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[ALERT!] Burn baby, burn! (Glitch and Argo)

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Alert [ALERT!] Burn baby, burn! (Glitch and Argo)

Post by ghost September 26th 2020, 12:03 pm

Richard Tindial. began to walk up to the large Gen-X building. It was a warm day and despite the safety inspection, where he would normally wear a suit and tie, he was stuck in a blue hazmat suit. Thick plastic and rubber shirt and trousers, rubber boots, a full face helmet that separated him from the world by a see-through plastic shield; at least that way the people he talked to could see his face. Thick rubber gloves made it uncomfortable to carry his briefcase.

Behind Rick was a trail of people, they all walked casually wearing almost the same thing, except their suits were darker in colors, greys and blacks, and had full face basks which made it difficult to tell them apart. Some had duffle bags, others backpacks, presumably stuffed with testing and other equipment to use during the inspection.

In reality this was all just a ploy. Grovoton, some days earlier, had Glitch hack into Gen-X and schedule a safety inspection. Rick was a real inspector, the best kind of cover was always a real name and face, but his small gathering of Yakuza behind him had just enough forged background to get into the building and maybe out of a jail cell if it came to that. The bags they carried had a variety of things inside, and all of them were the opposite of safety. C4 to M-4s lined the walls of most of them, hopefully protected by any prying eyes or machine that wanted to dig deeper than the surface.

Grovoton, Richard Tindail, entered the building with a wide smile and chipper attitude and approached the front desk.

The entrance of the building was more extravagant than Imdor would have thought. Marble floors, vaulted ceilings, multiple elevators, glass lined the bottom floor, and a gorgeous receptionist sat behind a long dark wooden desk in the center of the lobby.

“Why, hello there.” Rick said as he set his briefcase down, his voice had a slight southern drawl. “I am here for the safety inspection. Can you please point me in the right direction? Oh, uh, to inspect this shrinking technology… you see I work for the government and –“ Grovoton began to unfold a letter that was seemingly stamped by the governor of New York. “They want to be sure this machine is safe, you know, uh, before any heroes are harmed.”

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Alert Re: [ALERT!] Burn baby, burn! (Glitch and Argo)

Post by Row September 26th 2020, 6:55 pm

"How could we refuse Eiichi-dono," Zero-Day chimed to Usagi's new "boss." Usagi crawled out of her bed while pulling on her communicator sleeve to more easily feed her AI the correct words to day. "I always wanted to visit the Americas. I wonder if they are as rich as the movies make it seem." She booted up her systems and started going through her equipment. Preparing to operate in a new country would be an interesting challenge but where is the fun in a easy low paying job. Especially with that event happening in New York.

Usagi turned on the T.V. Every news channel was talking about how everyone was getting sick due to this Flame Fever or whatever. The online community received an early leak that supposedly this was due to tiny robots. Usagi never dreamed of seeing these things in her life, but now she had that chance. Its crazy things you get to see when you work with some shady people with big dreams. All she had to do was create a fake inspector group on the web and get that group a visit at the home of the Flame Fever research, Gen-X. It was going to be as easy as breaking into a power plant.

One extremely expensive flight and blue hazmat suit up scene later, Usagi was stand with the rest of the Yakuza.  Usagi had modified the suit to work similar to her suit, with a couple of screens inside. Her gloves held compartments to allow her to connect to different type of computers or equipment. Of course, her disguise did not require her to actually work on any equipment. She did carry a tablet under the guise of recording the results and advising Mr. Richard Tindial. Her name would be Jaiden Cullen, an Engineering intern who's identity she  stole. In reality, she just needed to ensure nothing went wrong with getting into Gen X and possibly capturing some of these Flame Fever Nano Bots. She was sure she could find a buyer online but if she could reverse engineer them, then it would make her Alter Ego so much more powerful.

Usagi, Jaiden Cullen, coughed, "Mr. Tindial, don't forget your promise to let me work you. I been studying the systems all week for this. I'm ready to help." Jaiden held her tablet to her chest while clenching her fist and looking at it as if she was struggling to hold on to her confidence. However, she had a huge grin behind her mask. She wanted to capture every piece of information she could steal after all. She could not let this American leave her behind just yet.

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[ALERT!] Burn baby, burn! (Glitch and Argo) Emerl_by_arrowhead_by_omireiworld-dbj7qwz
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