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Finn Lockwood

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Finn Lockwood

Post by Nate6595 on August 7th 2018, 2:12 am

Finn Lockwood

"Cloud-9 at your service!"

The Bio

Real Name: Finn Lockwood
Hero Name: Cloud-9
Title: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’1
Weight: 145
Blood type: O

The Looks

Finn is a very curious person and has that look about him. His eyes always seem to have a curious spark to them, always searching and looking around for new things. His face tends to have an expression of either mild excitement and interest or one of pondering, like he is deep in thought. While he is a man of average height when he is not on the job he tends to be sitting by or hunched over a desk or workbench, making something that will probably not serve a real purpose, not work at all, or work too well. With his average height, he is also one of an average build! He most certainly does have some muscle about him, but not to the degree of a boxer or weightlifter.

His hair is usually in one of two states. The first of these states occurs when he is working on new inventions, it tends to get messy and stick up in several places. Overall it just very unkempt when he is working, he looks a bit like a madman, a very enthusiastic madman. The other state of his hair is actually rather nice, it is well combed, kept a nice short length and swept to one side. This is his usual hairstyle. In addition to his hairstyle, he also has a light beard, a very short stubble! His eyes are a pale green color and has medium tone this skin, white, but slightly tanned.

In terms of his attire, when work on inventions he tends to wear jeans held up by suspenders, a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of black heavy gloves, and a pair of old style goggles!
When he is in more of a social setting he'll wear whatever he is comfortable in, tending to lean more towards an easy/casual look rather than fancier attire.
His hero outfit is comprised of grey colored vest with two pockets, one on each side, under the vest he wears a simple plain white tee-shirt. He also wears a pair of well fitted pants, easy to move around in, but won't get caught on anything.  His arms are covered in loosely wrapped strips of white cloth which stretch down to his hand, but leave his palm and fingers open. His feet are covered in the same cloth, which is actually very good at keeping them warm! Covering his eyes he has a very thin, grey domino mask that sticks to his face.

The Personality

Finn is a very creative and imaginative person. He loves to invent and improve upon old inventions. This has always been more of a pastime or hobby for him, but working for Avalon he has required to do it more and more for professional reasons. He is also a very kind and caring person, someone who tries to live up to his father's expectation of what a hero should be. He works hard to be what he considers an ideal hero to be.
Whenever he gets inventing he tends to take on one of two personas. The first being very enthusiastic and eager, this tends to happen when someone comes to him with a request or a new idea. He can be enthusiastic on his own, but is less likely. When he really gets into an invention he tends to get dead focused on it, becoming very serious and less easily distracted. He'll tend to block out all other sounds and influences when he gets to be in this state.

The Story

Finn was born to family of metas. Both his mother and father worked as heroes and did so quite well! Growing up, Finn loved everything to do with heroes, he loved the idea of them and more than anything he wanted to become one. While he was still young and his power had yet to develop he took on an interest in inventing and gadgets! If he didn't get an ability he would at least have some way of becoming a hero. He practiced a lot with his younger brother, helping each other invent and create. Finn worked on the mechanical side of it and his brother worked on the more technical side of it. By the age of ten they had both managed to create a robotic dog companion for each of them! Finn named his P.A.L..

After his mother passed Finn decided to go to school for engineering, but never ended up finishing. His father who had since retired from the hero life had begun to work on forming a hero organization, a secret group that could do some real good in the world. He dropped everything to help his father create this group, working tirelessly with his father to make Avalon. Finn had long since developed his powers and during his free time, when he was not working with his dad, he was honing his talents and working on becoming a hero, doing small jobs here and there. Once most of the physical work was done and all that was needed was to recruit a few people Finn decided to take a break from Avalon for a few months to go out and do some more hero work all over America. He didn't receive any high fame, but he understood what kind of hero he wanted to be.

Returning home and to Avalon he immediately got right back to work. He worked hard in the Armory, helping to develop several tools and equipment for the base. It didn't take him long to become the head of the Armory of Avalon, in charge of all the projects that the researchers would work on. It was also due to his hero work, dedication to Avalon, and his ideals of being hero that earned him a seat at the council of Avalon. There he continues to work hard and hopefully be able to make the world a more peaceful place.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Steam Generation: By absorbing the moisture in the air he can heat it and release large quantities of steam through his pores. He can produce steam up to around 1600 Celsius (Though usually only releases steam at about 100 Celsius). In addition to that, he can condense down and release at high pressures, very similar to air cannon. Depending as to how much he condenses the steam he can, at most, damage/bend steel. The condensed steam will lose power the further it travels and is most effective point-blank range.

Tough: For whatever reason Finn’s skin is a lot tougher than the average person’s. Bullets, while they do hurt like hell, don’t pierce his skin (Unless they delivered in high quantities, eventually they will break through). He often just receives some serious bruising from them, anything more powerful than bullets can do some serious damage though. In addition, his body is very resilient to high temperatures being able to resist the heat of the steam he produces.

Gadgets:  Finn, while they are not pre-made, has the ability to quickly construct a series of small but useful inventions!

The Weaknesses

Moisture: If there is a lack of or no moisture in the air Finn has a difficult time producing steam. If there is no moisture in the air he can use some he has stored in his body, but only in a very small quantity, once that is used he’s got nothing at all.

