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A Fistful of Pesos (Woof)

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INV ONLY A Fistful of Pesos (Woof)

Post by The Nekromonga October 30th 2019, 11:47 pm

10 AM - Bright outside, 42 degrees Celsius

A Rodeo Show was one of a few places where someone dressed like a cowboy didn't get so much stares. Half of the people attending were similarly dressed for the event; men, women and children alike turned out in spurred boots, jeans, and hats. Boll tosses, darts and balloons, and shooting galleries were among the many games available to play. Country music blared overhead, alternating with spanish songs. Older folks swooned to Julio Iglesias's 'Hey' in espanol, because Julio Iglesias is wonderful.

Other folks though, came for two things- food and the beer. A large tent was set up and tables laid out, as a dozen food stalls served up a variety of American and Mexican cuisine. 16 ounce fried chicken steaks, hickory smoked barbecue, pulled pork, ribs, burgers, steaks; burritos, tacos, quesadillas and even the artery clogging chimichanga, all were being served up at the food tent.

A lady in a hat and duster came into the food tent, finding relief from the heat, taking off her hat. She helped herself to a chicken steak literally swimming in gravy. And a couple of sunny-side ups on top! She'd never seen such a huge portion of food before but the long, long ride from New York took a toll on the appetite. Not helping was the big corn on the cob and the corn bread all piled onto her tray. "Gracias." she said with a Texan drawl. She poured herself a mug of coffee too.

"Si senorita, disfrute de su comida!" the young mexican lady responded. She seemed to be in her early 20s, a fact that somehow made the cowgirl linger a moment. The stare made the girl a little conscious. "Que senora?"

"Ah, de nada." And so she sat down with her meal. Her eyes though, were only half on her scrumptious meal. She was eyeing the crowds, watching the people come and go, looking out for lone individuals. She wasn't just here for the rodeo, but looking for someone...

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