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Let's Watch This City Burn

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Let's Watch This City Burn Empty Let's Watch This City Burn

Post by Dr Everyone on October 16th 2011, 9:14 pm

Dr.Everyone flew towards the city in the distance. Los Angeles, California. A beautiful place that people ruined. It would be a beautiful place yet again. And all it would take is a little bit of fiery coercion.

He floated over the heart of the city, watching people walk by, unaware their death was imminent. A while ago, he might have laughed at the situation. But no, he was sane. He didn't enjoy having to do this, but he had to. To save them, he had to kill them. To save the world, he had to kill them. He looked back down and saw people pointing at him. A police officer even looked through a pair of binoculars at him. The Doctor reacted quickly with a simple sentence.

"Hello L.A., Goodbye!"

A beam of flame shot out of both his hands, incinerating the cop and lighting the nearby civilians on fire. People began running in all directions, screaming. Cars sped up. Some crashed. People died. And he had only just begun. He waved hi hands around, point it at hubs of buildings for 5 seconds and moving on, leaving the buildings on fire and only growing worse. Fire Department crews rushed to put out the fires, but there were so many. The ambulances too, had trouble dealing with all the injured people. And for now, the heart of the city was aflame. It was time to move on to the rest of it.

He was floating over the Mexican neighborhood now. Some people were hurriedly leaving, but many just kept on going as if nothing was happening. Some glances at their smartphones and heard the news, but didn't care. They would soon. The beams of fire again flew out of The Doctor's hands, lighting cars and business's on fire. At least fifteen people were on fire, a third of them would be dead soon. He floated there for fifteen second before half of the Mexican neighborhood was on fire, and he suddenly felt very tired.

"I must stop's burning up too much energy. I still have four and a half cities to burn."

Of course, he'd only finish burning Los Angeles today. The other cities would come in due time. Dr.Everyone was on a tour of the US. And this tour ended with lots of death, and lots of fire.

"I'm going to burn this city, until there's nothing left in her."

And he continued to wak through the burning streets of the Mexican neighborhood, heading for the other side of the burning city.

((OOC: Song for this thread: ))

"I wont stop until this planet is a lifeless rock and I choke to death on the toxic air."
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Let's Watch This City Burn Empty Re: Let's Watch This City Burn

Post by Dynamic on October 16th 2011, 9:44 pm

Darryl stood on top of a building in L.A. looking for a target. L.A. was a nice, populated city and he could do a lot of damage. Darryl jumped and crashed into the street, leaving behind a nice hole and a shockwave that killed those close enough. He then extended his arms and grabbed a car while spinning around quickly, leaving a wake of destruction and death. The SWAT tried to stop him, but with a simple change in shape, Darryl made a chainsaw and cut them into pieces.

While cutting loose and enjoying himself, he noticed it got extremely hot, almost too hot for him to handle. He noticed that the entire street and buildings were covered in fire. Seeming to emanate from a single point up above, Darryl climbed up a building that wasn't aflame. He then saw that all that fire came from a single man. He decided to jump from building to building following him.

Darryl wasn't sure what to think of him. He was mass murdering people, which gave him a plus in Darryl's puny mind. At the same time, that was his job and he didn't want someone else to have it. When the man started to descend and walk away, Darryl quickly ran towards him. "Nice trick with fire. But only I kill!" Darryl said in his creepy zombie voice.

Darryl Jones, Nano-Zombie
Let's Watch This City Burn Darryl
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