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Gl!tch Empty Gl!tch

Post by Row July 27th 2020, 2:53 pm


"I'm already in Wink"

The Bio

Real Name: Usagi Hori
Villain Name: Gl!tch
Title: The Girl who doesn't exist
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown (appears 16-19)
Gender: Female
Race:  Human
Hair:  Dark Blue
Eyes:  Violet
Height: 5'4"
Weight:  107
Blood type:  O-

The Looks

The Personality

Gl!tch put herself first. Years of identity theft, scamming the innocent, and overall deviousness has frozen over her small heart. She thinks nobody has it worse than her and nobody can work as hard as her. Her hard work is shown through all the things she has acquired. The only things she thinks about is improving her future. Since technology hates her, she will push it to its limits and bring anyone she needs to down to do it.

Gl!tch prefers to keep a cheerful if not overly playful demeanor. She knows she can’t get caught. So, she happily taunts those who attempt to get in her way. She does not take failure lightly and enough mistake will warp her into a twisted sadistic demon. Be ready to apology over and over as she stripes you of everything you digitally own. Only then will they learn to stay out of her way.

There are a few groups of people she adores. Artist who can capture her image are her favorite, next to rich men, followed by parental figures. Just don’t tell anyone about that last one. She remembers her special person who kept her life from being complete hell. While she did have to leave them, she does long for someone. Her dream is to find a companion or mentor who can brighten her darkest days.

The Story

...Zero-Day Infiltration Complete...
XX30 Xxxxxxxxx HSYS [Version 34.0.XXX24)
(c) 2017 Xxxxxxxxx Corporation. All rights reserved.

Password failed.

Initiating Cracking Protocol.
Access Granted ; )
Updating password database
Welcome to Honey Drop Home System...
C:\User\root Query records for Usagi
Logs Found...

1832 October 31, XXXX Girl found in rags attempting to steal candy from another child in the yard. Checked security feeds and sensors, no reports of activity. Motion sensors never tripped. Note to contact security to check cameras. Contacted Police to report lost child. Police take girl into custody.

1621 November 01, XXXX Police unable to identify girl. Age is unknown appears to be 5. She refused to talk until we gave her a piece of candy. She called herself Usagi. She refused to answer any other questions about herself. The girl was frightened. It was decided she would stay in the orphanage until her parents appeared.

0900 November 02, XXXX All the phones, TVs, and cameras stopped working for a brief period of time. Contacted the security company to inspect the sensors. Usagi refused to leave her blankets. Today we decided to allow her to eat breakfast away from the other kids.

0947 November 02, XXXX All systems are functioning fine except for our camera. We attempted to take Usagi's picture photo and the picture looks corrupted. Usagi protested against taking another picture. We plan to attempt another day.

1352 November 30, XXXX Usagi has settled in to the orphanage. She is having trouble getting along with the other kids. Also, our systems keep experiencing outages every day. The kids have begun to blame Usagi and bully her. She still refuses to have her photo taken or hang around the other kids. She has also picked up the habit of hiding in the library. Side note. After reviewing the camera footage on the 31 of October, there appears to be no sign of the girl entering the premise. However, the videos seemed to have some distortion with heavy pixilation. Security replaced cameras.

1201 May 23, XXXX Usagi got into a fight with a boy over computer hours. In the years she been here and she has never hit back before. We plan to send Usagi to counseling in hopes of improving her relationship with the other children and will opt to give her a warning. The computer did break which seemed to upset the girl enough. It was an old machine and we planned to replace it soon with a new touch screen model. While we normally would not have the funds to by such a model, the orphanage has been receiving large anonymous donation. We expect the machine to arrive by next week.

1010 June 12, XXXX Usagi has requested to visit the public library again. Ever sense the computer incident, she has made the request every day. We attempted to get her to use the new computer but she is having trouble getting it to respond. All of the other children and myself can operate it perfectly fine. Other weird behaviors we noticed is her refusal to talk on phones. She did agree to text but only if we let her use the older models. She seems a lot more tired recently as well despite not having a computer to keep her up. One kid reported that she was sneaking out at night but the feeds don't show any signs of anyone leaving. I plan to stand a watch to see if she is getting proper sleep until we can schedule an appointment with the doctor.

0800 June 25, XXXX Usagi was caught collecting a package from the delivery boy. It has been a couple years since Usagi has created an incident She refused to tell us what was inside so we confiscated it. Inside was some weird scanning equipment which reminds me of a credit card reader along with a keyboard. It all looked pretty expensive. Recently we fired an attendant due to their inability to explain weird uses of the orphanage's money. I fear we may have found the true culprit. We plan to set up a counseling session with the girl. I pray that I am wrong on this one.

1500 June 26, XXXX Usagi has disappeared. It’s not at the orphanage so she must have taken it. We have looked around town, the library, and even reported to the police. We even tried calling her cell phone.  However, nobody has seen her. After revealing that Usagi was sneaking out at night, we up security and installed a camera in the room. The security system ineffective so we are relying on security guards physically watching the cameras. Throughout the day, nobody has reported seeing Usagi on any camera. I really hope she is okay and doesn't cause any more trouble. A private investigator visited today but he refuses to tell us why. All he did was interview all the employees.

