hear that).

Finn actually never wanted to work for the Midnight Club, his goal was to work for the government as a counterintelligence agent. While this did cause a slight divide between him and his grandfather it was soon put to rest when his parents took on…a risky job. The short of it is that, well, not every agent comes back from their scheme and the targets chosen by the Club aren’t always the safest. His parents were tasked with conning a mob out a large, crippling chunk of their money, though they had been discovered and put down.

He was seventeen when he lost them and without them he was lost…unsure of what to do. The mob that killed them, while it was proven that they did, managed to get off the hook because of some well placed connections. The idea they got off the hook with only a slap on the wrist angered Finn and he wanted to get back at them. He wasn’t skilled enough to go and steal from them himself, he was clever enough to do something else.

Using his skills in hacking he managed to expose a human trafficking scheme that the mob had been engaged in. With the evidence he unearthed there was no amount of bribery that could get them out of it, not with the public aware of the situation. With such a blow to the mob he found himself feeling fulfilled, like he had done some great service to the world. From there, his path was clear. He would join the Midnight Club and help in their pursuits, going after the corrupt of the world, taking them down one at a time so no other would have to go through what he did.

The Powers

Just a human who is good at hacking.

The Weaknesses

Shoot him?
He has a fish allergy.

The Items

He has an old 9mm pistol he keeps on him, though he’s not the best shot.
A baseball bat.
An advance computer system (nothing sci-fi) in which he is able to use to hack into devices around the world.

The Fluff

He considers himself one of the world’s best hackers.
He knows Maggie’s secret weakness.

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Finn Lockheart (NPC) Empty Re: Finn Lockheart (NPC)

Post by Zonkes on October 22nd 2020, 6:30 pm

Approved and moved.

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