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Magical Spirit Snow Pluto

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Contest Magical Spirit Snow Pluto

Post by Row August 17th 2020, 12:52 am

Kari Rime

"Believe in your heart. At least, that’s what the book said."

The Bio

Real Name: Kari Rime
Hero Name: Magical Spirit Snow Pluto
Title:Earth's Guardian of Hope and Rebirth
Alignment: Good
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Spirit
Hair: Red/Purple
Eyes: Red/Blue
Height: (4'5" / 137cm)
Weight: 60 lbs
Blood type: O-

Magical Spirit Form

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Human Form

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Personality

Kari appears as an aloof and quiet girl. In actuality, she has trouble expressing herself and understanding others’ emotions. She frequently misreads people. Her poor attempts at gesturing and brutal honesty causes people to label her as insincere, if not uncaring. Plagued by these mistakes, (as she sees them), her confidence in herself is low.  Once she realizes she has made one of these mistakes, she goes into an apologetic spree. However, this often makes the situation worse, leading her to try and leave the situation.

Despite her failures, Kari continues to move forward. She becomes inquisitive around people who tolerate her, and tries to help them, even if they do not want it. When she is seeking to improve herself or others, she seeks admiration and praise from those around her. This is especially true for her father and other authority figures.
Obsession marks the signs of a great artist, and Kari is no different. While her usual obsessions revolve around capturing the different expressions of people, she becomes highly focused on any task that she is given. However, it does lead her to become gullible and naive when it comes to topics or things that are harder to explain. The girl often finds herself in situations where she is taken advantage of or abused.

Magical Spirits and Pluto

Spirits, beings of pure magic, have longed to leave their realm and conquer the mortal plane. If they ever succeeded, humanity would be wiped out. A small rebel faction of spirits broke away to defend humanity. With their combine powers, they sealed the pathway into the mortal realm. This limited the amount of spirits that could cross over at any one time. Then, the rebels found humans with a strong affinity to them and fuse into their souls, allowing them to become an entity known as the Magical Spirits. The Magical Spirits continue to fight the invading spirits and maintain the seal for generations.

The spirits, unable to overcome the rebels’ creations, planned to create their own Magical Spirit. They searched for their own champion that could be manipulated to aid their cause. After centuries, one such human appeared. A sickly homeless girl, who sat in the streets of a busy city. Ignored by the people, she sat quietly, fighting to stay alive. A spirit called to her promising to change her life if she would aid their cause. The girl agreed, and the spirit fused into her to create the Magical Spirit, Snow Pluto.

Pluto would befriend the other Magical Spirits and becoming best friends with their leader, Sol. Then she led each girl to their death, until only Sol was left. Unable to defeat Sol, Pluto started to break the seal to unleash the rest of the Spirits. Sol called out the hypocrisy of betraying your friends, causing Pluto to hesitate. Then, Sol mortally wounded her and reforged the seal between the mortal and the spirits’ realm. Pluto realized that she was going to disappear alone. Sol pitied the girl and stayed beside her until she disappeared in the mortal realm. By not letting Pluto die in the spirit's realm, Sol allowed the girl to be reborn along with the other Magical Spirits, should the spirits cross the seal again and threaten the mortal realm.

Current Life

Kari is the heir to the Rime Estate. Her father, Sora, started the business with a small inn. He slowly expanded after meeting her mother, Mia. Together, they amassed a network of different companies, but specialized in hotels spanning across the world. As such, they had high hopes for their daughter, and wished to make her the next head of the estate. As Kari was growing up, they noticed their daughter was different from other children. She was less responsive to them and never seemed to laugh, smile, or cry.

After several doctor visits, Kari's parents discovered that there was nothing they could do to make their daughter normal. This did not stop Sora's dream of passing on the business to his daughter. Since he could not use medicine to "fix" his daughter, he opted to train her on the social norms needed in the business. Mia had a different approach. She doted on her daughter, often skipping work to bond with Kari in hopes that her daughter would pick up on her own behavior.

Kari always found the attention from her parents overbearing and sought to escape their gaze. She mastered her father’s formalities quickly, but struggled mimicking her mother’s expressions. Not wanting to visit the woman more than she had too, Kari took up drawing to record the different faces the woman used. When she was alone in her room, she would practice making faces. Despite her best efforts, it was not enough to convince others. Mia would attempt to comfort her daughter by telling her that it is okay to be different. She would tell Kari that one day she would discover herself and find her own path.

