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Pori Pori

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Pori Pori Empty Pori Pori

Post by Row December 2nd 2017, 12:06 am

Poring Flan

"Can I be a heroine, if I try?"

The Bio

Real Name: Poring Flan
Hero Name: None
Title: Slime Monster
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Unknown (Awake for 13)
Gender: Female
Race: Slime
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Cyan
Height: 4ft
Weight: 220
Blood type: Other

The Looks

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The Personality

Poring can be describe as a happy, aloof, curious, and mischievous girl. She has hid most of her life from the very humans she wished to play with and dreams to one day be able to play with them. When she does come out, she admires all the little things. From the floating water vapors in the sky, to the magic invisible walls that hold the colorful foods. If she was allowed, she would just jump from thing to thing and study it. However part of coming out of hiding involves interacting with the humans.

When imitating the humans, Poring knows she has to pretend she has a human body and follow all the human rules but there is so much she doesn't know. She lacks a true understanding human biology. She constantly forgets that when they get hurt, they cannot just regrow and fix up the body by drinking water or eating food. After realizing that she made a mistake, she tries fake the correct response but sometimes she over does it and makes it dramatic.

Poring puts a great deal of value into human life. She tries to help people, even when she does not know what to do. When they become scared of her, she panics and tries to do things that she believes makes her not dangerous. When angered she forgets everything about blending in and tries to grow bigger and rampages. After realizing the damage she done, or learning that she hurt someone, she becomes depress and runs off to hide.

The Story

Everything was dark. She was scared. There were voices but she could not remember what was said. One voice belonged to a man. Then a pain filled her body after the mans voice went quiet. After the pain ceased, her body grew cold. This cycle repeated until a loud sound woke her up.

The slime core woke up in a tube and saw a woman in a black hood. This woman was destroying a bunch of metal boxes and stuck an axe through the tube. Red water spewed out and the dark blue core slipped out onto water onto on the ground. The core rolled its way onto the woman as she left the room. Upon arriving at the woman's home. The slime core crawled into a corner of the home, out of site, and watched the woman studying every movement and word that came out her mouth.

The core scavenged for food that was left out or thrown into the trash. For a month it continued this practiced until one day the woman started a bubble bath. When she left the room, the slime crawled into the tub and started absorbing the water. The woman returned and enter the tub. The core started converting the water and calories into slime until she had the While the woman was taking a bath the slime core slowly absorbed the water and replaced it with her own slime until the woman discovered the creature in the bath. In a panic, the woman started trashing  in the pool of slime. The slime core wrapped its slime around her body to restrict her movement.

Finally the woman gave up. Closing her eyes, she hoped her death would be painless and quick. After a few minutes she felt the slime releasing her body. She opened one eye and saw and head. The slime reshaped herself to look like the woman and was staring deeply at her face. The woman awkwardly smiled, not sure what to do, and to her surprised, the slime smiled back and giggled. Then it hugged her while rubbing its head on her cheek. The woman realized that the creature was not evil.

The woman studied the creature as it wander around the house like child. When the creature showed signs of being capable of speech, she named it Poring, after the creature in a video game. Poring quickly learned to talk, properly mimic the shape of the woman. Then the woman took Poring to the mall and abandoned her. After being revealed and called a monster, Poring went into a tantrum demanding people stop calling her a monster. As the policed arrived and attacked her, she started eating and absorbing water to grow in size. Then the policed stopped shooting because she absorbed a little girl. Poring snapped out of her rage and freed the girl. After which the policed unleashed another round of gun fire. Pori pretended die and her core crawled away.

Over the next few months she watched and learned about human society. She continued practiced her mimic the shape of different human and learned different sayings and reactions. Then she would make a disguise and try to move about on the surface until she messes up and blows her disguise. She hopes, one day she can live in peace without fear of being monster. Until that day comes, she continues to practice what the woman taught her.

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 4
4. Strength 2

The Powers

Poring "body" is a small crystal ball called a slime core. This core secretes slime which forms her slime body which protects the core and allows her to interact with the world. The core controls the slime's shape and density.

Poring uses the slime to digest any organic matter and most toxic without fear of death. This increase her calorie count so she can create more slime. She can absorb water to make more slime. She also can reabsorb her slime to recover used calories.

The Weaknesses

She only can control the slime connected to her slime core.

Mind altering effects from toxic and drugs affect her twice as fast as the average person and are twice as strong. (However, the speed it takes for the drug is inversely relative to her size. The bigger she is, the longer it takes.)

Using water to increase her slime's mass slows her movements and the response time of her slime. If she collects too much slime created from water, about 75% of her slime body will collapse into water and become unusable. If her slime body makes contact with large bodies of water (bigger then her), it dissolves. Also running water cuts through and absorbs her slime.

The farther the slime is away from the core, the slower response to commands.

Poring is unable to break out jars.

If Poring is hungry, she has a hard time producing more slime. Once starved however, her mind goes into a more primitive state who's sole objective is to eat food. This state weakens her ability to dissolved organic matter, making actual food the only thing that returns her to normal.
The Items

Rain gear
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Minions

The Fluff

When touching surfaces, she leaves behind some of her slime unless she actively tries not too.

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Pori Pori Empty Re: Pori Pori

Post by Chellizard December 15th 2017, 2:14 pm

Approved and moved.

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