Takes to condense: When condensing steam it takes time to build up enough pressure. To send out bursts as strong as boxer’s punch it takes two seconds, to send out a heavy blow it takes five seconds, to send out something as strong as a bullet it takes ten seconds, and to send out a blow that could bend steel it takes twenty seconds.

Too much steam: If his body builds up too much steam without releasing it his body will fire off the steam wherever it can. Despite his tough skin it will cause serious damage to him, most likely crippling wherever the steam poured out from.

Time to build: When inventing gadgets on the spot it does take some time to build! He’ll need to stop whatever he’s doing and get to work on the gadget. It would be very hard for him to build something during a fight. If he knows he may need something he may build it beforehand (Building beforehand requires permission).

Parts: For Finn to even build something he needs to right parts. He keeps all the parts for what he needs in his robotic assistant, but if P.A.L isn’t around then he will have to search the area for the right parts.

The Items

Several gadgets that he can quickly make! These include:
Noisemaker (Three minutes to build)
Flashlight (Three minutes)
Mini Fan (Three minutes)
Marching Toy Robot (Three minutes)
Padlock (Three minutes)
Lighter (Three minutes)
Grappling Hook (Five minutes)
Voice Recorder (Five minutes)
Alarm Clock (Five minutes)
Flash-bomb (Five minutes)
Tracker (Five minutes)
Megaphone (Five minutes)
Pocket-watch (Eight minutes)
Taser (Eight minutes)
Gas Mask (Eight minutes)
Miniature buzz saw (Eight minutes)
Music box (Eight minutes)
Shortwave radio (Eight minutes)
Toaster (Eight minutes)
Overcharger (Eight minutes, it can overcharge a fuse box)
Defibrillator (Ten minutes)
Radio Disrupter (Ten minutes)
Steam Bomb (Ten minutes)
Night vison goggles (Ten minutes)
P.A.L. Repairs (Fifteen minutes to one day, depending on how bad damage is)

P.A.L.'s "whistle": Finn has a radio specially connected to his robotic dog so that he may call P.A.L. to his current location.

The Minions

P.A.L.: P.A.L. is Finn’s trusty companion and loyal friend! He is a robotic dog that comes with series of useful functions that Gavin uses frequently.

The Fluff

Despite never finishing college Finn is a very intelligent person, though he doesn't always seem like it.

While there isn't much known about his younger brother, Finn seems to have a great love and respect for him.

If Finn gets embarrassed there is a chance that steam will shoot from his ears.

The RP Sample

What time was it? It couldn't be past, it was probably closer to eleven or so.

Finn looked up at the overcast night sky and let out a sigh. The old factory that stood now only a feet from him only seemed to be creepier up close. He had no problem with creepy places, but he much rather work in the daylight or in a better lit place. There was a street lamp that glowed close by, but the light over the door had long since went out. No, every bit of this looked like it was going to be trouble. Sure, he was looking for trouble, but there was always a bit of relief when there was none. It meant all was good in the world and that his work was actually paying off.

He let out a breath and looked down to robotic canine, P.A.L. and smiled a bit. "Ready, boy? Let's go for a walk." P.A.L. let out one quiet bark and moved to the door, pawing at with his robotic foot. Finn pushed the door open and gazed into the dark factory, far too dark for him to see. He could make a flashlight, but he didn't want to waste anymore time on this. He looked down to P.A.L. and nodded. "Alright, P.A.L. flashlights please!" The dog let out another robotic bark and its eyes began to glow with high powered beams that pierced the darkness.

Inside the factory only looked creepier. It had long since been abandoned, boxes lay here and there, scraps of paper were scattered about. There was  a broken vending machine that occasionally sparked to life with a small flash of the logo on the front of it. The information desk right there at the front was covered in dust and there sat a computer, knocked over to its side. It was a scene that could be a horror movie when the dumb kids decide to hang in the old abandoned place and they each get picked off one by one. Not Finn's cup of tea, but he didn't really have a choice of what kind of tea he'd be having right now.

There had been reports of a strange thing walking about in here and Finn was looking to find out what it was. Stepping forward, P.A.L. walking with him, they two of them delved deeper into the abandoned factory. They had moved through a back hallway and into the manufacturing portion of the factory. Long convener belts stretched from one side of the room to the other, small spare parts still on the old strips of plastic. There was also a staircase that led up to a rather unsturdy looking  rafter. It was upon that rafter that Finn saw what he was looking for, the beast he had been sent here to find.

There standing of the rafters was a large, mechanical creature. It stood with four legs and a large bulky chest. It had no head, but there was a monitor that was showing the image of distorted face that looked to be more hostile than anything. From his bulky chest there were also several wires that were knowing waving about widely, sparks shooting from them. While he couldn't see where it was coming from, Finn was sure he could hear the sound of a buzz saw going. Honestly, he didn't want to find out where it was coming from. He was better of not knowing that one.

Finn looked down to P.A.L. who was already starting to bulk up as he went into attack mode. Finn looked back up at the creature and raised a hand towards it, beginning to gather steam up and compressing it. "Alright buddy..." He whispered to himself. "Let's go."

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Re: Finn Lockwood

Post by Zonky Blong on August 14th 2018, 5:44 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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