One night, Kari had a dream. She was a different person; a girl who wanted to free unknown powerful beings into the world. However, she was stopped by someone who felt like her mother. Everything went dark and all she could hear was a voice. It said, "You will be our salvation, Pluto." Kari woke up and saw snow falling around her in her own room. She rushed to a mirror and saw she looked like the girl in her dreams. It was here that she realized, it was time to find her own path.

Kari knew she could not go to her parents. Her father accepted her. Kari believed her mother reminded her of her dream. So, she looked for other ways to find out more about her new condition. She would have no luck until she came across a manga about a heroine, who transformed into a magical girl and fought evil witches. Reminding her of her dream and powers, Kari discovered this was the answer she had been looking for. She had to fight spirits and learn more about her herself and her dream.

The Powers

Magical 6th Sense:
When activated, Kari can see magic energy in people or objects. This appears as a color glow with each source having its own color, like a fingerprint.
When deactivated or when objects or people are out of sight, Kari can feel magic around her. She cannot use this to located the source,  objects, or people.

Magical Spirit Transformation:
By transforming into her Alter Ego, Snow Pluto, Kari unlocks the capability to use her magic. The illusion of snow will fall around her and the air will be tinted slightly blue tint. This is just an illusion passively created by presence of her magical energy and does actually have any effects. While Kari can focus to turn off the effect, any use of her magic will turn on the effect.  

Ice Magic:
Kari can create physical objects, typically weapons, out of ice. Weapons act as a conduit for her snow magic and range weaponry will fire ice ammunition. Any objects destroyed will turn into snow and can have a hardness up to that of steel.

Snow Magic:
Without her ice conduit, Kari's snow magic is limited. At best, she can create a hand full of snow or freeze water she is physically touching or holding.
With an ice conduit, Kari can manipulate ice and snow not of her creation. She can rapidly freeze water or the ground, making the ground slippery. She can fire a large amount of snow or cold magic from her weapons or hands in blast, cones, or sweeping attacks. These attacks are capable of freezing opponents if they get overwhelmed.

The Weaknesses

Magical 6th Sense:
When activated, powerful magics or magical sources will temporarily blind Kari as if she looked at the sun.

Magical Spirit Transformation:
The transformation can be interrupted. Stopping it midway through will lock Kari out of her transformation for a brief period of time.

Ice Magic:
Fire and heat base attacks will drastically weaken the durability of ice created by Kari's magic.

Snow Magic:
Kari's snow magic is susceptible to be being manipulated by strong winds or wind base attacks. This drastically reduces the accuracy of her attacks if not making it impossible to use in unpredictable environments.
Going against a strong wind lowers the potency of Kari's magic which makes it much harder to actually freeze anything with her attacks.

Other Skills

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Kari is a gifted artist that specializes in realism drawings and sketches. Some say her works rival that of photography. She is capable of mimicking other styles and has even drawn a small 10-page comic once, but she tends to avoid them unless prompted.

Kari is capable of producing art in numerous other mediums, but she puts a lot less efforts in them without some sort of motivation. Her second-best skill is sculpting. Her third-best skill is painting.

Kari's mother enjoys archery as hobby and frequently drags Kari to practice with her. Kari's ice magic also defaults to creating a bow which gives Kari more practice when in fights. These two things make Kari a pretty sharp archer.

Due to her ability to easily freeze surfaces, Kari has a lot of practice moving around on ice. While she is no figure skater, she can easily move around a fight on skates.

Growing up in a wealthy home, Kari has a bigger allowance than the average kid. She rarely buys things outside of art supplies but she is known to use her money to get out of inconvenient situations. While she does not necessary hide her wealth, many kids are shocked when they first see her make a large purchase.

Kari's art has been sold, typically through her parents. She also takes commissions and normally always has a job or two lined up. This supplements her allowance and is the source of her pocket change.

Kari has been home schooled all her life by numerous tutors. Her studies are geared towards making her a successor for her parents’ business but, her mother always sneaks in different art lessons to encourage Kari to express herself more. In terms of math and other logical subjects, Kari is a few levels above her grade. When it comes to her more creative subjects, Kari struggles a lot.

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Contest Re: Magical Spirit Snow Pluto

Post by Zonkes October 11th 2020, 10:33 pm

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