1600 August 01, XXXX It is official. The director is under investigations of fraud, identity thief, and numerous other crimes. Many of the other attendants have been accused of similar crimes to lesser degrees. It is weird, most if not all of them have had a terrible relationship Usagi. I know this isn't the best time to or place to write this, but since nobody is vetting my logs anymore, they have always forced me to edit out any mention of their interactions with the girl. Hopefully somebody sees this record. Usagi is not a bad girl like the other attendants preach. She was constantly bullied by the other kids and most attendants ignored her. Last month, Usagi asked me why did have to have a last name. I asked her if she wanted to share mine. I planned to adopt her as this wasn't the place for a smart kid like her. I wished the paperwork would have process a little faster. Maybe I should have pushed harder. Well, it doesn't matter now. We have lost our funding and will have to shut down. This will be my last log in the system. I got picked up to be a secretary at a firm. I partly feel responsible for her and I don't think I can take losing another child again.

C:\User\root download WormEater.exe
C:\User\root run WormEater.exe
All data on the system regarding  Usagi is erased.
99% of records destroyed.
C:\User\root exit

Seeking final record...
Identified phone message history for Sora Hori on Xxxxxx Servers.
...Zero-Day Infiltration Complete...
Location logs, backup data.
Querying records for Usagi...

Did you hear about the cyber attack on the XXXX Credit Union?
Yeah, its terrible that so much Personal information was stolen. This is the 2nd one this month.
yeah, this blows. I have multiple credit cards there. They better offer me some sort of protection.
Lucky for me, none of my banks have been hacked.
I think im going to switch to your banks then. You always managed to avoid being affected by all these cyber incidents.
So hows your day been babe <3
Good. oh, guess what.
This package came to me the other day.
Oh what did you order?
I didn't order anything.
Did you win a competition?
Happy birthday!?!
stop it lol. You know its not my birthday.
Are you going to open it?
Idk, A lot of weird things have been happening to me recently. I told you about the phone calls right?
Unknown number, Garble voice. hint of crying.
Yeah, omg You wont believe where this package is from!
Your mother?
Miki im serious. It says its from that orphanage i use to work at. Honey Drop Homes!!! Im scared.
Didn't they close down? Are you sure this isn't from you're mother?
I think im going to open it.
Its an old phone...
Wait... I think it seen it before.
Congratulations. You won an old phone. Does it work.
Im turning it on.
There's a note with it.
It saids.
"Thank you for letting me borrow it for so long. I tried to call you on it like you always wanted me to, but you never understood me. Sorry... I guess I don't need it anymore now. Thank you again for being their for me.    
OMG... This is her. This is that girl
The one who ran away?
Cutting transmission of logs.
Do I run WormEater.exe y/n
Running Trailblazer.exe
Disrupting servers communication...
corrupting auditing systems...
Rabbit_Drop.protocol complete
Usagi no longer exist on any database.
Zero-Day shutting down.
Goodnight Gl!tch...

The Powers

Any sort of recorded information of Gl!tch just completely gets corrupted and is unusable. This results in Gl!tch being unrecognizable and invisible (regarding the functions such as motion sensors or heat tracking) to sensors, scanners, radars, cameras, ect. She even distort images or videos of her so that she appears almost invisible (some sort of pixelation or distortion will still be visible wear she was. This only applies to data collected through technology.

Gl!tch corrupts all technology within a 20m radius. All video shows snow, audio is scrambled, communication systems go down, radars are jammed, sensors are blocked. Nothing in the area can take in or process data or communication inside of the area.
Always lasts 10 mins.  
Has an 1 hour cooldown.

The Weaknesses

Gl!tch cannot turnoff untraceable. She can reduce its effect to make her easier to be detected with human assistance but data collected about her will always retain some level of distortion.
Gl!tch because of Untraceable, Gl!tch cannot directly interact with technology that lacks a physical interface or uses bio-metrics inputs (sensing heat of your hand for touch screen, motion sensors, ect.)

Does not work on any devices that are submerge or behind a body of water (in relation to Glitch's location when she uses it). If it is raining or foggy, the area Glitch used the ability becomes wet, or Glitch in a cloud, devices will become usable by clearing up 50%. (for example, instead of the video being completely white, it will have static which will reduce viability by 50%)

The Items

Army Knife
portable tool kit for electronic repair
Zero-Day's communicator sleeve (think of it like a mini keyboard on her arm.)
lock picking multi-tool

Gl!tch suit:
SAO Fatal Barrett Main Character
Gl!tch 1562440767_unknown
A nearly skin tight suit that has pressure sensors on the sleeve and in the gloves with a small speaker above her chest. These sensors allow Gl!tch control the suit's speaker and communicate with Zero-Day via typing and issuing commands. (Similar to using command prompt). The suit also comes with a tinted visor that allows Gl!tch to express herself through emoticons and shows the user interface with her suit. Zero Day is homed inside of the Visor and can report to Gl!tch via the headphones that keep the visor on her head, but Gl!tch cannot communicate with back unless she has access to a keyboard that is connected to the Visor (normally her suit). Finally, she wears face mask with a mouth guard. This mouth guard gives Gl!tch one last way to communicate with the suit (though normally it acts as a way filter out accidental keystrokes pressed while moving in the suit.) The suit also has built in Wi-Fi, ability to make phone calls (Gl!tch talks through text to speech), and can connect to the internet wireless which allow Gl!tch and Zero-Day to hack into Systems remotely.  
example of how emotes are shown.
Gl!tch 042171a3338fe088161c5d9884777a5768b99d1b

The Minions

AI - Zero Day
Design to assist Glitch in hacking, talking while in her alter ego, using technology that her power prevents her from accessing, keeping her calendar free.

The Fluff

Professional Hacker
Professional Lock pick
Professional Pick pocket
Knows some self defense.
Knows Parkour
Expert with building, fixing, working with electronics
Expert with guns.
Great with math.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Poring Flan
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Gl!tch Empty Re: Gl!tch

Post by Chellizard August 1st 2020, 9:34 pm

Approved and moved.

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